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Li Qiye Respect Thread

Li Qiye is the protagonist of the Chinese webnovel Emperor's Domination, a story about a young boy who enters a forbidden ground, gets turned into a magic immortal crow, spends millions of years learning and training people to become gods and the emperors of the universe, then gets his human body back and starts bullying the current generation who has no idea they're messing with a super old guy who knows all the most broken techniques in the world and will use them to become the emperor of the universe himself.

It currently has some 3.7 thousand chapters translated, with more in the original. To keep the story with an op protag going for so long, he starts as a weak human, starts getting his magic techniques and op items back, becomes the most powerful person around, then dies and starts all over again. This respect thread will cover him from chapter 1 to about chapter 1700, his first of many power resets. After each he gets new items, ditches some others, gets new powers and all that, so I'll keep this for the first version for simplicity and because I didn't read the rest.

The Magic System:

In the Nine Worlds where the story starts, people are able to absorb the energy of the world and learn the mysteries of the Dao to "cultivate" and become more powerful. They can increase the power of their blood, soul and body as well, but the most important part is usually the cultivation levels as follows:

Mysterious Fate (Royal Noble) < Star Plucking (Enlightened Being) < Ancient Saint < Heavenly Sovereign < Heavenly King < Virtuous Paragon.

There are more before Mysterious Fate, but they aren't really relevant at all. After Virtuous Paragon, they can go for different paths, but the most important to note are God-Monarchs and Godkings (amped up Virtuous Paragons), Emperor Assailants and Contenders (can take a beating from an Immortal Emperor), and Emperor Rivals (can fight an Immortal Emperor for real).

The Immortal Emperor, which can there only be one per generation, is the most important and the level Li Qiye is at his peak in the Nine Worlds. The Emperor gains the Heaven's Will, which boosts their power considerably, and allows them to leave the Nine Worlds and ascend to the Tenth World.

Each level gives a huge boost in power, an average cultivator of any level can usually annihilate someone at a lower level quite easily. Of course, the novel follows the most talented people on the planet, so it's normal to see someone at a lower level beating a higher one, but that's supposed to be rare for the verse as a whole.

Li Qiye reaches the Immortal Emperor level, and becomes the most powerful one to ever come from the Nine Worlds. For what that matters in regards to scaling, he's basically far above anyone that'll be shown in the feats here in terms of raw power, speed, durability and pretty much anything that isn't tied to a specific ability that he didn't learn. Good to keep in mind.

Raw Power:

If you at some point wonder how can these fights even happen on the planet they're on, worlds there are pretty big.

It's very common for celestial bodies to be destroyed merely as side-effects of the fights:


For his defense, he has a particular ability that is known to make the user pretty much unkillable, the Heaven's Will Crystal Physique. When one uses it properly, not even Immortal Emperors can break it. Li himself had to rely on an ability to nullify other magics, plus moving so fast that he time traveled to just disable the physique for a moment and be able to strike.

It does have a weakness of a time limit, but it's speculated that having the Heaven's Will might allow one to use it indefinitely, so Li, who has the Heaven's Will, might be able to keep it up forever.


Immortal Physiques:

Coming from his Physique Scripture, each Immortal Physique can improve one's body to the apex in a certain aspect. He cultivates specifically the Soaring Immortal, Hell Suppressing, Void Imperfection and Sky Destroyer physiques. They're all at Grand Completion, the most powerful a physique can get, and come from the Scripture that created all physiques, so they're basically the strongest possible in the world.

He also has access to eight other physiques with his fist techniques and physique clones, which I'll get to later.


Created by the combination of his immortal physiques, his domains allow him to control the area around him in certain ways.

Physique Clones:

While he only cultivates four physiques, he has access to them all and used them on the scraps of metal from a super old and powerful item to create six gods and six devils, each with the power of one of the Immortal Physiques, and all at Grand Completion just like Li's main ones, although they're weaker compared to a normal cultivator using them, which won't matter as much for the examples used here since most are far weaker than Grand Completion.

So, besides Hell Suppressing, Soaring Immortal, Sky Destroyer and Void Imperfection, the others are:

Myriad Fists:

He has several fist techniques that enhance his punches. He can also use them with his technique based on the Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds to create many hands around him to attack the opponent. Many of the fists use abilities from the Immortal Physiques, although they're not as powerful as the Physiques themselves.

