Current runs that are awesome

some comics that I recently am reading. Mind you guys that I started seriously reading comics for like 3 years only...

Might add some older stuff into the list to help me keep track of things...

List items

  • Started off great and it's still solid. Best of the DC runs so far.

  • Brilliant series. Ideas are very well thought out. A mature and excellently executed book. People really need to read this.... Amazing stuff really.

  • Love the new series. THis is WW. Not JL version. Great stories. Very adventurous and like the style and visuals. It's very 'greek'like and blends in lots of different themes and style.

  • Love Thor. BUt the series is also very well presented visually, and style. Story is intriguing and well written and thought out. The ideas are executed very well. Gonna keep reading this....

  • One of the best books out there. Mystery, sci/fi, magic, horror, thriller, and more...

  • including the side series. Brilliant storytelling from SNyder. well mapped out mythos and well strucutured. Lots of characters but easy to follow and digest

  • Mystical/christian/cosmic side of DCnU. Great illustration of various cosmic DC ideas. Incredibly entertaining to read

  • Fantastic new series. Love the characters, the mystery, and the revelations. Only missing thing is a Deadpool teen who's ok enough but also psycho enough with strength and regen to crash this party to really mess with our heads.

  • Recently started. Loved it so far. The art and characterisation are the main reason this book is great.

  • Read the first volume of this weird space opera. Haunting, disturbingly cool, disturbing and weird visuals, crazy world, cannibalistic(?, oonako farms? what the hell>), stunning style, well designed visual style, and a very ripe world to explore into

  • Just started out... Love it so far. THIS is superman. Not that SUPERMAN crap. Well written and drawn.

  • Dick and Damian series AND Bruce and Damian.

    Sick as hell. Great dialogue and very well portrayed relationships

  • Really cool. Read only the first issue. Bought the recent last two but really interesting so far. Good writing

  • first issue to mid issue were fantastic. After Mr Dark, not so sure where this series is headed but I'm still keeping track. Great ideas and stories are told. Very mature with fairy tale elements. Classic Vertigo stuff

  • Monster horror with a twist. Deep mythos. Exploring the themes of human origins... SNyder does it again

  • Tits and booties

  • recently started out... Just hte first issue and so far so good

  • awkward beginning but fun

  • Been a fun series. First arc was great... then faltered a bit with Diana and Clark. Could have been a great couple but just rushed it terribly. Second and third arcs were entertaining. Throne of Atlantis kinda sucked. Trinity War is pretty cool

  • All issues of H/S... everything that featured these two duos. Personal fave of mine. Sad the main series ended. But happy there's now a Hack/Ash

  • DID NOT START READING. But I have all the issues. Gonna start pretty soon!

  • 8 issues so far and i have not read this new book. Loved the origins and the arc with scarlett witch. One of my favorite teen groups

  • This guy REALLY NEEDS his own series.

    Influences should come from: Fourth World (book), Prophet, Thor:GoT, Dare Devil, Simonson's Orion, and Batman.

    A brutal, violent, well told, well paced, and feat showing book is all I ask for!

    No Geff Johns on this. Get someone proper to right and nail this character.

  • Miss this big guy from Mighty THor, Thor (when he was resurrected, then placed Asgard in Oaklahoma), and Fear Itself (it was pretty entertaining)

    Wondering where he'll go after God of Thunder. More Avengers? More Earth? More cosmic/mystic?