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Real Name: Juno Beatrice Fei

Aliases: Arcana, The Smuggler, The Witch, The Dealer, Dark Angel of Contraband,

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black (Occasionally dyed with various colors)

Weight: 120lbs

Age: 17

Eye Color: Auburn/Brown

Height: 5'11

Species: Mutant, part demon

Notable Features: Almost always seen with a pilot's flight cap, 泥棒 (Thief) Branding scar between shoulder blades, Bullet scar on right shoulder, The Mark of Blodam (ethereal, invisible mark on forehead)

Personality: Aloof, Perky, Slightly sadistic, Passionate, Opportunist

Psych Profile: An uninhibited deviant, Juno appears to have a personality disorder prone to psychopathic outbursts in relation to material wealth and gain. Possibly due to her abusive childhood and spending her formative years learning about firearms and economy, Juno has developed a fetish for both wealth and guns, which only extremely enables her greedy and violent behavior in fits when heavily exposed to these factors. A prominent note is her possessiveness in relation to individuals, specifically loved ones. Juno perceives people by their "value" in a monetary state of mind, and in her own twisted way will deem people she cares about as "priceless." This has proven to be toxic, as Juno becomes as violently protective over her "possessions" as with any valuable gun or goods. Ironically, Juno's pursuit for wealth is almost clinically insane in what she actually uses the money she gains for. As most (if not all) of her funds are spent on making more money, thus creating a cyclical pattern of behavior. One could even surmise that even she doesn't know why she wants riches and wealth, if not for the thrill of having it.

Orientation: Lesbian

Relationship Status: Single

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Occupation: Smuggler, contraband courier, arms dealer, amateur witch, Academy Student Academy Dropout.

Affiliation: The Boss Fei Smuggling Empire, The Academy (Rubies Class), Venilia (Business partner), Dion Sobol (Half-Brother), Margret "Maggie" Sobol (Attorney, Mother) William LeBeau (Close friend, Protege)

Academy Student House: Ruby

Super Power Origin: Born mutant/ Bonded with blood demon

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman reflexes and senses, (Sight, Smell, Hearing etc.) The current chosen wielder to the Staff of Blodam


The daughter of a Chinese Smuggling kingpin (Xiang "Boss" Fei) and a Russian Mafia attorney (Margret "Maggie" Sobol) , Juno Fei had a life of crime set out for her from the start. After displaying incredibly natural instinct when it came to flying planes, she was taken away by her father to become his ace pilot for his rising enterprise. Juno was completely deprived of a childhood and social life because of this, all of her time was spent on being groomed to be a perfect pilot and trader, not really having a personality of her own. She would go on to become a notorious smuggler and arms dealer, her name being known in the darkest corners of the criminal underworld. A fame and life she never wanted.

After an unknown incident during a job, Juno used this as a means to escape her Father's control, and faked her death in a plane crash. Xiang is still certain that she is alive, and searches for her to this day.

With the help of her mother, Juno enrolled in The Academy to lay low from her Father's search. Hopefully, she can also become her own person here, and not just a shadow of Xiang.

Personal Gear and equipment

The Staff of Blodam:

Origins and present events:

The Staff of Blodam
The Staff of Blodam

The Staff of Blodam belonged to an ancient thief demon of the same name, a name given by the post-Germanic cults that worshiped him. Fitting, as Blodam was one of the many entities that introduced blood magic to the human realm, in exchange for blood sacrifices that increased his insatiable power.

Like many demons in the dark ages, however, he faded from this realm and was forgotten by history, losing the ability to manifest his corporeal form and continue manipulating humanity into more bloodletting rituals.

Though Blodam had faded, his Staff remained. Passing through many hands and seeing many societies rise and fall, sometimes with the use of the Staff itself. Eventually, it ended up in the possession of the Sorcerer Supreme, Mister Surreal, where it remained captive among his many forbidden artifacts...

Not trusting to leave the Staff of Blodam unguarded, Surreal brought it with him to the Academy after beginning his tenure as a teacher. This would prove to be a grave mistake, as the Staff is drawn by people's greedy and opportunistic natures. Specifically, calling out to Juno Fei the moment she set foot in the school grounds.

Blodam went on to "mark" Juno as his Chosen wielder of the Staff, then simply waiting for the smuggler to bleed a significant amount to bond the Staff with her.

During "The Mari Crisis" where Juno and three of her friends were pursued by the assassin So-so, she was seriously injured from some broken glass, lacerating her arm. The resulting bloodshed was sufficient enough for Blodam to summon fourth the Staff to Juno's soul, warping out of her chest and sealing their fates together for eternity.

Juno was now officially the rightful wielder to the Staff of Blodam, and by extension, Blodam's unwilling servant for his nefarious and hidden agenda.

