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Wait, so who shot the pilot.

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"This is going to be interesting. Very interesting. I'm actually a little intimidated seeing how many great artists have done his images before. This is not an easy thing to sail smoothly through."

You should feel intimidated! Look at your Superman.

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I wish he was still silver.

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@clawfist said:

I think the whole Wolverine Goes to Hell storyline was my favorite.

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Hex? Katanna? TMNT? Are you serious?! I'll get to this tomorrow night.

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@strictlyanime: Ugh, you still picked a terriable picture for Tarzan. Any who...

So this my friend, will be the greatest hunt of them all. All predators, all stealthy killers, by the end of the day...each will have their own poke-themed trophy


The Predator's are a intergalactic hunters that search for the best prey. Obviously these pokemon are great choices. But this is were it get's cool. See, my team as one major thing over your team, that's tech.

No Caption Provided

The Predator has the ability to cloak. This will help with getting the drop on your pokemon. I see no way they could detect an invisible foe. And I'm sure you're educated enough to know they see in infra red. So the snow won't bother his vision.

Plasma Cannon

This fancy little thing is his personal "mess things up" device. The speed, force, and volly make this an extremely powerful weapon.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

As you can see, the weapon can also shoot towards his back. Great for close quarters situations. It can also take a man's head clean off and leave beach ball sized holes in prey. But what about multiple targets?

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  1. Vaporizes two men
  2. Taking out multiple targets

But just how strong can this bad boy get?

No Caption Provided

It can become as strong enough to take out an attack helicopter. I strangely don't have the scan of one taking out a small spaceship, but...

No Caption Provided

On ward!


This solider of fortune is too, a cool bad ass. His abilities come from his Nanosuit 2.0. The suit gives him the following

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Cloaking
  • Tracking
  • Nano-Vision

Like the Predator above. His cloaking and vision modes will help over come this snow day gone wrong.

No Caption Provided

His nano vision tracks heat, analyzes the target's abilities and those triangles will track the target through objects. This is a cutscene so this is not in game mechanics.

Loading Video...

  • 0:40 Targets CELL troops
  • 0:56 dodges missiles then jumps from a multi story building
  • 1:05 disarms a CELL solider before he can react
  • 1:38 cloaking and getting the drop on a CELL solider
  • 2:00 High caliber bullet bounce off his body, Superman Returns style

I'm sure you can understand the video without the bullets, but it looks nice IMO

I must note that he does lose energy after time. So he's not super soldier 24/7.

Now what is Prophet packing? Well an arsenal containing a assault rifle, heavy pistol, etc. But he's going to go Robin Hood in this fight. While I'm sure a bullet can kill most of your pokemon, his bow can bring down the bigger ones.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
"Has enough kinetic energy to drop a Rhino dead"

To give you and idea on how strong his standard arrow is.

And of course your team can't get the drop on him either.

Detected a Ceph and evades bullets
Detected a Ceph and evades bullets


The king of the Jugnle. This noble ape man is IMO highly under estimated in the battle forums. His standard gear consist of bows and arrows, knife, and his rope/vine. While his arsenal isn't the best out of the 4, he's just as deadly as they are.

Now we have to address your effect on the weather. While(and this is embarrassing) I don't have any proof, but Tarzan has been in the situation to fight a Yeti high in the mountains. So cold might play a huge factor.

Now his strength alone should challenge your pokemon to some degree

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9

These are just various strength feats, from wrestling apes, breaking chains, lifting giants, and back handing full grown men. If he can get one of your creatures in his nose, he can quickly tie it up and go in for a fatal blow. Now he's not slouch in the speed department.

No Caption Provided

Tarzan has also been able to infiltrate tribes, get the drop on cheetahs, and watch over men without their knowledge. His stealth doesn't involve cloaking, but he uses his surroundings to his advantage.

I'll delve deeper later.


Much like Tarzan this jungle boy should prove to be a challenge for your team. But Kraven has stats that go beyond Tarzan's.

  • Tanking hits from Spiderman, Beast, and Hulk
  • Fast enough to take on Spiderman, Venom, and Daredevil

These alone should be proof

No Caption Provided

He hits Spiderman before he can react.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Fighting skill, taking out Daredevil

Then of course his nerve strikes, the punches that was able to paralyzed Spiderman

No Caption Provided

Man, my team hates Rhinos...


With two cloaked hunters, they'll advance from both flanks. Both being able to see your team clearly. With their projectiles, they will start the fire works. A barrage of explosive arrows, standard arrows, and plasma bolts; Tarzan and Kraven can go in and pick off the unsuspecting prey. They should be unaware of the blitzing foes. This attack should take out a majority of your team. And with this Pokemon logic, the blizzard should die down with the lose of some of its' generators. Warming Tarzan. So which ones do I believe would be taken out?

At least, from a surprise attack from both sides AND a blitz from the front.

  • Pikachu
  • Venusaur
  • Snorlax

AT LEAST. There are too many variables to think, I'd like to think they would all die, but for the sake of the debate :)

Your move, friend.

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@strictlyanime: Prophet from the Crysis series. I don't know who that Frankenstein is. And you could have picked a cooler version of Tarzan, I don't use Diseny feats...

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  • Wolverine 1
  • Punisher 1
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The roster is amazing.