Combining all the fists besides Void Imperfection and Golden Sealing leads to an attack that destroys space, time, the laws of the world and the fabric of reality.

Even then, that's not his most powerful fist, that'd be the Heaven Suppression Fist.


Powerful cultivators can make it so the wounds they deal are never able to be healed.

Death Scripture:

One of the super powerful scriptures created at the birth of the universe.

Space-Time Breaking:

Cultivators often shatter space and time while fighting:

Space Scripture:

Another of the super scriptures from the birth of the universe:

Imperial Aura:

Powerful cultivators can suppress enemies with just their presence, and make weaker beings instinctively want to fall to the ground and worship them.

Emperor's Blessings:

When he was still a crow flying around training gods and emperors, his mind and soul and soul were reinforced by multiple Immortal Emperors so that his memories couldn't be read. Anyone who attempts to do so will be immediately suppressed.

Li can also unleash them willingly, so even if he lost all his power and became as weak as a normal human, he could still send the power of Immortal Emperors to fight for him.

Merit Laws:

The many magical techniques he got along the way.


From all the stuff he grabbed during his adventures, the most useful is likely his World Seal, which has the power to copy anything, although the copy will be weaker if the original is too powerful. In return, he can unleash the copy's full power pretty much nonstop.

Nirvana Heavens:

Cultivators must open their Fate Palaces as they progress in power, said palaces manifest as huge buildings that fly above their heads. Inside them is their True Fate/soul and the four symbols (we'll get to that), and the space inside approaches infinity. When unleashing the palaces, you can create a pocket dimension to draw enemies inside, where you're far more powerful than normal, although a stronger opponent can still destroy the whole place to escape.

The more Palaces you can open, the more powerful you become. Usually Twelve is the peak, but of course Li Qiye opened Thirteen, giving him the most powerful set ever, which he called Nirvana Heavens.

Four Images of the Fate Palaces:

Inside the Fate Palace, in each cardinal direction, there are four symbols: The Spring of Life, Cauldron of Life, Tree of Life and Pillar of Life. Li combined them with four ancient items to increase their power to the max.

Nine Ants:

After finding some ants running in circles that contained the secrets of the universe (yes, really), he was able to create the Nine Ants merit law, divided into three initial forms:

  • Vessel of Life can draw the life force of all existences into it. When he was attacked by a Life Reduction that absorbed his life energy, the energy of the world, space, time, darkness, evil and the power of the grand dao, he casually overpowered it with the vessel, using the life force equal to thousands of Immortal Emperors to overwhelm the tribulation.
  • The Vessel of Genesis, along with the Vessel of Life and the Death Scripture, was able to bring the shadows of Immortal Emperors to life, so that they could fuse with his Emperor Blessings and help him fight. It can also give him more primordial energy to keep his dao going in case it's being suppressed or destroyed.
  • Vessel of Athanasia can make things everlasting. Li used it to fight against the petrification of the Drystone Courtyard, and help him defend himself against the death beam of twelve Immortal Emperors.

Seven Nights Dao:

Using his Thirteen Palaces, his knowledge from the Nine Ants, and his study of the Kun Peng, he creates this dao (Li Qiye means Seven Nights).

With it, he was able to create an entire universe, until it was destroyed, then recreated many times.

When he unleashes his Dao in combat, he becomes the creator of laws, and all forces of nature are derived from him. He can cross through the past and future to become eternal in the present, allowing him to block an attack that was overpowering his nirvana heavens and three vessels.

Although, in the end, he was fighting thirteen Immortal Emperors who were using a formation spell made specifically to destroy immortal beings, so his dao couldn't stand the attack, showing that it's still defeatable with enough power.

Even then, it's still the power to create an universe being used to power attacks and defense, so if he decides to use it, it's safe to say you need universal power to contend with it.

Dao Heart:

Basically one's willpower and perseverance, the mental side of cultivation. Li needed a strong Dao Heart to survive all his tortures and defeats throughout his millions of years of life.

Dao of Alchemy:

The Dao of Alchemy involves making pills to increase cultivation, having knowledge of plants, controlling poisonous creatures and making salves to increase the power of one's body.