My Amalgam Universe

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  • Amalgamated With: Marvel Comics

    Known As: Amalgam Universe

  • Amalgamated With: Captain America's Allies

    Team Name: Captain Bat Inc.

    Members: Captain Bat, Night Soldier, Dream Girl, Hooded Agent, Red Patriot, Spirit, Campaigner, American Son, Carrie Barnes, Bullseye, Torch Bearer, American Bat X, Black Bat I & II, Crow I & II, American Bat, and Brit Bat.

    Bio: Founded by Steve Wayne after started as a superhero. It is made up of Captain Bat's friends and allies.

  • Amalgamated With: Captain America

    Codename: Captain Bat

    Real Name: Steve Rogers

    Teams: Avenging League, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Born prior to World War II, Steve Wayne was born to wealthy parents, Joseph Wayne and Sarah Kane, who both died from pneumonia when Steve was very young. Taken to an orphanage, Steve was adopted by Alfred Jarvis, who raised the young boy as his own son. One day, Steve fell into Alfred's backyard well, finding a lab full of computers monitoring heroic activity. Steve never spoke of the ordeal, later listing into the army, something Alfred disproved of. When Steve was discharged after being too meek to serve, he went back to explore Alfred's lab, accidentally activating a device that was a invention of Alfred's, a time machine. Steve was thrown into the future of the modern day world, astounded by the changes and end of the war. After forming a secret identity to live amongst the people as a philanthropist, Steve found out a shocking piece of knowledge; his parents had not died of pneumonia, instead they had been murdered by an unknown killer. Driven by grief, Steve donned a costume that he fashioned after one of the heroics from the war, American Bat. Using this as his identity, Steve became a vigilante, serving the public in the name of justice. During a mission involving drug dealers, American Bat encountered six other heroes, all involved in the same case. After fighting the dealers and removing drugs from the public, the seven heroes decided to band together as the Avenging League!

  • Amalgamated With: Bucky Barnes

    Codename: Night Soldier, formerly Blackhawk, Eagle

    Real Name: Richard "Buck" Barnes

    Teams: Avenging League, Captain Bat Inc, Young Titans, Titans Academy

    Bio: Raised by single mother, who was an acrobat, his father having been killed in war, Buck supported his mother and him, as well as joining her acrobatic group. His mother eventually retire from acrobatics after a man sexually assaulted her in the ring. This drove Buck to become extremely angry, but was inspired by Captain Bat, donning his own costume to bring justice to his mother. Eagle attempted to brutally murder his mother's rapist, but was stopped by Captain Bat, as well as taken under his wing. They bonded quickly and became partners in crime, until Buck joined the Young Titans as Blackhawk, leading a united tema sidekicks and young heroes, and Steve took in Jason Walker as his new sidekick. Buck eventually grew to old for the Young Titans, instead joining Titans Academy, where he developed a new identity; Night Soldier. After graduated, Buck became a full fledged Avenging League member, as well as a solo hero, separating from Captain Bat with equal agreement.

  • Amalgamated With: American Dream

    Codename: Dream Girl

    Real Name: Shannon Gordon

    Teams: Avenging League, Captain Bat Inc, the Sisterhood

    Bio: Born to SHIELD commanding officer Nicholas Gordon, Shannon always loved superheroes, something her father did not. Shannon eventually encountered Captain Bat being chased by Killer Beetle. She followed him back to his hidden Bat-Brig, where she witnessed him being attacked by Killer Beetle. Worrying for his safety, Shannon donned one of Steve's spare costumes and helped him beat the super villain. Steve allowed Shannon to keep the costume, which she adjusted and used to continued her super heroic career. She joined up with Captain Bat Inc, struck up a friendship with Eagle, and eventually joined the Avenging League. All seemed amazing to Shannon, until she was shot by White Skull which benched her from the life of a hero. Shannon, knowing she could still help out, started the Sisterhood, a group of female heroes fighting villains. Shannon also replaced herself with Spirit while she recovered.

  • Amalgamated With: USAgent

    Codename: Hooded Agent, formerly Eagle II

    Real Name: Jason Walker

    Teams: Thunderbolt Squad, formerly Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: After his parents are killed in a home fire, Jason blames Captain Bat for not saving them. He sets out to find and kill Steve, but is stopped by Dream Girl and Blackhawk (Night Soldier). Steve takes in Jason as his son and as the new Eagle, but the happiness is quickly ended, as Jason is kidnapped by D.R.A.G.O.N. and killed by the leader, White Skull. Jason is then resurrected as D.R.A.G.O.N. agent and sent to kill Captain Bat. Steve convinces Jason not to, but Jason goes rogue and becomes a small time criminal. Feeling guilty about Jason, Steve enlists his former sidekick into the Thunderbolt Squad, in hopes of him reforming.

