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Jyger's Rant - The Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Book Needs Its Own Series

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For those that don't follow the current Spider-Man comics, Spider-Verse is an upcoming event where Spider-Men from alternate realities are being hunted down and killed, and so a large group of them are being gathered to fight this threat to them and figure out why they specifically are being targeted. And, I'll admit, it's an interesting story. The problem is, while there are limited side-stories that tell more of what's happening from other perspectives, the majority of it seems to be told in Amazing Spider-Man (PASS), and a resurrected Superior Spider-Man (ULTRA PASS). However, one issue of the prologue to the event, Edge of Spider-Verse, got everyone's attention, as it focused on an alternate reality version of Gwen Stacy (whose tragic death in the comics was recently relived in the movie Amazing Spider-Man 2) being the one the spider bit in that version of events.

Now, why didn't I review it? Well, before you ask, of COURSE I bought it. Gwen Stacy is awesome, and seemingly even more-so in this book, as she's shown to be highly skilled in parkour (which goes GREAT with spider powers) and has a love of music (which is seen when she uses her drumming on some poor bastard, lol). Also, I love the twist on the classic Spider-Man mythos, where her acting irresponsibly with her powers leads often-bullied Peter Parker to become that universe's version of The Lizard before dying, thus being the death that teaches Gwen the "With great power comes great responsibility" lesson (and these aren't technically spoilers, since all that is in the first few pages as told in an interestingly done montage). So, why didn't I review it? Because going in, I KNEW this was gonna be a book that I'd have NOTHING unique to say about, and looking at some of the other reviews, I was right. This isn't even me slapping myself down, either. This is just a fact, on account of everyone and their dog having something to say about this book. Yeah, it's one of THOSE ones, that's so good or so unique or just comes out at the right time that everyone's talking about it. And what's the one thing that's being agreed upon the most? That this character NEEDS her own book when Spider-Verse is over.

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Of course, if you'll allow me a moment to play devil's advocate, on the one hand, I can understand where Marvel might be concerned that the presence of multiple ongoing books (not events, but ongoing) focused on alternate reality versions of Spider-Man might make the stories seem less interesting, as part of the novelty of Miles Morales (and the Ultimate Peter Parker before him) is that he's a Spider-Man from another universe. And yeah, I know her name is Spider-Woman, but there's a very clear difference between Spider-Man and Spider-Woman of the mainstream universe, and Gwen in this book clearly has more in common with the former. So, if she had her own book, we would then have 616 Peter Parker, 1610 Miles Morales, and whatever number this version of Gwen Stacy gets. Still, I feel that there is enough uniqueness to each of them that they can all have their own books and not feel like retellings of each other.

And frankly, I would LOVE to see what they did with the rest of the supporting cast. Like, we see in this book that Gwen's dad is still a Captain on the force, and I already mentioned what happens with Peter Parker, but in addition to that, Mary Jane is the lead of her own band with Gwen as the drummer, J. Jonah Jameson is leading this rally against Spider-Woman (don't know if he's still the head of the Bugle or not), and Matt Murdock is actually WORKING for the Kingpin. But what about the rest? Maybe Aunt May and Uncle Ben could be supporting characters that help Gwen out, with her feeling conflicting guilt over that due to Peter's death, and they could possibly set up certain male characters (or female, if they feel like doing that) as love interests.

And then there's the villains, and oh man, what they could do with the villains. Since it's an alternate universe, they could pretty much get away with anything. Like, Doc Ock's tentacles could be actual octopus tentacles, or Rhino could be an actual mutated rhinoceros, or Matt Murdock could be a villainous Daredevil that pushes Spider-Woman's skills to their limit, or Electro could get his powers by being bitten by a lightning bug while drinking Red Bull. lol Okay, maybe not that last one, but really, alternate universe, they can pretty much do as they please.

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But yeah, those are my thoughts on Edge of Spider-Verse #2 and the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman in general. So, if you wanted a review, in short, I thought the book was great, and it left me with a craving for MUCH more, which is always a good thing. Big ups to Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez (who I swear to God has a name that makes me think he's a superhero, lol), Rico Renzi (him too), and everyone else who helped work on this, and let's hope that, if enough people say the same thing, that Marvel gives us what we want. Ja né!

