Should Be Avengers

Characters I think should join the Avengers.

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  • He is the only member of the Fantastic Four to never join the Avengers. Obviously, he is my first choice to join the Avengers.

  • In an alternate reality, she joined the Avengers as a secret spy. She suffered consequences by the enemy she was spying on. If she could show such potential in another dimension, she is fit to do the same on the roster of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

  • She appeared in the Avengers movie and seemed to be the rock behind Tony Stark. He lead the Avengers, but probably wouldn't have been capable of doing it without Pepper. She really is an Avenger.

  • If Black Bolt was capable of joining, she is definitely able to join. She does not have a voice that could kill the universe. She just loves the possessor of it.

  • Isn't he the first Marvel character to be introduced?

  • Popular character, great backstory, and amazing powers. What's not good about him joining. Well, besides Galactus coming to Earth to destroy him and his team.

  • Bill Foster was killed by Ragnarokk, the clone of Thor, during Civil War. He is succeeded by his nephew Tom Foster. Have Tom join the Avengers and continue his uncle's legacy.

  • The former leader of the X-Men seems fit to join the Avengers. Her costume isn't as revealing now. I can see her leaving Scott and joining their ranks.

  • She is a true hero, disguising herself amongst villains to help others. If Luke Cage took control of the Avengers, she seems like one of the people he would turn to.

  • Like Songbird, Sage went undercover with villainous people (the Hellfire Club) just to help out friend Charles Xavier. She is a true Avenger.

  • Like many of the Defenders on this list, he deserves a spot on the Avengers squad.

  • Another reformed Thunderbolt. He seems perfect for Avengers status as the high flying MACH V.

  • He used an Iron Man suit once. Giving him a new suit supplied by Tony could make Happy quite the Avenger.

  • A Defender that needs to be upgraded.

  • Ally of the Avengers that should become one of them.

  • She sacrificed herself for Spidey. I know it seems like a heroic thing to do and she should stay dead, but I have a feeling she survived. She is a spy and Black Widow wouldn't have gone down like that.

  • He should join. He is a cool character and has crazy powers.

  • I'm not very familiar with her, but I think she is a member of the Initiative. Didn't Tony pick all of the recruits? So, he knows she is out there and is a potential.

  • Heroic character who suffered an untimely and brutal demise. She would of been great as an Avenger.

  • The coolest Spider Woman. In my opinion, she is more heroic than Spidey himself.

  • Powerful character who should expand from just a Canadian man woman.

  • He just looks intimidating, something the Avengers lack.

  • She died. RIP big time.

  • Another Initiative, right? Also, she is a mutant, meaning she could join the Unity Squad.

  • Initiative, again. He is a potential.

  • Don't know about her, really. But she looks cool.

  • Hahaha. Astronaut Uranian reporting for Avengers duty.

  • Maybe, just she wouldn't be able to work out of Canada.

  • The Avengers don't have many homosexual characters on their roster (Living Lightning, Moondragon, anyone else you can think of?). He is such an important figure to LGBT people and deserves the respect of the Avengers fans.

  • She'd make for a great part of the Avengers. Twin to Northstar, struggling with her multiple personality, and her uncertainness with the current problems occurring with mutants.

  • He should be upgraded from a school teacher to a soldier. He is better than some of the actual members.

  • He seems cooler as an anti hero than a villain. I want him to be a dark Avenger (not the actual Dark Avengers).

  • He is so powerful and seems mature enough to become a newby Avenger.

  • Like Striker, Hazmat is extremely powerful. She could be a new Scarlet Witch, just with a power twist.

  • She is one of my favorite characters. She has boss powers, as well as the spunk that an Avenger should have. It would be interesting to see how she would be as an Avengers.


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Nice list here man. While I disagree with some choices, I still like this list. There are many characters who deserve a spot among Earth's Mightiest Heroes.