  • Amalgamated With: Patriot

    Codename: Red Patriot, formerly Eagle III

    Real Name: Eli Drake

    Teams: Young Titans, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Born to a mother who quickly divorced her husband after giving birth, Eli's father was killed by a minor supervillain. His mother remarried and gave Eli up for adoption. Instead, Eli's grandfather took him in and raised him as best as he could. His grandfather developed Alzheimer's and was forced to go to a treatment center. Eli became homeless and was found by Captain Bat, who adopted Eli as his own child. Eli then joined Captain Bat Inc. as his sidekick Eagle, the third incarnation after James and Jason. Eli was placed into the Young Titans, eventually became one of the leaders of the team. Eli also became an ally of the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: Free Spirit

    Codename: Spirit

    Real Name: Catherine Cain

    Teams: Young Titans, Sisterhood, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: A shy, young Asian-American girl who never knew her birth parents, Catherine rarely speaks, having done so ever since she was a little girl. One day, when walking home from school, Catherine was mugged by a unknown assailant. Before the mugger could inflict any more pain, Catherine was saved by Captain Bat, who vigilantly left after. This encounter caused Catherine to throw herself into the life of a vigilante. She joined Captain Bat Inc. after being recruited by the injured Dream Girl. She was also placed into Young Titans by Steve, as he thought it would help benefit her social capabilities. Unknown to her, Catherine's mother is Lady Shado, one of the world's greatest fighters.

  • Amalgamated With: Crusader

    Codename: Campaigner

    Real Name: Sarah Brown

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Daughter of the criminal Evidence Master, Sarah despised her father's choices, choosing instead to explore a career as a superhero as Campaigner. Sarah joined forces with Captain Bat, fighting against her father with a small bit of remorse. After Eli, the third Eagle, left Captain Bat to join the Young Titans, Sarah took up the mantel as the fourth Eagle. Sarah eventually blossomed into the second Dream Girl, working for the injured Shannon Gordon.

  • Amalgamated With: James Rogers

    Codename: American Son

    Real Name: James Wayne

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc, Young Titans

    Bio: The son of Captain Bat and Sofia al Ghul, James was raised by his father after his mother began leading his grandfather, Viktor al Ghul's, army of warriors in the Handful of Assassins. Steve instructed James in many forms of martial arts, which James adjusted to quickly. Watching his older adoptive siblings train to become vigilantes, James quickly developed a liking for heroic activities. James training eventually payed off, as his father offered him the position of the fifth Eagle. James joined his father in Captain Bat Inc. as well as side serving a membership with the Young Titans.

  • Amalgamated With: Rikki Barnes

    Codename: Eagle VI

    Real Name: Carrie Barnes

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Hailing from another dimension, Carrie was this universes Eagle, although her Captain Bat was a woman. When her superhero mentor was killed in a fight, Carrie attempted to seek justice upon the death of her friend. When searching through Captain Bat's mansion, Carrie fell through the time travel system accidentally used by Captain Bat. The machine malfunctioned though, causing Carrie to be thrown into the mainstream universe. Carrie came into contact with the current Eagle, James, who fought her, believing her to be a super villainess. The fight was quickly resolved through verbal agreement and James took Carrie back to Captain Bat. Carrie began to work with them, just to a lesser extent of her former career, as she did not wish for another superhero to be killed and be so attached to them.

  • Amalgamated With: Jackpot

    Codename: Bullseye

    Real Name: Helena Ehret

    Teams: Avenging League, Captain Bat Inc, Sisterhood

    Bio: Born into a mafia family, Helena hated her family, instead wishing to become a teacher at a nearby school. Helena's father forced her into prostitution and drug use. This caused Helena extreme trauma, as well as getting her addicted to drugs such as cocaine and meth. Helena was forced to give up her dream of becoming a teacher, instead becoming an assassin, attempting to get ride of all of the mobsters in the mafia. Helena's first mission was to assassinate a mobster that had left Italy and moved to America. Helena was stopped by Captain Bat and Blue Spider from the assassination, eventually joining up with the Avenging League and became one of the most powerful members of Captain Bat Inc. Helena sought rehabilitation and went to a center to be cured of her addictions. Cured, Helena created a new life for herself, helping other women struggling with addiction. This cause was brought to the attention of Shannon Gordon, who recruited Helena into the Sisterhood. Helena now serves as a role model to women and superheroes alike.

  • Amalgamated With: Liberty Girl

    Codename: Liberty Bat

    Real Name: Katherine Kane

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Katherine Kane was the child of two billionaire parents whom cared for her deeply. Katherine wasn't self-centered like many rich children, instead choosing to make her own money and spend it on others. Her parents eventually lost their money in a business corruption, retaining a lot more than enough for a fairly rich family. Although Katherine was slightly depressed over the financial problems her parents experienced, she managed to stay upbeat, becoming somewhat of an American sweetheart, wearing buttoned-down shirts and jean shorts and being the popular girl in her school for her brains, beauty, and body. She attended Alabama University, where she majored in physics. Her extraordinary knowledge of the subject spawned an opportunity to move to New Gotham and work in their labs. Katherine jumped at the opportunity, but her parents warned of the dangerous business corporations in the city, revealing to her the reasoning for their loss of money. They had been scammed by New Gotham mafias and gangs, something Katherine found appalling. She followed in the lead of the local hero, American Bat, and began to take down the gangs one gang at a time. She is considered one of American Bat's greatest supporters, as well as one of the few considered as his equal.