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Jyger's Rant - Upcoming Changes To Batman And Gotham (WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD)

So, this October marks a HUGE turning point in a lot of the Bat related books, as a few new ones are getting started, and pre-existing ones are getting big changes in relation to what's going on in Batman Eternal. What's interesting about the new books is that some of them don't even necessarily star Batman, or even involve him directly, rather simply taking place in Gotham City and starring different characters. Now, because they take place in Gotham, I would assume he'll make appearances, but otherwise, they aren't about him. It honestly reminds me of an often brought up theory that DC doesn't know how to market products that don't involve Batman anymore. And before anyone brings up that it could be in relation to the upcoming Gotham TV series, let me remind everyone that Green Arrow has had a TV show for a couple of years, but has advertising for his comics improved much? Granted, they've done more with him, but the actual marketing for his books don't seem to have changed at all. Flash is getting a new TV show, but I don't see much in the way of marketing improvements for his series, despite the fact that Wally West is coming back as Kid Flash. Last year was Superman's 75th Anniversary, and yes, he got a new book that I've come to love, but compare what they did for him to what they've done for Batman's 75th. You start to see the problem, yes? And sure, a lot of people love Batman, but what about people that are sick of Batman and want to see the other heroes get some attention? They're pretty much outta luck.

But anyway, enough about me ranting about that, let's instead focus on these changes, in no particular order, and what my thoughts on each of them are before giving a final overall opinion. Keep in mind, these are my thoughts going into these changes, and I could end up flip-flopping on some of them when they actually occur. Let's start off with...

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Batgirl: Barbara Gordon loses everything she owns in a fire, and so, as part of her attempts to start her life over following the end of Gail Simone's run, she decides to do the same with Batgirl, creating a whole new costume. The book promises to be a bit more lighthearted and fun, with Babs going to grad school, and will feature quite a few LGBT characters in addition to fan favourite, Alysia. Again, I wish this was Stephanie Brown in this role, in fact the costume immediately makes me think of Steph's (just picture her in blonde hair and you'll see immediately), but I am NOT gonna say no to a book that promotes itself as being fun and lighthearted while also starring one of my favourite characters, so I'm going into this with a good attitude.

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Arkham Manor: Something happens at Arkham Asylum that causes them to have to move a bunch of their inmates to a new location. As such, Wayne Manor becomes a new home for Gotham's criminally insane, because that's the most logical place to put them, right? Now, based on Batman #34, which takes place at the same time as the new Arkham Manor book, Batman is still operating out of the Batcave. But is it THE Batcave, or simply A Batcave? Sure, all the usual stuff is there, but they could've been moved. After all, having your base of operations underneath some of your worst enemies, with an access route in place to it, isn't exactly a very tactically sound idea, and we know Batman isn't stupid. He either moved to a new cave, or has found a way to block off the cave from the inmates. Either way, while I don't think I'll be buying this book, I will say I'm interested to see where this is going. Also, I'm curious as to Bruce's stance on all of this. Is he against the idea, or could it actually have been his to begin with?

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Gotham Academy: Apparently, another book that will look at the youth of Gotham City is the new book Gotham Academy. Don't really know much about it beyond that, other than the art looks fantastic. Can't say as I'm familiar at all with the cast, which is unfortunate as they could've easily had Stephanie and/or Harper Row be part of it just to give them more exposure, but whatever. Not terribly interested myself, but looks promising for people wanting to know more about Gotham and the people living there, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the characters cross over into Batgirl.

