k4tz's picks: 5 Favorite Pixar Films

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First impressing us all with Toy Story back in 1995, Pixar continues to pump out quality movies for our eyes and ears to enjoy. Nearly 20 years later, they've released their 13th film (Brave - and I haven't seen it yet), so I thought it would be a fun idea to take a CGI-filled trip down memory lane and reflect on their best work. Once you're done reading (and possibly ranting) about my 5 favorite feature films, feel free to share your top 5 and why you love them.


One of the most beautiful and heart-felt stories I have ever seen. WALL-E paints a surprisingly dark and detailed picture about humanity's bleak future. Also, who would have thought one of Pixar's best love stories would be between two robots? It's tough not to make a Short Circuit joke, though.

4) Toy Story

Almost 2 decades later and Toy Story is not only one of Pixar's best films, but also one of the best animated movies ever. Lighthearted, amazingly fun and a memorable adventure make the 1995 classic an easy pick for the list.

3) Monsters, Inc.

Kitty!!! Monsters, Inc. was an explosion of imagination as we dove into the secret world of the monsters that dwell in our dark and creepy closest. Hilarious, visually stunning and adorably charming, it's no wonder that they're making another one and re-releasing this in 3D.

2) The Incredibles

It's impossible to not love this movie if you like comic books - and seeing as this as Comic Vine, I sincerely hope you enjoy comics. The run time is a bit long for some, but this is without question one of Pixar's most unique and amazing films to date. Eat your heart out, Fantastic Four.

1) Toy Story 3

In my eyes, this is Pixar's masterpiece. The conclusion to the trilogy is incredibly warm and dives into some deep issues - some a bit too deep for the younger audience to really comprehend. There's no shame whatsoever in admitting the ending brought a tear to your eye.