  • Amalgamated With: Vagabond

    Codename: Torch-Bearer

    Real Name: Priscilla "Cici" Kane

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc, Young Titans

    Bio: Cici is a young, school girl who admires heroes such as Captain Bat and Night Soldier. Cici fashioned her own costume, protecting a local mall from any occurrences. Growing tired of the simple guardianship, Torch-Bearer contacted Dream Girl, who enlisted her into Captain Bat Inc. The thrill of fighting side by side with her favorite heroes proved to be to much for Cici, so Dream Girl converted her into the Young Titans. There, she learned to master her skills in super heroics and is working hard to become a great superheroine.

  • Amalgamated With: Captain America X

    Codename: Captain Bat X

    Real Name: Unknown, known as Terry


    Bio: Born in the distant future, the man known as Terry serves as a successor to his inspiration, Captain Bat, in Avenging League Eternity. Having found the machine that sent Steve into the future, Terry used it to travel back to the past, assisting Captain Bat in service. Shortly after joining Captain Bat Inc. though, Terry was killed by Baron Two-Face, who mistook him for the real Captain Bat.

  • Amalgamated With: Isaiah Bradley

    Codename: Black Bat

    Real Name: Paul Bradley

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Grandfather of Eli Drake, Paul Bradley is a former war veteran, now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He became the African American second version of American Bat during the war, serving the longest serve as a replacement, even though his skin color was discriminated against by the public. Paul grew tired of the abuse, eventually donning his own costume of the Black Bat. Reinventing himself, Paul become more aggressive, causing a mixture of confusement in the public's eyes. Working until the modern day, even after adopting Eli, Paul began to suffer from Alzheimer's. Finding it best to seek help, Paul checked himself into a correctional facility, leaving Eli and his costumed career behind.

  • Amalgamated With: Josiah X

    Codename: Black Bat II

    Real Name: Michael Bradley

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: The son of the original Black Bat, Michael is also the uncle of Eli. Secretly told by Paul to watch over his nephew without his knowledge, Michael is an ally of Captain Bat, who is in on the situation. Even though, Steve has taken guardianship of Eli, Michael still feels obligated to protect him.

  • Amalgamated With: Falcon

    Codename: Crow

    Real Name: Samuel Sage

    Teams: NGPD, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: A police officer in New Gotham Police Department, Sage leads a double life as Crow, a superhero similar to Captain Bat, one of his close allies. He wears a mask on his face in the shape of a bird that creates an almost endless appearance. Vic became quite ill, traveling to Tibet to cure his illness, assigning his partner his position and his mask.

  • Amalgamated With: Samantha Wilson

    Codename: Crow II

    Real Name: Samantha Montoya

    Teams: NGPD, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Partner of police officer Samuel Sage, Montoya was given his position after he became ill, as well as sent his secret identity. Acting as his successor, Samantha suited up and began to take down cases before the public was familiarized with them. This made her a favorite in the eyes of the public, who deemed her a superheroine. She currently serves as a detective, a vigilante, and a member of Captain Bat Inc.

  • Amalgamated With: Spirit of '76

    Codename: American Bat

    Real Name: William Grant

    Teams: Society of Invaders, Captain Bat Inc, Young Titans, Titans Academy

    Bio: Born about a decade after Steve Wayne, William was about seven when Steve disappeared, making him in some perspective older than Steve. Growing up, William's family moved to Philadelphia when he was ten, where William began to take wrestling lessons. After years of wrestling, William became a professional wrestler using the name Cat Claws. His career, although successful, was cut short when he was offered a government position. William joined, recruited as a super soldier and drafted into the war under the moniker of American Bat. He served for years aside of a group of superheroes, the Society of Invaders, serving with them into the modern day. William eventually retired, but still helps occasionally with Captain Bat Inc. as well as Young Titans and Titans Academy.

  • Amalgamated With: Captain Britain

    Codename: Sir Britain

    Real Name: Cyril Braddock

    Teams: Team Britain, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Born as the prince and successor to the throne of England, Cyril was the perfect son, good at sports, well educated, and successful. Cyril began to understand many of the corruptions in government, becoming the hero Sir Britain. Fighting crime in England, Sir Britain became recognized thought the world by civilians and costumed men and women alike. Sir Britain has traveled to America on many instances, but primarily functions in England with his sidekick, Britain Lass, serving as a member of Captain Bat Inc.

  • Amalgamated With: Lionheart

    Codename: Britain Lass

    Real Name: Kelsey Hutchinson

    Teams: Team Britain, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Kelsey Hutchinson was born in a small village in Yorkshire in Great Britain. She was always an outgoing young girl, enjoying living on the wild side. One day, Kelsey and her friends ventured to London to rob a bank. Once there, her friends brandished guns, causing Kelsey extreme stress and confusion. She had never thought that they were actually robbing a bank, which made her frightened by her friends. They were stopped by the superhero Captain Britain, whom Kelsey assisted in catching her friends, who had attempted to escape from them. Sir Britain saw potential in Kelsey, taking her under his wing as his own apprentice as Britain Lass. She fights alongside him as the crime-fighting team Team Britain. She also assists Captain Bat alongside her mentor.

