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Justice League #11 Review – Where’d Everybody Go??? 1

So, it’s been a while since I did a full review of a comic, and since this is the book that grants the wish of so many within the Poison Ivy League, seeing her operating as a hero again (kinda), I figured I should give it a shot. Before I go too in-depth on my thoughts, though, let’s run down the plot first.The comic starts with a monologue by Adam Strange, who is apparently trapped within the Zeta Beams, as he watches Animal Man, Stargirl, Alanna Strange, and Equinox recruiting a gr...

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Batgirl #40 Review - Meet The New Oracle? 4

So, as we learned last issue, and had further light shed on it in Batgirl's part of Secret Origins #10, it seems the algorithm Babs made while she was wheelchair bound was designed to identify and predict criminal activity and alert operatives to deal with the situation as a sort of information broker. Babs also included a brain scan of herself to give the program a personality. So basically, a digital Oracle. However, it's gotten a bit...confused. Seeing Batgirl no longer scaring criminals, bei...

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Superman Unchained #9 Review + My Thoughts On Superman Unchained Overall 0

"Years ago, back when the world was on the brink of war, we sent a message into space. An equation that was more emotional than mathematical. An equation that added up to more than the sum of its parts--nonsensical, but aspirational. An equation that called out, and said 'Help us be better'. We should never have turned to the stars for guidance. If there is an answer, it's here on Earth with us. For years, I thought Superman was trying to be the answer to that infernal equation. And I hated him ...

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Batman #35 Review - Hahnium (WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD) 2

So, this book is kind of a mixed bag for me. Overall, I enjoyed it, and damned if the ending didn't have me thinking "Pants to be darkened", but it kinda perpetuates something that has been irritating me in recent years...but I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. First off, I should note that this takes place after the events of Batman Eternal. As such, things have changed quite a bit. Bruce, Alfred, and Julia are hiding out in a new base, which just happens to be the Court of Owls' old nest o...

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Red Sonja #12 Review - Voilà! She Is Clean! 1

You ever read a comic that you knew was amazingly good, made you laugh out loud at least a couple of times, had some great action, but you knew there was one thing that kept it from being perfect? Well, that's this comic in a nutshell. So what was it that kept it from being perfect? Well, basically that this issue is the end of the current story arc that's been going on since #7. Why is that a problem? Well, it just feels like this could've been stretched out to two issues, would've lost nothing...

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Batman Eternal #24 Review - That's My Girl :) (WARNING - SPOILERS) 0

So, in addition to not buying anything related to Future's End, with the exception of the Batgirl issue, I've also not been buying Batman Eternal. However, in this case, it's less of a disinterest with the story and more of a simple matter of IT'S A YEAR-LONG WEEKLY COMIC! What, am I made of money? lol However, at this time, I currently have two issues of Batman Eternal in my possession: #3, which was the New 52 debut of Stephanie Brown (not counting Batman #28), and this week's issue. Why this ...

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Batgirl Future's End #1 Review - Why Must The Simone Troll Me So? XP 1

...Just...Just, dammit, Gail. I thought we had an understanding that I was NOT going to get anything of Future's End, that I was not interested, and that I was not going to give DC my money for this event...and then, not only did you make Stephanie Brown Batgirl again, not only did you bring back Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, and not only did you make Lucius Fox's daughter Batgirl (I thought it was Nell to be honest, but whatevs, I'll take what I can get), but you brought back the Gooperangs. I LOV...

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Teen Titans #2 Review - What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and Light-Hearted Heroes? 2

Okay, so yer probably wondering about the title? Well, it's for a couple of things. First off, something I failed to mention with the review of Teen Titans #1, Manchester Black is in this book as an antagonist. If you don't know who that is, either watch Superman vs. The Elite or read the book it's based on, 'What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?'. The other is in regards to the two Titans featured most prominently in this issue: Bunker and Beast Boy, or Plan B as I'm calli...

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Batgirl #34 Review - Going Out With A Bang! 1

So, where to start...Well, remember how I said in the review of last issue that Babs calls in a few favours to deal with Knightfall's plan to wipe the slate clean in Gotham City? I want you to take a moment and look back at the character list for who all is in this issue...Yeah. She pretty much called in every single available superheroine on Earth (Wonder Woman was probably busy with the whole Superman Doomed bullshit), a few neutrals (Bleez in particular surprised me), and even one heroine tha...