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Gotham By Midnight: Okay, this isn't starting until November, but I still wanted to include it here as it's part of this big change. And really, this is where the whole "DC not knowing how to market anything unrelated to Batman and Gotham" thing can actually seem kinda devious. Why? Because the star of Gotham By Midnight is Jim Corrigan, AKA The Spectre. Granted, in the book Gotham Central, which I believe is getting a reprint soon (which proves Dan DiDio a blatant liar about the book's popularity...AGAIN), there was a corrupt cop named Jim Corrigan on the squad, but he was VERY different from the previous version of the character. However, in the pages of Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger, the two versions were more or less merged into one, making The Spectre a Gotham based hero of sorts. Anyway, this is slated to be a more horror-style book, with Corrigan being part of a division of the GCPD that investigates supernatural cases. Haven't decided if I'll be getting it yet or not, but fans of The Spectre should be pleased nonetheless.

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Catwoman: As revealed in Batman #28, and will be made official this October, Catwoman will at some point become the kingpin of crime in Gotham City and take direct control of all organized crime in the city. This is an especially welcome change to many who have read her solo book, like my fellow blogger FHIZ, who have voiced their EXTREME displeasure of the title for the past 2-3 years. And frankly, having read some of what goes on in that book, I can't say as I blame them. It also makes her relationship with Batman all the more complex. Yes, she's running a major source of his biggest griefs, but she's also shown that if Gotham is in big enough danger, she will help him in her own unique way. Again, not sure if I'll be getting her book, but it's at least a change I can get behind.

Batwoman: This is a change I'm NOT so fond of. As far as I can tell, Batwoman becoming a vampire is a change they're actually rolling with, and will see her teaming with a group called The Unknowns, which are made up of Ragman, Etrigan the Demon, Red Alice, and Clayface. So in other words, she's a brooding anti-hero at best, and a straight-up villain at worst. Wonderful, DC, just fucking wonderful. PASS.

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Batman and Robin: While the major change here isn't occurring in October, we will nonetheless see the next chapter of the Batman and Robin story, Robin Rises, which concludes in December. Long story short, Damian's body is on Apokolips, as it has accidentally absorbed energy from something called the Chaos Shard, which we saw back in Batman/Superman's first arc, and as they were unable to regain the crystal itself, they took Damian's body instead. This crystal has the power to bring the dead back to life, though quite possibly at a cost. As such, Batman has declared that he's going to Apokolips to get Robin, and he's bringing him back, ALIVE. Peter J Tomasi has gone on record as saying that this story WILL resolve with Batman having a Robin again, though whether that Robin is Damian or not remains to be seen. It could be that the quest to bring Damian back could instead result in someone else taking up the mantle. Frankly, I'm hoping it's either Damian back from the grave to reclaim his role at his father's side, or that he becomes Redbird again and Carrie, Stephanie, or Tim take up the role of Robin. Either way, I think we all know that Batman NEEDS a Robin, so I'm just glad for that much. Will I buy the book again? Not right away. I'm waiting until Robin is active again to start buying. But once that's done, most likely.

Red Hood And The Outlaws: Don't know, don't care. NEXT!

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Batman: So we already knew that Harper Row would be becoming the heroine Bluebird, but it seems that another character possibly coming to Batman's side is someone named Lark. Who are they? Heck if I know. Maybe it's Harper's brother, Cullen, deciding to join his sister in her fight against crime. If so, I demand a book for them. No, seriously, make it happen. I wanna see a book about Bluebird and Lark fighting C and D list criminals. Maybe even add Steph, Calvin Rose, and the recently returned Misfit to the mix for funsies. Heck, they could form a whole new Birds of Prey group with Black Canary and/or Batgirl.

Anyway, that's most of the changes to the Bat Family books (because I don't wanna spoil EVERYTHING). How do I feel about them overall? Honestly, I think that, in the end, change can be a positive thing, as long as it's handled well. Even the stuff I'm not exactly on-board with, like Batwoman And The Unknowns, can be done well if given the right amount of thought and direction. So, overall, I think this is a good thing. Ultimately, though, it feels like Batman Eternal's actual story is taking a backseat to setting up this new status quo and showing how we get to this point, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the end, I remain hopeful that these changes will lead to a better, more fleshed out Gotham.

So, those are my thoughts. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments section below, and we'll see what happens in October. Ja né!