  • Amalgamated With: Black Panther

    Codename: Panther

    Real Name: Benjamin Turner, formerly T'Challa

    Teams: Avenging League, Thunderbolt Squad, Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Born into an African royal family, Ben left and traveled to the United States when he was very young, adopted by a New Gotham family. Learning of his father's death, Ben traveled back to his home country, becoming the new king. Keeping his father's martial artistry talents and super heroic life, Ben continued to serve the Panther legacy. Traveling back to the United States to inform his family, Ben joined up with the Avenging League, helping against many superheroes. Knowing his country needed him, Ben returned to his country leaving his allies in the Avenging League and Captain Bat Inc. Years later, Panther returned, accidentally killing a criminal, forcing him to submit to joining the Thunderbolt Squad.

  • Amalgamated With: Colonel Abdul al-Rahman

    Codename: Colonel Owl

    Real Name: Bruce Rogers

    Teams: Vengeance Syndicate

    Bio: In the Vengeance Syndicate, an alternate reality version of the Avenging League, Colonel Owl is the alternate Captain Bat. Born to poor parents that died of starvation, Bruce was brought into an abusive adoptive home. Messing with his viewing of the world, Bruce became angry, killing his adoptive parents and adopting the moniker Colonel Owl. Joining with the Vengeance Syndicate, Colonel Owl later traveled to the mainstream universe, where he faced the alternate reality version of himself, Captain Bat. Captain Bat was forced to kill Colonel Owl, after he attempted to kill Red Patriot, as Bruce had killed his realities version of Eagle.

  • Amalgamated With: Moon Knight

    Codename: Ghost

    Real Name: Marc Allen

    Teams: Outside Heroes

    Bio: Living up to his name, Marc was a forgettable and quiet boy growing up, never fitting in or standing out. Once an adult, Marc was possessed by a spirit god. Joining up with the Outside Heroes, Marc serves with other heroes in stopping Justice in a darker way than the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: (Suggestions?)


    Real Name:



  • Amalgamated With: Beetle (Abner Jenkins)

    Codename: Stinger II

    Real Name: Abner Rose

    Teams: Court of X, Thunderbolt Squad

    Bio: Abner was born to a line of killers. His family all were part of the Court of X, a group of genetically modified assassins. Talon was subjected to many tests, but escaped the harmful grasp of his so called family. He started a new life on the run from the organization, instead choosing to join the Thunderbolt Squad, where he chose to go to confess to all of his crimes and join the team.

  • Amalgamated With: Edwin Jarvis

    Codename: The Butler

    Real Name: Alfred Jarvis

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc.

    Bio: Edwin Jarvis is a man of great care and wisdom. Born in the early twentieth century, Jarvis joined the military at a young age. He served his country for many years, retiring in his early forties. After returning home, Jarvis became aware of the deaths of famous socialites Joseph Wayne and Sarah Kane, who he knew quite well. Deeply saddened by the potential their son would have, he decided to adopt the grieving boy, taking him in as if he were actually his son. What Steve didn't know about Alfred was his love and devotion to superheroes. Jarvis kept a computer monitor of superheroic activities in a secret passage under his well. One day, Steve tumbled down the well and discovered the monitors, deeply intriguing the boy. This fall might have encouraged Steve to enlist himself in the army, something Alfred thought was extremely incorrect of Steve to do. Jarvis waited for Steve to return to their shared household, which did happen, just not as long as Alfred hoped. Steve disappeared one afternoon, something Alfred felt entirely responsible for. But just as Steve had left, his old army enemy returned. Jack Schmidt, otherwise known as White Skull, invading Alfred's home, leaving him injured and traumatized. Alfred grew into old age, retiring from running the Wayne's business which they had entrusted to him after their death just into to hear of his former adopted son returning, but was astounding to hear of his youthfulness. Alfred sadly passed away, but not without leaving Steve with strong enforcement.

  • Amalgamated With: Nick Fury


    Real Name: Nicholas Gordon

    Teams: NGPD

    Bio: Nicholas "Nick" Gordon is a highly respected, decorated officer in the NGPD, where he is the captain, as well as the leading police man. Working alongside the superheroes in his community, such as American Bat, Bullseye, and his niece Dream Girl, he also serves on the government team SHIELD. He is one of Dream Girl's major supporting characters, as well as a father to her, due to her parents (Nick's sister) early deaths. His works are often questioned by others, but his system works well and efficiently.

  • Amalgamated With: Connie Ferrari


    Real Name: Jezebel Ferrari


    Bio: Jezebel was born to rich parents, which gave her many great opportunities in life. Becoming a model after she graduated school, Jezebel met Steve Wayne, who took quite a liking to her. They both attracted to each other, which lead to a romantic relationship. Jezebel then discovered Steve's activities as Captain Bat, opting her to break off the relationship. Jezebel moved to California to get away from the drama in her life, but was visited by Steve, who apologized for holding information from her. They reconciled, restarted their relationship, which currently stands.