Properties, Powers and Nature:

Properties: Bloodletting and powering the Staff

The Staff was created as a conduit and amplifier of blood magic, meaning that every use of it's power requires some form of blood to be "given" to the Staff. The guidelines for this offering are incredibly flexible, with many different ways to offer blood. The more blood that is offered, the more complex the resulting spell can be.

  • Wielder Bloodletting (Basic): The original method for using the Staff. The wielder of Blodam can cut, prick, poke, stab or use any other form of bloodletting themselves for the Staff to absorb. This method is the most common for new wielders, as the bond with the Staff isn't strong enough to allow for the more complex offerings.
  • Wielder Blood Leeching (Advanced): When the bond between the wielder and the Staff has strengthened with enough blood offerings, they'll find this method possible. Negating the requirement for wounding ones self, the Staff will actuallyabsorb the wielder's blood through skin contact.
  • Blood Manipulation and Absorption (Complete): Only a true wielder of the Staff is capable of using this method. By merely using the ambient energy of Blodam, the wielder can manipulate the blood of others. The main purpose of this ability is to literally force the blood out of people's pores and absorb their blood. This embodies Blodem's status as a thief demon, now allowing the wielder to utilize a power he naturally had.

Powers: "The Staff of Blood and Thieves"

An accurate way to describe the Staff's powers, is that it doesn't really have any "powers" of it's own. The thief demon was greedily obsessed with stealing and copying other magics, so he created the Staff as a sort of "collector" of magics and spells.

This means, any magic tome, artifact, spell, hex, curse or blessing the Staff comes into physical contact with, it can absorb and copy it's energies. Once that has happened, the Staff will then be capable of performing whatever magic it has absorbed.

What's even more dangerous, the wielder often doesn't even need to perform the techniques or rituals related to a certain spell, only needing to even vaguely command it by voice. The Staff translates and does the rest from there. This can even be extended into interpreting a command to use multiple spells to create one complex effect.

Even with such an incredible ability, the Staff does have limits to absorbing spells.

The Staff only absorbs the exact spells or magics that has been cast. It does not absorb or copy the entire knowledge of different arts or magics. (If it absorbs a fireball spell, it can only recreate that exact fireball spell). Preventive measures can also be taken to avoid The Staff's meddling abilities, such as charms and enchantments that prevent such an intrusion. It also cannot absorb spells originating from deities, as the magic is far too potent and spiritually tied to their rightful users.

  • Basic and universal spells (flight, freezing, pyromancies, illusions etc.) are permanently stored within the Staff upon being absorbed.
  • Far more complicated or specially designed spells (Healing, divine blessings, empowerment, memory erasing, reality warping etc.) are not permanently stored within the Staff. These spells only have one use per spell before they either are absorbed again, or lost forever.

List of spells absorbed/copied by the Staff of Blodam (Maintained)

  • Flight (Permanently copied from Mister Surreal's Cloak upon finding the Staff.)
  • Arcane Shields (Permanently copied from Mister Surreal casting the spell upon finding the Staff)
  • Portal Creation (Permanently copied from Mister Surreal casting the spell upon finding the Staff)
  • Arcane Blast (Permanently copied from Mister Surreal casting the spell upon finding The Staff)
  • Telekinesis/Wish fulfillment (Permanently copied from an unknown time. Legends say the magic was taken from Merlin himself. Given the nature of the Staff, and how the wielder commands it, a multitude of phrases can be said, with the staff using it's magic TK to a very fine and specific degree. This gives off a display that almost looks like wishes being granted, within the confines of telekinesis that is.)
  • "Erase" (A rare spell temporarily absorbed from an unknown time. Erases a single living being from existence (Undead, gods and other creatures not included) . Uses left: 1)
  • "Heal" (Temporarily absorbed from an unknown time. A miracle spell that heals all ailments of a single living being. However, the spell cannot be used for the wielder themselves, spawning from the nature of the spell being a divine, "selfless" miracle. Uses left: 4)
  • "Commune spirits" (Temporarily absorbed from an unknown time from a voodoo shaman. The spell grants the ability to see and speak with ghosts and spirits. Uses left: 2)

Nature: Blodam's essence and sentience from within

The staff serves as a vessel for Blodam's demonic essence, but only to a limited degree. This makes the bond between the wielder and the Staff much more like a manipulative partnership than pure possession. Once bonded to a host, the Staff will forever know the location of said host, often floating in close proximity of them. However, much like a pouting child, the Staff will sometimes disobey the wielder if it has gone long enough without a blood offering, sometimes even sticking itself in the ground until it is satiated. On the other side of this logic, if consistently satiated, the Staff will summon to the hand of the wielder without so much as thought.

