Robocop and Predator respect threads up! http://nevertoooldforcomics.blogspot.com/2014/02/robocop-respect-thread.html & http://...

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Robocop, Predators respect thread and more.

Man, this took awhile to gather and feel as I waited to long to publsih them. So I give you all two respect threads. Now both are not 100% but plan on having the rest up by the 8th. Also another RRR is up "Parasyte"

Hope you all enjoy.

New Respect Threads



New Random Recommended Readings!


Just in case you missed my old stuff...

Hopfully you're all enjoying it. I will, I promise, to have more posts before this upcoming Saturday. Any way, have a great day!

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Wolverine, All Star Western and more! Random Recommended Readings

Hey, my third RRR post. I felt it took some time to get this up so I give you not one, but two RRRs. PLUS. My Bullseye respect thread. I will note that I have a few more scans, mostly fights between Daredevil in there. I'll get those up ASAP. And a Yaujta(Predator) species respect thread is in the works.

In case you missed the older RRRs

Code Name: Action

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth

New Stuff!

Wolverine Weapon X:Adamantium Men

All Star Western: Guns and Gotham

Respect thread


Remember, it's about 80% finished. Just wanted some input in case I should change something. Along with Bullseye, and Predators, I have The Bounce in mind for a respect thread, so stay tooned!

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Random Recommended Reading! Part 2

Second installment to my RRRs. This time, Code name: Action! A great spy themed book published by Dynamite.

Code Name: Action

And just in case you did't see my first one:

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth

Both great and fun stories. Also, I have some Underdog Respect Threads in the works. Basically respect threads for the characters that are underratted like crazy in the battle forums. Please leave a comment on a character you'd like to see in the Underdog Respect threads.


Random Recommended Readings! Part 1

Hello, just wanted to start off by saying that this is kind of inspiration from @waezi2 with his 5 panels. This blog was originally for a class assignment, but I thought I'd take care of it and what not. So here is my first "Random Recommended Readings!" Where I basically remommend you all random series, arcs, one shots, etc. to check out. I also will be working on Underdog Respect Threads were I show off feats for the characters everyone thinks are lame or just get stomped in any match. Along with reviews, and news, when I can.

But any who, here is my first RRR for you all to check out! Hope you enjoy!


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