  • Amalgamated With: Red Skull

    Codename: White Skull

    Real Name: Jack Schmidt

    Teams: Captain Bat Enemies

    Bio: Born to a family of Nazi's, Jack never believed in the ideals subjected to him. His father often questioned him on this, abusing him for his disbelief. This caused Jack's mother to submit him to working at the local power plant, where he could think of his choices without the harmfulness of his father. Jack willingly left his family to work there, working at the power plant for a few years. When about to leave because of disputes between him and Nazi-supporting workers, Jack was attacked by a man working there who believed Jack was supporting the Americans. Jack was pushed into a chemical tank, which caused his skin to melt off of his face, leaving him with the appearance of a skeleton. Jack also acquired red eyes, no hair, and permanent brain damage, which changed his perspective on the war. Calling himself the White Skull, Jack killed the man who attacked him, as well as returning home and murdering his family. The Nazi, who deemed White Skull their best soldier, sent him into war, where he battled the young army recruit Steve Wayne. Steve escaped the war, being discharged and accidentally sent into the future. But Jack left the war with a feeling of vengeance. Steve had shot Jack, which left a scar across his forehead. This caused Jack to fall completely off the scale, killing men American and Nazi alike. The Nazi's decided to send him away, capturing him and tossing him into the ocean. Jack miraculously survived and washed up on the shores of America. Jack became obsessed with Steve Wayne, searching through his records to find and kill the young man. Jack discovered Alfred Jarvis, whose house he invaded, gravely injuring Alfred, as well as discovering his laboratory. Using the same device Steve did, Jack sent himself into the future. Now, in the modern age, Jack has a target on the back off the man known as American Bat, as well as the bragging rights of being his greatest enemy.

  • Amalgamated With: Baron Zemo

    Codename: Baron Two-Face

    Real Name: Baron Helmut Dent

    Teams: Captain Bat's Enemies

    Bio: Baron Helmut Dent was originally a baron of Germany. Growing tired of the good reputation he held, so he exhumed his position and become part of the criminal organization POISON as second-in-command. Lead by White Skull, the business was an organization how ran amok with corruption and dishevelment. Seeking even more evil to be put into the world, the baron ran for candidacy in the mayoral elections in New Gotham. He won the election, only because of his gangs terrorizing voters. During a town meeting, Dent attempted to scare others by wearing mask that looked like his DC side of him. His opponent got to the mask first, sabotaging him by glueing the mask. The mask became permanently stuck to his face. Using the name Baron Two-Face, Dent became a criminal known widely as a major enemy of Captain Bat.

  • Amalgamated With: Diamondback

    Codename: Diamond Cat

    Real Name: Rachel Kyle

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc, formerly Captain Bat's Enemies, BAD Sirens, Sisterhood

    Bio: Raised by a single, criminal father, Rachel grew up with a bad thought in her head. Her father dropped her out of school at a young age, choosing instead to teach her in the art of thievery. Rachel took a liking to two things during robberies; cats and diamonds. Her father dubbed her as Diamond Cat, making sure that she had an identity to protect herself from the police. During one of their robberies, in which Rachel's father was intoxicated, the police kidnapped him, forcing Rachel to escape and live a life of solo criminality. She became a felon, stealing many valuable gems, as well as cats. Her activities are exposed to the eyes of Captain Bat, who intercepts the thief. Diamond Cat, having fallen in love with him, joins his cause, as well as the Sisterhood, where she befriends Melody.

  • Amalgamated With: Asp

    Codename: Garden Snake

    Real Name: Cleo Isley

    Teams: Captain Bat Inc, BAD Sirens

    Bio: Cleo Isley came from an Egyptian family. They emigrated to America when Cleo was a young girl due to the country having extremely dangerous situations occurring. They moved to New Gotham, where her father became a professor in botany, but his career was ended when a petty criminal murdered him. Cleo's family was destroyed by the death. Her mother became a prostitute, which left Cleo and her two sisters deeply broken. Cleo moved passed her mother's mistakes and received a bachelors degree in botany, which she chose as her field following in the footsteps of her father. Her two sisters were sold into prostitution, both being killed by their pimps. Cleo, now the only one left in her family, exceeded in her career, but like her father, her research would end shortly. A snake experimented on by scientists in the college her lab was at escaped and bit Cleo. Thinking one of her plants was capable of saving her life, Cleo exposed herself to the plant, which mixed with her blood flow, giving her super powers. But her blood wasn't the only thing that was altered. Her brain received a small portion of the venom of the snake. It caused her personality to change to the extreme. The shy, conservative young women became an extremely outgoing, vixen-like devil. Her plant-like powers allowed her to cause extreme mayhem, until her crimes were stopped by Captain Bat. But Cleo, better known as Garden Snake, had a special talent. She is extremely sly and has escaped many situations, making her a hard target to bring in.

  • Amalgamated With: Crossbones

    Codename: Omertà

    Real Name: Brock Elliot

    Teams: POISON

    Bio: Brock Elliot was an old friend of Steve Wayne, but always secretly hated him. Their parents were good friends as well, so when Steve's parents were killed, they offered to become his caregiver. The role was ultimately given to Alfred Jarvis, who took the orphaned boy in. Brock plotted to kill his former friend, but accidentally killed his parents instead. This caused Brock to become extremely isolated, so when Steve joined the army, Brock joined forces with the Nazis. Elliot worked as a sniper in the war, working alongside men such as Jack Schmidt. Brock escaped the war, mysteriously disappearing for many years. Brock resurfaced in the modern age, killing innocent, patriotic Americans and supporters of Steve Wayne as the gangster-like criminal Omertà. This came to the attention of not only Steve Wayne, but his alter ego, American Bat. The two became enemies, with Brock escaping all of Steve's attempts of incarcerating him, which makes Brock one of American Bat's greatest adversaries of all time.