The Staff is violently protective of the wielder, and will attempt to kill anyone who threatens their life. Though, as a floating staff that can't use any of it's own stolen magic without it's wielder, the results vary. This protective nature is also very one sided, the Staff normally intends on latching onto a wielder for as long as possible, especially if it's a good match. This means that the Staff will even go as far as to prevent a wielder's suicide if need be. Legends even speak of preventing the wielder from aging...

Smuggler Gear:

DL-01 Prototype "Blaster" (Price: Estimated over $50,000,000)

DL-01 Blaster
DL-01 Blaster

Juno's primary weapon of choice, and what a weapon it is. The technology that would go on to be used for the Blaster was recovered form an Alien crash site by the U.S military in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. After salvaging what they could, the military wasted no time or money into funding a weapon from their findings. The end result was the DL-44 Blaster. It's design was inspired multiple popular pistols at the time, giving it a man-made appearance despite it's alien origin. However, the U.S government put the first and only Blaster on ice, as it was considered too risky to use in the field as the nation's enemies would inevitably get a hold of it. Forward to 1966, a Chinese smuggler by the name of Xiang Fei would raid the Roswell military base, stealing the forgotten baster.

Thanks to the Alien tech, the Blaster has a very advanced and unique heating system. It's purpose is to literally create it's own ammunition instantly upon pulling the trigger, firing molten hot plasma which is confined into the shape of a bolt. These "bolts" are so intense in heat, they can melt cast-iron upon impact. Or more pragmatically, can burn a hole clean through multiple human beings. It's speed is remarkable, each blast moving at subsonic speeds. Above all else, it's "infinite ammo" nature makes it an extremely affordable and deadly weapon.

M.P.S.G's (Multi-Purpose Smart Grenades) (Price: $1,500 per grenade)

A smart grenade's size
A smart grenade's size

The M.P.S.G is a custom, versatile grenade designed by Juno Fei. It's tech is taken from multiple sources. They come with many different payloads inside. What makes them "Smart" is the functions of detonation that can be employed by it's user. With simple taps of the red button, the grenade cycles through it's detonations modules. These modules include:

  • Detonate on impact
  • Magnetic module
  • Timed detonation
  • Vocal detonation (Activates upon hearing a keyword or a certain phrase)
  • Spider Module (Sprouting mechanical spider-legs for search and destroy objectives)

And it's list of payloads:

  • Thermite
  • C-4
  • Fragmentation
  • Cryogenic
  • Toxic
  • Smokescreen
  • Flashbang

HIVE Hard-light Proximity Shield (Price: $4,000,000)


A very rare prototype originating from a private R&D company in Japan. The HIVE was designed as a shield that could quickly be deployed in combat to provide sudden cover for troops for various purposes. The unit is topped with a mirror array that emits "hard-light" in the form of a hexagonal dome (Hence the name). The shield is capable of almost completely deflecting small arms fire without fail. However, it can only take so much punishment before the shield "shatters" and needs to cool down before it's next use. A prime example of what could shatter the shield would be heavy explosives, such as an RPG.

Juno Fei's custom rocket boots (Price: Estimated $20,000)

Juno's Rocket Boots
Juno's Rocket Boots

One of the few original inventions of Juno Fei that wasn't reverse engineered from other technology. The boots are simply worn-in leather aviation footwear, with a bracer on the side to house the rocket modules. The modules themselves are short-burst propulsion rockets that allow Juno to make rocket enhanced jumps. However, if required, the rockets can perform sustained flight. Said sustained flight can only last up to around a minute before risking permanent damage to the rockets.

Modded H58 SEEKER Drones (Price: $27,000 per drone)

A SEEKER drone in action
A SEEKER drone in action

One of Juno's frequently used gadgets while out on business. Originally designed for mining operations and search/rescue missions, the drones are "seek and scan" in nature. These orbs are programmed to float rapidly throughout structures to provide an accurate layout of whatever it is they scan. Perfect for getting the layout of natural cave structures and ruins, but Juno had gone further and modded them to better suit her needs. Since modification, the SEEKERS still primarily scan and map structures, but now have the added function of scanning things of value. It is now the ultimate tool for a thief, smuggler or anything of the like.

Modded H60 "DSTYR" Drones (Price: $34,000 per drone)

H60 "DSTYR" Model Drone

An unofficial "cousin" of the H58 SEEKER models, the "DSTYR" (Read: Destroyer) drones are actually an original creation by Juno Fei. Using the SEEKER model as a platform for design, Juno crated a ballistic chassis and shield around the drone, lined with the same blaster technology found in her DL-01 Blaster pistol. While still capable of rapidly floating and scanning structures, the DSTYR's sole purpose is to "scan and destroy" targets. With preemptive programming, the drones are capable of hunting very specific targets, given it's advanced facial recognition software. However, while a versatile and potentially deadly gadget when in a swarm or catching prey off guard, the DSTYR drones are very fragile. It wouldn't take more than a few 9MM rounds to penetrate it's chassis and brick the tech inside.