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Jyger's Rant - Happy Batman Day! My Favourite Batman Moments, Movies, Portrayals, And So On

Happy Batman Day, everybody! Yep, 75 years of Batman greatness capped off today with Batman #33 (which I wrote a review on, feel free to check it out), Batman and Robin #33, Batman Eternal #16, a re-release of Detective Comics #27 (for FREE), and various other books either featuring Batman or Bat related characters. Fan art up the wazoo, and probably a ton of other such fan projects, comic shops selling merchandise in Batman plastic bags, and so on. And as awesome as all this is, I gotta say, we need to do this for other major superheroes. Not all of 'em, just the big ones. It just doesn't feel fair that Batman's the only one to get such a huge hooplah.

That said, it's on days like these that I think back and go, "Wow, what were some of the really great moments for Batman? My favourite movies, comics, cartoons, characters, people to play Batman, etc.?" Well, I'm gonna go over all of that right now, and I'm gonna start with...

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Favourite Batman Story: Court/Night of the Owls

I've gone on record as saying that, at the start of The New 52, Scott Snyder's Batman was the best book going at the time. It was a GREAT story that had lots of action, mystery, and horror (see Batman #5 for the best example of that, one of the creepiest things I've ever read in comics). The Court of Owls worked great as an antagonistic, mysterious organization in opposition not just to Batman but to Bruce Wayne. Scott Snyder does a great job of making Gotham City itself as important a character as Batman, and Greg Capullo's art fits every single panel perfectly. The only real problems I have with the story is how it has a massive crossover with the other Bat Family books (which you should really wait until books hit the 12 issue point, in my opinion), and I don't know how well it operates as a story meant to be a whole new audience's first look at Batman (because, again, this was at the start of the rebooted universe of The New 52). However, you don't need to read the other books to know what's going on, and most people at least have a passing knowledge of Batman and his supporting cast (although some fans that didn't read the comics prior to the reboot might be wondering why there are apparently 3-4 Robins, lol).

Favourite Portrayal of Batman (Cartoons, Movies, Games, Etc.): Kevin Conroy

I've said this before on numerous occasions, and I mean it: If you are reading a Batman comic, and you're one of those people that hears a person's voice in your head when you read a character's dialogue, you don't hear Kevin Conroy over Batman's lines, you're doing it wrong. lol I'm sorry, but as someone who grew up in the generation that I did, Kevin Conroy IS Batman, plain and simple. Between the DC Animated Universe, various other animated features and movies he's done work for, and the Arkham video game series, Conroy has become THE voice for Batman, both under the cowl and as Bruce Wayne. And speaking of the DCAU...

Favourite Episode of Batman The Animated Series: Baby-Doll

HOW HAS THIS CHARACTER NEVER SHOWN UP IN THE COMICS?! C'mon, she's inventive, she's completely bonking nuts, she's surprisingly fit for someone her size, she has that side of her that you sympathize with like any great Batman villain should have, and OMG that ending. That might just be the saddest, most emotional moment in the whole DCAU, of which there have been many, when she finally breaks down. If it's not, it's at least a top contender. The only thing I can think of is that someone thought fans couldn't take someone like that seriously as a villain. Guys, take a sec and think about this: Batman's arch nemesis is a frakking clown. You can figure this out.

Favourite Live-Action Batman Movie: The Dark Knight

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Yeah, big shocker there, eh? I'd go into detail, but you've heard it all before: The action, the drama, the visuals, Heath Ledger, the score, and so on. You probably even know what parts I disliked: Bale's Batman voice, the fact that the last act to act and a half never frigging lets up or gives you a chance to breathe, and the ending kinda frustrates me. At this point, what more is there to say about it? It's The Dark Knight.

Favourite Robin: Tim Drake

Before anybody calls me out for not picking Damian, let me just say that it is EXTREMELY close for me. In fact, somedays I might even tell you Damian is my favourite. It kinda depends on my mood. But overall, I think I prefer Tim by a hair. Also, I don't care what The New 52 changed, Tim WAS Robin. Even if it wasn't in name, he was still Batman's partner, and he still wore the R, so he belongs in that group. I think what I like most about him is that he's the detective of the Robins, which makes him the easiest of the bunch to operate alongside Batman, as the two had mutual ground on an intellectual level. Where I think they dropped the ball, though, is where they pushed him to become too much like Batman on a personality level over time. He's also seemingly the only other foe to Ra's al Ghul to have earned his respect, was the first Robin to get his own series independent from Batman, and pretty much reinvented the overall look and feel of Robin.