  • Amalgamated With: Lizard

    Codename: Killer Lizard

    Real Name: Dr. Waylon Connors

    Teams: Captain Bat's Enemies

    Bio: Dr. Waylon Connors, a.k.a. Killer Lizard is a self-experiment gone wrong. Coming from an abusive home during his childhood, Waylon grew up isolated and alone. Developing an interest in chemical sciences, Waylon graduated top of his class in his field. During a visit to the Glades, Waylon's arm was bitten off while swimming in a lake. Researching the chemical make-up of lizards, Waylon became inspired by their regrowth abilities, using them to replace his missing limb. Waylon built a machine, which formed lizard's chemicals and blasted them into the testing subject. Applying them to himself, Waylon regrew his arm, but his satisfaction would be short-lived. The serum connected to his brain, which cause extreme mental illness, as well as a transition into that of a reptilian human. Moving to New Gotham and dubbed "Killer Lizard", Waylon retreated into the sewers. Living under the city, Waylon is now a major enemy of Captain Bat.

  • Amalgamated With: Spider Man

    Codename: Super Spider

    Real Name: Clark Parker

    Teams: Avenging League, Planet Bugle, formerly Legion of X-Men

    Bio: Clark Parker was born to two SHIELD operators who were killed during an undercover mission. This forced Clark to be adopted by his uncle and aunt in Smallville. Moving in with them, Clark began to exhibit superhuman powers, such as flight and web-shooting. Sent to school by his uncle, who wished for him to get an education. Bonding with friends such as Lizzy Lane, Clark started a relationship with his former neighbor, Mary Lane. They all attended college in the big city of Metropolis City. Clark became a rude and egotistical young man, which Uncle John discovered when he visited his son/nephew. This caused a dispute between the two, with Clark flying away. John followed him downtown, but experienced a heart attack while running. Clark was stopped dead in his tracks, horrified by what he had caused. This changed Clark's attitude, as he believed he could never make up for his mistakes. Clark decided he would value his education and try his hardest in school. Clark became the top of his class in journalism and joined the Planet Bugle after graduating. He also started up his career as a superhero, which has caused the creation of the Avenging League. Prior to the Avenging League, Clark also was a member of rhe group, Legion of the X-Men. He is still on good terms with his aunt, has great friends, and, although not living with each other any more, Clark and Mary are married, but are "taking a break."

  • Amalgamated With: Spider Woman

    Codename: Power Spider

    Real Name: Jessica Starr

    Teams: Avenging League, Society of Invaders II

    Bio: Cousin to Clark Parker, Jessica Star was born in England. Growing up in London, Jessica's father, who was the brother of Jordan Parker, was a scientist. Experimenting with Clark's genes and Jessica's, Jessica was accidentally interrupted with Clark's genes. This gave Jessica super powers, which caused a new superheroine to join the ranks of others like her cousin. Joining the Avenging League, Jessica became one of the most powerful members and one of its several leaders. She also joined the Society of Invaders, serving as the chairperson of the team.

  • Amalgamated With: Bluebird

    Codename: Loverbird

    Real Name: Dana Avril


    Bio: Dana Avril was born in the estate home of her rich parents, who adored her in every way. She had them under her spell from the moment she could speak, inheriting someone of the stereotypical categorizations of young rich children. Dana was known as the popular girl in her private girls academy, mainly because she had the highest social and economical status. Dana only realized how selfish and self-centered she was until after her middle school years, which she discovered with the help of noticing her obnoxious friends and how similar they were to her. This caused her to develop severe depression, which she later conquered in her early adult years. Dana moved away from her luxury life to live in Metropolis City, where she met and fell madly in love with Clark Parker. The only problem with the relationship was his marriage to Mary Lane. Clark told her he would never be unfaithful, bidding her farewell. This left Dana broken-hearted and jealous of Mary, who she deeply despised until later years. Her depression reached its lowest point after being rejected, choosing to end her own life by jumping off of the Empire State Building. She was fortunately saved by none other than Super Spider, the superhero alias of Clark Parker, who hastily left upon rescuing her. Dana stopped admiring Clark from then on, instead harboring a crush on Super Spider, going so far as to redo the experiment of using the spider venom to cause powers. She did acquire superhuman abilities, fashioning her own costume to become the sidekick of Super Spider. They worked together for a short time, until Clark discovered that Dana was Loverbird. He forced her to retire from her superhero career, but told her that he did love her. Taking the words from her hero to heart, Dana decided that Clark was best off with Mary instead of her, but they still remained good friends. Dana sadly died saving Clark from the alien warlord Stampede, but Clark still thinks of her every day.

  • Amalgamated With: Mary Jane Watson


    Real Name: Mary Lane

    Teams: Planet Bugle

    Bio: Mary Lane was born into a military family. Her parents thought that life wasn't what she should have, instead sending her to her aunt. Her aunt lived in Metropolis City, which gave Mary amazing opportunities, such as the ability to attend Empire State University as her college. There, she meant her future husband, Clark Parker. They quickly became best friends, then lovers. Mary ventured into a career of acting, becoming a Broadway phenomenon, but chose journalism as her official profession, becoming a side actress. Mary married Clark, but their marriage was short lived. Clark and Mary grew apart, with Mary feeling they needed time for each of their careers to begin, as well as her suspicions during his sudden needs to leave places.

