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I did not make or own this. All credit goes to zzjimzz at Devianart.
I did not make or own this. All credit goes to zzjimzz at Devianart.


Alias: Sodra Die Mens


Gender: Male

Species: Human Cybrog

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 359 lbs.

Birth Date: REDCATED

Nationality: African

Heritage: REDACTED

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Hit Man, Assassin, Body Guard

Langugaes Spoken: English, Afrikaans


Not much is known about Sodra Die Mens. All files clients try to access show redacted files with limited information. Some believe he is cyborg form the future, others believe he's a failed weapon. Other then theories as to how Sodra Die Mens came to be, but what is for sertent, is he is an effective killing machine and is worth every penny.

Die Waarheid sal kom....



  • Strength: Robot arm- 7 tons, normal arm- 1 ton
  • Striking Power: Can easily punch over buses with robot arm.
  • Travel Speed: 600 MPH
  • Combat Speed: Can easily deflect bullets can move in blurs to the human eye.
  • Durability: Cybernetic parts can withstand bullets, human can be penetrated.

Fighting Prowess: Sodra Die Mens has master various fighting styles throughout his life. He has mastered:

  • Dambe(His main)
  • Evala Wrestling
  • Engolo
  • Karate
  • Tai Kwan Do

Gun Hand:

Sodra Die Men's cybernetic hand can turn into a deadly .45 caliber machine gun. By making a rock and roll hand sign Sodra Die Man can turn his pointer and pinky finger into gun barrels. His Gun Hand mode carries up to 500 rounds of .45 caliber bullets.

UPDATE- Maverick Industries upgraded his hand cannon to fire at a higher velocity, firing NCTC ronds. The caseless rounds fire faster and hit harder,comparable to a .50 caliber round.


Sodra Die Men's cybernetic fingers can be shifted to a point making 5 razor sharp claws. These blades can cut through 6 inch of steel and cut bullets in half.


Sodra Die Men's arm can emit a small EMP burst that effects all electronics in a 25 yard radius. His cybernetics shut down, only to have them be reactivated by a second back up battery that his shielded and will only kick in when artificial parts go offline. The back up can turn on and reactivate the body within 0.01s

Knee Cap Missiles

Both plates on either knee cap will open horizontally and move away from one another. Inside is a small hole that will fire a small fragmentation round. These rounds can easily destroy a car with one well placed hit.

Laser Cutter:

By extending his open palm out, the center of his hand will open up. Releasing a blue bolt of heavy ions at a target. This attack can blow holes through metal and stone with ease. But this attack depletes his battery quickly.

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Die Laskman Cannon:

By opening his battery chamber in his stomach, Sodra Die Men can release a huge burst of ionic energy. Capable of leveling a small 2 story building this is his deadliest attack. But this attack leaves him drain to 35%.

Net Caster:

Sodra Die Mens has been upgraded to have a net caster on the inside of his cybernetic arm. It pops out the outer side of his arm. It can fire a 6 foot net with enough velocity to knock down a Hippo.


The power source of his cyborg half is located in his stomach. It's a small ionized core that keeps him going. It has two back up batteries, in case the primary is damaged. His legs are able to excel at great speeds, and the spikes at the bottom of his feet allow him to scale walls. His legs also give him the ability to propel himself 30 yards in one leap.

His right arm is made for combat. With various melee and range combat functions, it proves to be a deadly piece. The arm has so much strength that Sodra Die Mens can throw cars, or punch a hole in a banks safe. Along with energy and ballistic attacks as well.

The metal is a enhanced form of Graphene. Creating a Tempered O-Shield armor offering operational flexibility across ecosystems, with auto temperature regulation and self-“healing” functionality. Chemical structure of graphene remotely mutated to optimize defensive strength.

UPDATE- A mixture of Kryon was infused with him by Maverick Industries, allowing him to tank 3-4 .50 caliber rounds before being damaged.

His battery however can be depleted during battle or ruptured. Causing extreme pain .


  • Sodra Die Men hate Chinese food
  • Loves birds of all kind
  • Can beat anyone is tennis
  • Enjoys the cold