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Favourite Batgirl: Stephanie Brown

And again, if anyone thinks I am in any way dissing Cassandra Cain or Barbara Gordon, I'm REALLY not. I'm just saying, for my own likes and dislikes, for my own personality, Steph is the one that resonates with me best. It's just her near-infinite levels of optimism, her sense of humour, and her unwillingness to back down from ANYBODY that makes me admire her so much as a character. She even pimp slapped Bruce Wayne for his bullcrap once, and not only got away with it, but earned his recognition and trust afterward. And as I've said before, anybody that can do that is clearly doing something right.

Favourite Batman & Robin: Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne

And here comes the flames! XD Okay, let's make this perfectly clear: Dick Grayson is best suited as Nightwing, and Bruce Wayne will always be the best Batman. Having said that, this is the best Dynamic Duo we've seen thus far. Why? Not only for their chaotic-yet-effective methods in the field, but just for how they are a COMPLETE inversion of the traditional Batman & Robin team. And they just have a chemistry to them that is amazing and oftentimes hilarious to watch in action, to the point where I am SO sad that we couldn't see more of them teaming up in The New 52.

Favourite Bat Villain: Poison Ivy

Granted, your definition of villain may vary, but for the most part, she has had an antagonistic relationship with Batman for the better part of her existence as a character, so I'm at least calling her a Bat Villain. There's been a lot of different interpretations of Pamela Isley over the years, from the cruel yet sympathetic seductress, to the borderline eco terrorist (not one of my favourites, but whatever floats your boat), to someone who has been shown to have legitimate heroic traits and wants to do the right thing but is ultimately misguided in her execution. But whichever version is your favourite, she nonetheless retains her status as a major player in Batman's stories, has maintained a strong fanbase, and will continue to be one of the most well-known and fondly remembered characters in Bat Family stories for a long time to come.

Well, I think that's everything... ... ...Oh wait, one more. :D

Favourite Batmobile: The Tumbler

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I frakking love this thing. There's no penis-extension front for the massive engine, there's no disco-ball glowing lights or whatever the frak was in the Batmobile from Batman & Robin, it's just a car mixed with a tank that will mess up your crap. If you ever wanna make me happy, just park one of these outside my door and hand me the keys. Mind you, I will likely destroy everything in at least a mile radius, but it'll be one hell of a ride. For me, the saddest moment in The Dark Knight wasn't the death of Rachel, it wasn't the fall of Harvey Dent, it was when Joker blasted the Tumbler with a rocket, critically damaging it to the point where it'd need to self destruct. And yes, for those keeping track, the Batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker got away. XD With that said, I will admit to very quickly growing fond of the new Batmobile shown in Arkham Knight. That thing is a beast in all the most wonderful ways.

Anyway, feel free to comment on your own favourite Bat moments, characters, and so on, and hopefully, we'll do this again if they ever declare a Superman Day or a Wonder Woman Day. Ja né!

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Jyger's Rant - Avengers NOW!; For Times Change, And So Must They

I thought a bit about how to start this blog entry, and ultimately, I went with the following quote of Matt Smith's from his final scene in Time of The Doctor: "We all change when you think about it. We're all different people all through our lives. And that's okay. That's good. you've got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be."

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First, it was revealed that Thor would be dropping his hammer and name to a woman. Then, it was confirmed that the All-New Captain America, following Steve Rogers' loss of the super soldier serum and aging, would be Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon. Now, it has been revealed that Tony Stark would be going through some changes as the Superior Iron Man (don't worry, no mind possession involved here, lol). All three of these changes have been revealed to be part of a new initiative happening at Marvel called Avengers NOW!. The big three at Marvel will all be going through changes, and the Avengers team itself will have a bit of a shake-up as well, going so far as to include Thor's sister, Angela, and even Medusa and Inferno of the Inhumans to their ranks.