  • Amalgamated With: J. Jonah Jameson


    Real Name: P.W. Jameson

    Teams: Planet Bugle

    Bio: P.W. Jameson was born in New Metropolis to an alcoholic, unemployed father and a newspaper editor mother. His mother was killed by his father eventually, leaving P.W. to be taken away by child protection services. This caused him to grow up with points of views must people do not acquire, making him a pessimist in the eyes of the people around him. P.W. did not care about his social status, instead choosing to work extremely hard to achieve his life long goal; to become a news paper editor like his mother. He did succeed in his goal, but P.W. went farther in his career than his mother. He founded the Planet Bugle, which he is the editor and publisher of. He also has many employees working for him, including Clark Parker, Mary Lane, and Betty Grant.

  • Amalgamated With: Betty Brant


    Real Name: Betty Grant

    Teams: Planet Bugle

    Bio: Betty Grant never really stood out as a young girl. She was never the prettiest girl, she never had the most boyfriends, and she didn't have a lot of friends. Although not disliked, she never did fit into the crowd she was introduced to. This caused her to move to New Metropolis, where she started taking college courses on writing. Amazingly, Betty had great skill for writing. She was even accepted into the finest literary school in New Metropolis, a feat not easily accomplished for someone of no prior writing endeavors. Her talents drew the attention of many newspapers, including the Planet Bugle, which she chose as her workplace. Betty became good friends with the editor and owner, P.W. Jameson, forming somewhat of a father daughter relationship. She also became best friends with Mary Lane, as well as befriending her boyfriend/fiancée Clark Parker.

  • Amalgamated With: Norman Osborn

    Codename: Goblin

    Real Name: Norman Luthor

    Teams: Revenging League

    Bio: A powerful business owner, Norman Luthor owns Luthorcorp, an non-profitable organization that benefits his activities. They run by producing chemicals in their specialized labs and selling them to doctors and chemists around the world. Painted as the "public's man", Norman is actually a back-stabbing, corrupt businessman and gang lord. He acts as Goblin, goblin suited villain that terrorizes Metropolis City. Norman was often stopped by Super Spider and the Avenging League, so he started the super-villain team of the Revenging League, an organization based off of the heroes of the Avenging League. He poses one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies of society, but his identity is not known, making him even more dangerous.

  • Amalgamated With: Arachne

    Codename: Super Spider III

    Real Name: Julia Lane

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Julia Lane, sister of Mary Lane, was born into a military family. The two sisters grew up as each others best friends. Their father was a commanding officer, meaning they had to move often. This kept them from obtaining any actual friends. This lasted until their mid-teenaged years, when their parents sought the life of a city girl for Mary. Leaving Julia alone and distraught, Mary often wrote letters to her best friend. Julia left her parents in their military camp, after becoming quite the tomboy. She ventured to Canada, meeting her boyfriend and starting a new life with him. After about a year, Julia decided to visit her sister in Metropolis City, where she had attended college and became an overnight sensation on Broadway. Julia and Mary reconnected, further bonding, even after Julia returned to Canada. But her friendship wasn't all that Julia retained upon returning. Julia had met Mary's boyfriend Clark, who unintentionally caused Julia to become a super powered person. She became interested in the career of Super Spider, as she had figured out that Clark was the high-flying web-slinger through careful investigation. Inspired by her sister's husband, Julia became Super Spider II, working alongside her kin to prevent criminal activity. Julia, unfortunately, was forced to quit her career as a superheroine, but not under bad conditions. She and her boyfriend were expecting their first child.

  • Amalgamated With: Thor

    Codename: Goddess

    Real Name: Thoriana

    Teams: Avenging League, Asgardazonians

    Bio: Thoriana is the goddess-princess of Themasgard, the haven of the gods known as the Amazardians. Growing up with countless of other god-children, Thoriana ultimately proved she was the strongest and most powerful of them all. Thoriana sought to met the men and women of the human race. Her father, Hippolytus, the leader of the Amazardians, was against her decision, but ultimately agreed to let her stay in the human world. Once there, Thoriana made up an alias for herself to protect her divine identity. Choosing the name Dr. Diana Blake, Thoriana embarked on an adventure to keep humanity out of harms way. While working as a doctor, Thoriana met Steve Foster, a nurse, as well as an army veteran and government agent. Thoriana fell in love with him, which further enhanced her feelings for the people of Earth. Thoriana also founded the Avenging League alongside American Bat, Super Spider, Mercury, Emerald Star, Mariner, and Martian Manhunter.

