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i made a forum post but it kind of died so if you read this blog and you're new then hooray!!! maybe it'll help 
Now like me you may not be new to comics, but you may be new to the comic book community and the lingo that goes around comics. I just want to say for those who are reading this who do know about comics help us out, make some post explaining things like the difference between trades and singles. I know things like weekly and monthly (pretty self explanatory) but i've had to fake it till i make it for 1 year now since i've started going to an actual comic book shop and frankly i definitely haven't made it. 
Here is where i will post "vocab words" ugh what is this english class, no it's comic book class and me your improperly educated comic book teacher will hopefully get help to guide you. ( i won't be much  help, other people will, so start replying!!!) 
from moi (me in french) 
Pull list (noun?)- the comics you get from a comic book store whether it be via internet or a shop. 
  In a sentence: My pull list is huge with comics like invincible, turf, walking dead, american vampire, ultimate spider-man, and many many more
Silver Age (SA)  Noun- a period in comic book history that's from around mid 1950's-early 1970's 
it is often used to talk about certain versions of many characters such as Superman 
In a sentence: SA superman would totally curbstomp a red lantern world breaker hulk, heck, he would curbstomp hulk and then spin the world back in time so he could do it again (no he wouldn't that's totally out of character, but he would defeat hulk).
Trade Paperback: A collection of several comics, usually consisting on a single story arc.  Normally called "Trades" (i.e. a trade off) 
  in a sentence "I just bought a bunch of trades today at Borders."  

PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity)- for the sake of plot a writer will write something that normally would never and should never happen. 
in a sentence...w/ my bias opinion-  Superman prime beating Mr.Mxyzptik shouldn't be used as a feat in battle threads, because it's total PIS.  

CIS (character induced stupidity)- Even though a character might overpower his enemy this character will still win..... 
  In a sentence: Spiderman beating toxin was total CIS, because toxin is the strongest symbiote there is. 
  one shot-a story that lasts just 1 single comic 
in a sentence: That one shot was actually good.  

Mini (from mini-series)- is the same as a limited series run of comics (usually 4-6 issues) rather than an ongoing title (like Detective Comics)  Usually with a self contained story arc.  
an exmaple:  the recent ant-man and the wasp mini-series.  

Big Event- A story arc that effects many comics in a company (for example, Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc.)  
in a Sentence- Marvel has way too many of these Big Events......(so does DC)  

Prep Time- The amount of time before a battle where a character can utilize everything they know about the enemy and plan how to defeat them  
In a Sentence- With enough prep time, Batman can beat Galactus   
Jobbing - Is when a character is downplayed for the express purpose of making another character look more impressive than one might reasonably expect.  
Guy 1. "Wow, check out this comic, One Armed Tiger Man just beat Batman at Chessboxing" 
Guy 2. "Nah, that writer just jobbed Batman, first off Batman would beat One Armed Tiger Man at that even if he had two arms, but he only has one, and second, Batman is DC and Armless Tiger Man is Marvel, that writer gonna be sued" 
Battle Field Removal.  
Sentence. Hulk can't beat Superman if he is flying though open space. He has been removed from the battlefield. Cloak often has many men physically enter him... they end up in the Dark Dimension, why fight, when you can BFR?    
  Retcon - Long form = retroactive continuity. To change established history to something new and different ideally to improve a character or story.  
Sentence - Hey, I thought Jean Grey killed all those people? Oh wait.. no, that was retconned so it was actually the Phoenix Force. Jean was in a cocoon in the ocean.  

 Women In Refrigerators-term that was created by Gail Simone. Women in Refrigerators (WiR) refers to comic book women who have been depowered, raped, murdered and/or had their lives ruined specifically in order to fuel the stories of men. 
Sentence- Kyle radner's girlfriend is a WIR (woman/women in refrigerator)
  Multiverse - is the set of possible universes, each a variation ranging from slight to drastic differences. 
 Used in a sentence Sentence - Marvel stories take place mostly on Earth-616 of the Multiverse. Others would be ultimate universe and cancerverse among many.

only SC will know what you're talking about 
 BFR = Big F*^&%( Ra&%st  
Sentence. Woah there buddy, only way you can get beat the Juggernaut is to BFR him. Or otherwise, get a big F^%$*^ Ra$%st to come and take care of him.  

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