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Jyger85's Favourite Superheroines

...Yeah, big surprise, I really love superheroines. Personalities, symbolism, powers, and...well, let's be honest, how they're drawn. Though, let's be fair, I think it's alright to enjoy the view from time to time as long as it's kept equal and the women readers have plenty to look at too. Nightwing butt-shots, anybody?

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But anyway, here are some of my favourite superheroines in comic books that, if I ever got to see most or all of them on a team together, I would buy that book in an instant. :) Keep in mind, also, that I will be updating this list as time goes by, whether because a new character arrived that I really liked, or there was one I forgot about for whatever reason.

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  • Yeah, I've made it absolutely no secret that Stephanie Brown, be she Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl, or Nightwing, is my favourite superheroine. She just has such a positive energy to her, despite some of the crap she's gone through in her life. Heck, she's got it even worse in the New 52, where not only is her father a supervillain, but her mother's apparently not on the side of good either. Yet, despite this, she continues to press on, and that's an extremely admirable trait. Also, I absolutely adored her gear when she was Batgirl, particularly the interchangeable Batarang upgrades. My favourite?...Well, you need to ask? Yep, the Electro-Magna-Gooperang. If she gets to use that again in the future, I will do a touchdown dance. ^_^

  • Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but let's be fair, Pam WAS a member of the Birds of Prey for a while. And to be honest, I'm a little sad they eventually decided to have her turn heel. She made the team dynamic/chemistry interesting. I am NOT, however, a fan of her appearances in the new Harley Quinn books. Don't get me wrong, the Harley Quinn comics are fine if you like dark humour, but when they brought in Ivy just to be Harley's girlfriend and had her feeding people to plants (which is highly inconsistent with her characterization as of late), I and many other Poison Ivy fans had to draw the line. With that said, if I could give recommendations for good Ivy comics as of late, check out Batgirl Annual #2, and pretty much anything in the New 52 written by John Layman.

  • Let's be honest, you really CAN'T have a list of superheroines without at least mentioning the Spirit of Truth. The simultaneous symbol of compassion as well as being a major kicker of ass, which is admittedly a major conflict of character traits, she is someone who will lay her life on the line to save the innocent. Not exactly a huge fan of recent books to feature her, as I personally loathe her relationship with Superman and her status as the God of War, I CAN recommend issues 13 & 14 of Justice League, as they seem to have a bit better a grasp of what makes her work as a character, and her team-up with Batwoman was pretty decent too. Otherwise, if you want awesome Wonder Woman stories, hunt down anything with Gail Simone's name on it, in particular the story arc 'The Circle'.

  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again: How does this character not have her own TV show? She's a superheroine/attorney! That's AWESOME! Also, I like the twist on the Hulk scenario that she brings, where She-Hulk isn't a rampaging monster, but Jen's ideal self turned up to 11, and she needs to maintain a balance between the two sides of herself. But be she Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk, she will go to any extreme and push herself to any limit to see justice done. And, let's be honest, while there exists a good chance she would kill you in the bedroom, for some men and women, it'd be worth it to try. XD

  • A relative newcomer who got her start in Fearless Defenders (which I absolutely loved, I don't care what anyone says), she's one of the new Inhumans. She has extendable, razor-sharp, metal ribbons that extend from her hands. Basically, think long-range version of Wolverine's claws. She's a dancer, too, so there's a constant element of grace, agility, and style to her movements that make her a huge asset in a fight. Also, she's currently sharing a bed with Annabelle, the girl who is currently sharing an existence with Valkyrie, who has also admitted to being fond of Ren...I'll let that thought sink into your head while you're still trying to decide how awesome she is. lol

  • Okay, admittedly, this is mostly for her appearances in the Teen Titans animated series, but to be fair, the version from the comics is pretty cool too...provided they can keep from turning her evil every other story. Seriously, how many times has she been turned heel? And really, only the first time had any kind of weight or success to it. There's a new Teen Titans comic coming up that features her as part of the 'fad five' that make the team up, and hopefully they remember to restrain themselves and keep from turning her heel again. Also, they need to bring back her old costume. While I don't hate the new one, in fact I think it looks pretty cool, it pales in comparison to the original. Otherwise, awesome character with awesome powers.

  • Again, another up-and-coming superheroine, and one I can compare with a lot. Who hasn't felt like the outsider at some point in their life? Who hasn't felt like their parents didn't completely understand them and felt the need to keep secrets from them? Who hasn't wanted something extraordinary to come along and change their whole life? I feel like Kamala is a character we can all see a bit of ourselves in, which makes it all the easier for us to cheer for her when things go well for her, and sympathize when things go wrong. Also, she writes Avengers/MLP fanfiction. That's freaking awesome.

  • Okay, admittedly, we're kind of stretching the definition of superheroine a little bit with this character, but Sonja DOES uphold a certain sense of justice and peace...kinda. Okay, stretching definitions or not, Sonja nonetheless is a great character, taking names and kicking ass in a time when you just couldn't hold up certain morals, and doing the best she can to dispense justice in her own fashion, all while making sure to enjoy the...*ahem*, more pleasurable things in life, as it were. lol

  • In a lot of ways, Supergirl is actually a more intriguing character than Superman. She has similar power levels, with the potential to be even more powerful existing at times, and brings a whole different aspect of the immigrant from another planet angle, as she actually remembers Krypton. Also, depending on the canon being shown, I find her civilian disguise to be better, as she not only puts on a pair of glasses, but she at times pulls her hair back, and other times has been shown to wear a wig. She has the occasional anger issues, hence her recent tenure with the Red Lantern Corps, but given her circumstances, I think it's understandable...most of the time. One thing is for sure: She's a fighter, through and through. She's survived direct encounters with Darkseid, her own evil twin, photonic vampires, Kryptonite poisoning, a Doomsday-infected Superman, even complete demolecularization, and always came back for more. And while she was killed once in Crisis on Infinite Earths by the Anti-Monitor, she still managed to damage him enough to force him into retreat, meaning even the greatest threat to the DC Universe has reason to FEAR the Last Daughter of Krypton.

  • The daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Huntress was trained by both and thus has a fighting style and outlook on life that can best be described as a hybrid of both, while also bringing something wholly unique to the table as well. Her sharp wit, intelligence, and skills with a crossbow leave her enemies reeling and her fans cheering, and if that's not enough, she's also a member of the Justice Society, oftentimes teamed up with her best friend Power Girl. In other words, she's not someone to screw around with.

  • Be she Batgirl or Oracle, Barbara Gordon (or Babs, as her friends call her) might just be one of the greatest assets to her world's heroes. When she's on the front lines, she's a smart, hardened fighter that knows when, where, and how hard to hit the enemy. She's also experienced as a computer hacker, and as Oracle, helped to coordinate Earth's greatest heroes against massive threats. She's usually seen working with the Birds of Prey, namely her best friend Black Canary, or helping Batman out when things get too tough for the Dark Knight to handle alone. And when Batman trusts you to always have his back, you know you're doing something extremely well.