...So, are we doing a sort of team colours thing now with red and silver, like how the X-Men seem to like a lot of blue and gold on their uniforms?
...So, are we doing a sort of team colours thing now with red and silver, like how the X-Men seem to like a lot of blue and gold on their uniforms?

However, with these changes, there has been a level of backlash from fans. But really, what is the source of such anger at these changes? Why the outright refusal to accept them? Well, I think it all comes down to one thing, and if I may be allowed to quote someone again, this time Captain Kirk from Star Trek VI, "People can be very frightened of change." And I think that's ultimately what's at work here: People are scared of what these major changes mean for their favourite superheroes, some of which are being brushed aside for the sake of these new stories. And while this might sound condescending, and I apologize if it does since I REALLY don't mean it to be, my best advice is don't worry so much. You think characters like Steve Rogers and the male Thor can be kept down forever? They'll find a way back into the spotlight soon enough, and hey, they're still around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

Now, do I like all these changes? Of course not. I don't like that Iron Man is being taken down an even darker, more difficult to root for him path. I don't like that Doctor Strange is still on the team, after he mind wiped Steve Rogers that time. I don't like how Rogue is apparently not on the team, though who knows, maybe they've got plans for her elsewhere. And I can't say as I'm too fond of the colour palette for the team, which seems to adore red and silver as much as X-Men adore blue and gold. And it's not even that I dislike team colours, it's just that when you do that, you inevitably get one or two members that don't match the colours. But I'm at least willing to give this a chance.

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So yeah, for now, just try to chillax, wait until these changes occur, and see if they win you over or not when they actually happen. Ja né!


Jyger's Rant - Is The New Thor Worth Getting Upset Over?

So, another week, another major change to a comic book character that has people in a panic. This time, it's the God of Thunder, Thor, who is apparently gonna be dropping the hammer, and his name, to a whole new character. But, rather than the fact that Thor is somewhat getting replaced (he'll apparently still be around, mind you), it seems that the major sticking point for a lot of fans is that it's being done by a woman...So, here's my two cents on the matter, and please, PLEASE remember that this is all opinion based, so if you don't agree, that's fine. We can agree to disagree without it becoming an argument and without offending one another.

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First, let's address a point that someone brought to my attention when I first asked what was wrong with Thor being a girl. Unlike with a lot of superheroes that pass the mantle down to others (Captain America, Superman, Captain Marvel, etc.), Thor is not a title. Thor is a name, and in fact, a boy's name. Fair enough. However, I would like to submit the following counterpoint: Lots of boy names have become girl names, or just unisex names, over the years. For example, did you know Ashley was originally a boy's name? In other words, it's not really THAT much of a stretch to see Thor as a woman.

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Next point, which I will admit 100% to just to show that I am being fair here, the original inscription on Mjolnir read "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Okay, fair point. However, I should note that times have changed since the original printing of Thor's first appearance back in 1962. For example, in the original comic, the hammer was found by Doctor Donald Blake, who believed he was transformed into Thor through the hammer. Later on, it was revealed/retconned that he was actually the real Thor all along, having been sent to Earth with amnesia to learn humility.

Another argument I've heard is how this is apparently an insult to Norse Mythology by changing Thor, not necessarily into a woman, but that he's being changed at all. Well, first off, isn't Thor supposed to be a redhead? I don't see anyone having a panic attack over him being blonde in the comics. Second, I'm pretty sure Thor didn't join a team of superheroes or fight a radioactive man. Third, alternate takes on mythology, big or small, happen ALL THE TIME in various media. This is nothing new, and will probably not be the last time something like this happens.