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Ultimate Spider-Man 4 Review - Now You're Speaking My Language 1

So, remember the last review I gave of an issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, wherein I complained that nothing was really happening but praised the character of Miles Morales? Yeah, this issue takes away my previous complaint a bit, and still leaves us with some great Miles moments. Really, if I had to complain about anything in this issue, it's that the advertising for it is a complete lie. It suggests a confrontation between Miles and the apparently resurrected Peter Parker. Instead, we get what I ...

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Storm #1 Review: Oh. My. GOD! 2

"When I was just a girl, I called myself Goddess, and I lived in the sky. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left. I'm a Mutant with the power to control the weather. Here's where I belong, every nerve connected with the wind, the clouds, the vapor." "When I was a girl, the sky called me home. Should be interesting to see what calls me next."I'm trying to think of better words to describe this comic than "Oh. My. GOD!" The problem is, those exact words are exactly what I've been saying since I finish...

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Batman #33 Review - Zero Year Comes To A Close 2

First off, all I have to say is thank God, Zero Year is FINALLY over. Don't get me wrong, I've loved Zero Year a lot, but at some point, as pretty much everyone has pointed out by now, it got to where it was dragging on a lot and we were like "Ugh, this is so good, but can we get to the end already?!" And I know, that might sound like I'm contradicting myself, but that's how I feel. This story-line has lasted for 13 months. Now, it's had a great three-arc structure, and I'm glad that it ultimate...

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Ms. Marvel #6 Review, AKA How Jyger85 Almost Died Laughing 0

So, I missed Ms. Marvel #5 last month. It's a long story, but suffice to say, I'm still waiting on my copy to arrive. Regardless, I picked up Ms. Marvel #6 with a basic understanding of where we are story-wise, and not only did I enjoy it immensely, but.......Frak it, just show it. XDI could honest to God just stop the review right there and let that justify the 5 star rating all on its own. I was laughing SO HARD, I thought I was gonna literally fall out of my chair and roll around on the floor...

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Teen Titans #1 Review - We Know Who To Call 3

First off, I wanna get this out of the way: Regardless of how you feel about this new volume of Teen Titans, you have to admit that the team working it is a MASSIVE improvement from the last one. I generally don't like to call out certain creators, since I know everyone has the right to like who and what they want, but I also have the right to my own opinion, and in said opinion, Scott Lobdell is BAD writer. Every comic I have ever seen that had his name on it was mediocre at best, and downright...

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Batgirl #33 Review 0

So, lemme start off by saying that I enjoyed this book IMMENSELY more than last month's. Last month's felt kinda hollow and hard to enjoy, but looking back on it, I think that was kinda the point. Although the ending helped in seeing the original Birds of Prey pseudo-reunited, as that Huntress was Helena B and this is Helena W. That said, apparently at one point in the pre-Crisis Earth-1, Earth-2's Helena Wayne DID meet Barbara, so this DOES count as a reunion.The first meeting of Batgirl and Hu...

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Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 Review 0

Okay, the title of this review might be a bit misleading. I call it a review of Ultimate Spider-Man #3, but it's really more talking about this and last two issues. Both issues have stuff that is going on that has me invested: Miles wanting to and inevitably talking to Kate about the fact that he's Spider-Man, Norman Osborn and Peter Parker both apparently being alive, a pair of pseudo Spider-Men running around committing crimes and causing trouble. All of it sounds great, and causes for great d...

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Son of Batman Review - NOT A Good Mother's Day Gift, DC -_- 0

The GoodFirst off, I will say that I love the animation. There's a few times I was watching and I couldn't help but think of Avatar: The Last Airbender from the style of the artwork. It really does look good. The action is pretty good, too, and there's this one moment where Talia is using the impractical yet awesome castle defense weapon I've ever seen: A Gatling turret gun that shoots ARROWS. It's so stupid, but I just couldn't help but find it kinda awesome and hilarious. Finally, the story ce...

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Batgirl Annual #2 Review - Thank You, Gail 0

The GoodOh, where to start? First off, let's just take a moment to appreciate Gail Simone writing the Birds of Prey again, be they New 52 or otherwise, not to mention the return of Starling. At this point, I've been hearing that Birds of Prey is getting cancelled, and I'm hopeful that, like Teen Titans and Suicide Squad before it, this'll get relaunched under a new writer, hopefully Gail. Seeing Poison Ivy written as someone who isn't necessarily insane, though still going through her own proble...

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