Batman and Superman are the GOATS of comic book Superheroes!!!

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What makes a Superhero a Superhero imo(The True definition of a Superhero) Agree or Disagree?

  • People often struggle trying to define what it means to be a Superhero, but its really not that hard it basically boils down to this basic definition..
  • A Superhero is a character that has the ability to take complete and total control of a dangerous situation and force it to their liking for the sake of saving people.....What do i mean by this?..Think how Lebron and Michael Jordan are able to take complete control of baskeball game and dominate it from both ends of the floor (Defense and Offense)and completely impact the entire outcome of the whole game..This akin to how Superheroes are able to completely force a dangerous situation into the right direction by their willpower and powerset...Characters like, Spider-man,Iron Fist,Nightwing,Wolverine,Black Panther, Batman,Daredevil,Punisher, and Captain America may not have demigod powers like, Thor,Flash or Superman...But all those guys including most street level still have it within their power the ability to single handily take complete control of dangerous situation like a bank robberies, terrorist attack, Hostage Standoff,building fires, Engage and effortlessly defeat Groups of Hostiles(Like armed soldiers,Ninjas,Trained Assassins,Terrorist,.etc.. Where as real life heroes like Cops, Soldiers and firefighters have a very limited control of these situations and require an entire team to deal with such situations...And you see this all the time in the moves, Like in the Dark Knight when Batman single handily prevented the Joker and his squad from blowing up the armored truck with Harvey Dent inside on the highway..Or the 2008 IM film when Iron man flies to Afghanistan and solos an entire group of armed soldiers and prevents them from destroying a village.
  • This is why i laugh when people think putting on tights makes you a superhero..It takes alot more then that, namely outcome changing powers and skills that allow you to single handily put dangerous odds in your favor, and willfully stopping dangerous situations from escalating..Essentially putting the fires out so to speak.
  • And then you have characters like Superman, Aquaman,Namor,Wonder women, Silver Surfer,Thor, Iron man,Flash and GL etc....Who like the street levelers can force dangerous situations in the right outcome with their power, but just to a much higher degree namely planets destroying degree..
  • And they are essentially gods among men and by themselves have it within their skillset to single handedly thwat Planet destroying attacks like Alien invasions or even go toe to toe with god like characters like Darkseid, Thanos etc....These characters can also single handily prevent nuclear cataclysms .And not just that but they also have the power to fight and stop the mighty raw forces of natures, you know change the course of mighty rivers and all the jazz....
  • This is also part of the reason why many people didn't like Man of Steel, becuase in the film they saw so much destruction, death and mayhem which sorta unmasked that illusion of control that they expected Superman to have over dangerous situations... And some loss of lives should be expected as Superman isnt omnipresent and cant be everywhere at once..Plus the loss of lives also shows that these events come with really high stakes and aren't just cake walks.
  • And really that way of thinking is a complete farce and just utterly ridiculous when you think about it, as Superman himself single handedly prevented the complete annihilation of the human race(Saving 7 billion people) by himself against a number of beings equal to his level of power...Making Man of Steel a film very true to the spirit of who Superman is and what makes a Superhero well Super.
  • So do you guys agree with my definition of Superhero?
  • And Btw:following this definition that sorta makes Superman like the Lebron James of Superheroes..lmao..Since he can pretty much do everything, and is for the most part all around the fastest,Strongest with an exceptionally high IQ and computer level thought processing like Lebrons high Basketball IQ and court vision.. Give or take the few other Superheros that are actually more powerful then him..Hes generally the best bet around...And for whatever reason these two are generally the most hated..I guess greatness scares people..lol