Lastly, I need to make something super clear about all of this, and I want everybody to keep this in mind, both the people that have a problem with this change and the people that don't: This is really not THAT big of a deal. I almost 100% certain that this change is not going to be permanent. In fact, I'd be shocked if this lasted a year. Why? Because, just like with alternate takes to mythology, a superhero passing the torch to a different character has happened a LOT. All of the major names in comics have passed their mantles down to others: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Robin, Green Lantern, Black Widow, The Flash, Hawkeye, and so on. Now, while there have been occasions where these changes were permanent, how many times have these changes been reversed within a year or two? The answer: Damned near all of them, major exception being Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing so he could strike out on his own and the Robin legacy could carry on to other wards of Batman. What is most likely to happen here is that this change will establish this new character in what I presume will be a VERY badass light, judging from the early artwork, then in a year or so, the hammer will find its way back to male Thor, allowing this new character and her established fan-base to go off in her own direction. Again, not the first time this has happened.

So, at the end of the day, my final verdict is that this is NOT something to go ape**** over. If you still disagree, lemme know why in a civil manner below, and please don't argue in the comments. If you can think of other directions they might go with this change, by all means, share it with me. Just remember, this is nothing new in comics, and this won't be the last time something like this will happen, so try to remember to just take a moment to breathe and really analyse the situation before having a freak-out. Ja né!


Jyger's Rant - Upcoming Changes To Batgirl; What I Like & Don't Like About Them

...That's right, I used to rant on blogs about comics, huh? Sorry if I come off rusty, then, as it's been a while...Well, after my review of the newest issue of Batgirl, it seems I was unfortunately correct, in that Gail Simone is very clearly wrapping up everything she's done with the book before October, when a new creative team will be taking over and taking Babs in a whole new direction.

Before I continue, I should preface this rant by saying that I do NOT hate this decision. Am I gonna miss Gail writing Batgirl? Of course, she's the one that brought me back to the book after Stephanie Brown's time under the cowl was retconned away. And, let's face it, Gail Simone practically IS Barbara Gordon. She has been her voice for YEARS now. But, that does not mean that no one else should ever get a shot at writing her. I also don't necessarily dislike the story they're going with, wherein Babs is moving to a borough of Gotham called Burnside, where she'll be building a new social life in the trendy area, going to grad school, and having to rebuild herself as Batgirl with a whole new costume, as apparently everything she owned was lost in a fire.

Side-note, what were the odds they would actually get an artist named Babs to draw Barbara for this book? lol
Side-note, what were the odds they would actually get an artist named Babs to draw Barbara for this book? lol

All of that said, I DO have a problem with this story, and it mainly centres around the fact that this does not feel like a Barbara Gordon story. This feels more like a Stephanie Brown story. And I don't mean that in any kind of negative way, either, simply that it would suit Steph way better than Babs. It just feels like an odd direction to take her. Then again, I suppose that's sort of the point, is that this is going to be a more light-hearted story that's largely disconnected from the other Bat Family books. And hey, I am NOT about to argue against a light-hearted story in DC, especially since I was a huge fan of Steph's time as Batgirl, which was VERY light-hearted.

But then there's the new look for Babs. This is a problem for me, and not even that I find it to be a bad costume, because it isn't. In fact, I actually rather like it. No, I instead take issue with Babs looking like a teenager all of a sudden. And don't anyone dare tell me that she's a teen, we have established that she has been to college, so she's probably closer to her early 20's. On top of that, going back to what I said before about this story better suiting Stephanie Brown, I want you to really look at this picture. Now imagine Batgirl in this pic to have blonde hair, on top of the costume's colour-scheme, the youthful expression and pose, and even the leg pouch...Yeah, kinda hard to ignore now, ain't it?

The only other thing I have to complain about for now is that, while I've heard that Alysia is apparently still gonna be part of the supporting cast, it's probably going to be in a VERY reduced role. As someone who has grown to love this character and her chemistry with Barbara, to the point where I honestly wish Babs and Aly would dump their respective significant others and date each other, this bothers me.

Other than those issues, I don't really have too much to complain about with this change, and I will be giving the book and its new team a chance. Also, I will be keeping an eye out for whatever Gail Simone's next DC project will be. Let's just hope that everything turns out for the best, and we can continue to enjoy this book for a lot longer to come. Ja né!