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Incredible, funny, one of the best comics ever written 0

For me this 64 page issue of Savage Dragon is one of the best comics ever written, it's amazing. It features several stories, the first is a fun one with Dragon kicking ass with police friends and looking for his daughter. Oddly enough Dragon is blown up and enters a coma. We then have the 22 page story "The Fly", where each panel for 22 pages is Dragon lying in his hospital bed, with the sun slowly setting in the window. A villain turned into a talking Fly earlier in the issue spends these 22 ...

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Cyber Force rocks! 1

I really dig this book, and recommend everybody interested hops on board. That the first five issues are free is icing on the cake.I had read a couple issues of Cyber Force way back but forgotten them, and I've seen them in cameos from other Image books, but was largely unfamiliar with the title. This new reboot is very cool stuff that is introducing it all in a fast paced and intriguing way.It stars Velocity, the teen girl on the run who has been enhanced to run fast. She's got spunk and some a...

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Judge Dredd 2: Electric Boogaloo 1

Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 2 is must read stuff! Plus it was just reprinted for the US. Conveniently this collection starts out with the first Dredd mega epic, The Cursed Earth. Dredd has to trek across this savage wasteland and face all sorts of crazy menaces, to save Mega City 2! Even better, right after this leads into the second Dredd epic, The Day The Law Died, where Mega City One has it's own problems.   These are some of my early favorites, and when Dredd really started to rock...

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