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Jyger85's Favourite Comics Of All Time

Once again, this is an unordered list, so there's zero order to this whatsoever. Also, I'm gonna try to keep these limited to single issues, or comics that all occur within a singular event, though if said event has a crossover, I will specify which books in it I did and did not like. Finally, note that I'll be updating this list over time, in case I read something spectacular or I remember a book I left off.

List items

  • A man much wiser than myself said that this book is a prime example of how to actually get new readers: By making them want to know more about what they're reading. This book does an amazing job at referencing past events and continuity while also making way for new events to unfold, all while telling a compelling story with a HUGE roster of characters, none of whom feel wasted in any way, and yes, just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES! XD A great story.

  • It's pretty well-established by this point that I love Stephanie Brown. She is by far my favourite superheroine of all time, and my favourite books involving her were Bryan Q. Miller's run on Batgirl. And I also really love Supergirl. So, seeing the two teaming up and taking on a couple dozen holographic Bela Lugosis while also hanging out as besties? AWESOME. I ALWAYS go back to this book to remind me of how much I love these characters, and just how much fun comics can be when they aren't trying to tell serious stories.

  • Best Wonder Woman story I've EVER read. Of all the ways DC could've had Diana bounce back after the atrocious event comic, Amazons Attack, this was it. Gail Simone writes an AMAZING tale of Wonder Woman being a superheroine, a warrior, and even a secret agent all in one, as she battles corrupt Amazons, gorilla warriors, and Nazis. A must read for anyone who loves Wonder Woman.

  • This one makes it on the list for doing two things: Giving me a much broader introduction to the Marvel universe than my first Marvel book, which was Adjectiveless X-Men, and just that kickass cover. I took one look at that and went "...It's not a video game, and yet I WANT that video game." XD I'm really sad that Fearless Defenders got cancelled. I know it didn't sell well, so Marvel kinda had to, but I really liked it, and I'm hoping that someday there's room to bring back The Most Fabulous Fighting Team of All.

  • So, it's pretty much become clich√© at this point to complain about The New 52, although there continues to be whole new stuff to complain about with each passing month, but suffice to say, some of my favourite books of the DCnU have been annuals, two of which are the Batgirl Annuals. The first one was the book that made me realize "Okay, Steph is not Batgirl anymore, but this is still a kickass series that deserves its place." Also, I couldn't help but feel like THIS was closer to what I had in mind for a rebooted Birds of Prey, which is funny considering Batgirl was already on it and Strix would join shortly thereafter this book. The second one...Well, I've already written a review of it, so you can check that out. Long story short, I loved it.

  • Anyone that likes Damian owes it to themselves to BUY THIS BOOK. This is Damian at his best, not just from the standpoint of kicking butt as Batman, but also from an emotional standpoint of what he does for his father. Again, this is another book I've reviewed, though this one on my old blog, so if you want my full thoughts, check it out. Otherwise, BUY THIS BOOK.

  • As I said before, I like Supergirl, a lot. But technically, she's not what I love about this book. No, what I love about this book is the TWO Karas finally meeting: Supergirl and Power Girl. To be precise, though, what I love most is the return of the TRUE Power Girl. What do I mean by that? Well, it's actually NOT the costume she wore up until then in the New 52, I actually liked it, aside from how it was so flimsy that it tore apart every single fight, although I do like how she went back to her traditional costume at the end of this book. No, it's her personality. She's just seemed off in the DCnU, being a bit TOO sexually charged and oftentimes doing things that seemed out of character for her. However, with this book, I realized wasn't Power Girl or the DCnU, the problem is Paul Levitz. He just doesn't know how to write the character anymore, although he's gotten even worse with Huntress, which is very confusing as he CREATED Huntress. And seeing the real Power Girl here and interacting with Supergirl was awesome. Anyone that dislikes how Power Girl has been in the DCnU should check this out, and the entire arc where she appears to be honest.

  • I've gone on record as stating that Superman Unchained is my favourite Superman book of the New 52, and I mean it. Now, while I COULD do the cheap thing and just say the entire series belongs up here...well, first off, it's not over yet. Second off, I don't wanna do that. Instead, I'm listing issue 2, because this is where I realized just how awesome it was: Superman saves the freaking Burj Khalifa and the thousands of innocent people trapped inside, using his wits and just the right usage of his powers at the proper time and place. Even facing down a deadly robot that's knocking him around, he manages to save EVERYONE. That's awesome. Also, I would just like to say that Batman's in this book. That's all I have to say. XD