  • Amalgamated With: Quicksilver

    Codename: Mercury

    Real Name: Barry Maximoff

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Bio: Born to the villain Dr. Magneto, Barry was born in the unknown mountains, long rumored to be mystically enchanted. Barry and his sister, Zatana, were raised by a gypsy mother who practiced witchcraft and an American stage performer who was convicted for murder and died in jail. Zatanna was favored by their mother, who taught her in the art of magic. Barry was very protective of her, so when their mother died of a heart attack, Barry brought the two to America. Once there, they joined their father in a life of crime. After fighting with Legion of the Brotherhood, Zatanna and Barry decided to pursue different directions in their life, Zatanna as a stage performer like her foster father, Barry a police officer. The two became estranged, until meeting again as members of the Avenging League. Barry's superhero career didn't stop there, having taken in his nephew Thomas West as his sidekick, Kid Mercury. His superheroic career, although successful and effective, was ended when he was depowered and sucked into the void that had taken away his powers. His title is now being used by Thomas as his continued legacy.

  • Amalgamated With: Speed

    Codename: Mercury II, formerly Kid Mercury

    Real Name: Thomas West

    Teams: Young Titans, Avenging League

    Bio: Born to kind parents, Thomas always enjoyed others, specifically his aunt, Iris. Once Iris became engaged to Barry Maximoff, a European man of mystique and suaveness, Thomas became almost like a son to the two. Thomas and Barry bonded instantaneously, Barry even telling Thomas of his super heroic activities as Mercury. Thomas became Mercury's biggest fan, admiring and wishing he could be like him. Thomas eventually did get his wish. Thomas was revealed to be a mutant, like Barry, and developed powers of super speed, also like Barry. Thomas became Barry's partner and adopted the moniker of Kid Mercury. Together, they took on super villains and became fan favorites in the eyes of the public. Although it seemed like the perfect partnership, Thomas wasn't trained, something that made him difficult to work with. Barry decided to put Thomas into the Young Titans, a team of underaged super heroes. Thomas became best friends with his teammates, as well as more experienced in the field of battle. Sadly, Barry was depowered and thrust into the void that took away his powers. Deeply saddened by the loss of his hero, Thomas took the name Mercury and joined his former teacher's beloved team, the Avenging League. While on the team, Thomas continued the legacy of the great man he admired so.

  • Amalgamated With: Icemaster

    Codename: Captain Ice

    Real Name: Bradley Snart

    Teams: Mercury's Rogues

    Bio: Bradley Snart was a nerdy kid growing up. He was made fun of and ridiculed by his fellow neighborhood children. They bullied him, chased him around, and beat him up a few times. Bradley's parents kept him inside until he needed to attend college. Once there, the picking ons continued, causing Bradley to kill one of his classmates. Bradley had created a virus-like substance that he used on himself to bestow himself with superpowers. Snart developed ice powers after the transfusion, which he used to kill his classmate that was tormenting him. Nobody suspected the geeky student had killed his rival, allowing Snart to graduate and acquire a degree in human anatomy. His social status didn't improve though. Bradley made more enemies, killing yet another victim. This time it was different though. Snart was caught by Mercury and his sidekick. They incarcerated him, but Bradley Snart managed to escape prison and has managed to become one of Mercury's greatest adversaries.

  • Amalgamated With: Pyro

    Codename: Fire Blast

    Real Name: John Rory


    Bio: John Rory was born in Australia to a couple of ranchers. Growing tired of the simple farmer life, John became a rebel and a troublemaker, moving farther into the outback to become a hunter. John was considered sick by his family, because he reveled in killing animals. John also enjoyed starting fires, an addiction that ultimately took over John. John had the ability to create and manipulate fire, which he used during his hunting. His parents offered him an opportunity to reform via writing classes. John showed signs of goodness, but this proved short lived. John's "friend" bullied him in writing classes, which set off John. He set off on a murderous rampage, burning down the houses of the bully, his family, his teacher, and his classmates. Wanted by the police, John fled to the United States. Once there, John became a identified criminal after burning down the house of his boss who had fired him. This came into the sights of Mercury, who became enemies with John, otherwise known as Fire Blast.

  • Amalgamated With: Nova

    Codename: Emerald Star

    Real Name: Richard "Rick" Jordan

    Teams: Avenging League, Emerald Star Corps, formerly New Outsiders

    Bio: Born into a military family, Rick was always fascinated by the flight of planes, which his father flew. During one of his father's trips, he was killed in action. This caused Rick several depression, and forced him to become the primary caregiver, as his mother fell ill. Rick helped raise his other siblings, but his social life and education quickly plummeted. His only friend was Carol Ferris, a simple wallflower in his class. They began to date after they graduated from high school. The two of them then get jobs as airport test pilots. During one of his test flights, Rick was hit by a strange energy signature. His plane crashed in a back field, leaving Rick alone and injured. But Rick wasn't the only one in the crash. The energy signature was actually a space knight by the name of Rhomann Sur. Sensing that Rick was fatally wounded, Sur translated his energy into Rick, sacrificing himself to revive the young pilot. Reborn with a surprising new power, Rick test drove his powers, returning to Carol. Joining the Emerald Star Corps (his namesake, as well as his predecessor), Rick also helped found the Avenging League. As a side team, Rick is also a member of the New Outsiders. Rick is also currently battling with his fiancé, Carol, who has become the power-crazed, cosmic woman-warrior Gamora. She is angered for his unfaithfulness while hooking up with Corala during Carol's period in which she went missing.

  • Amalgamated With: Tre Owens

    Codename: Emerald Star

    Real Name: Tre Stewart

    Teams: Avenging League, Emerald Lantern Corps

    Bio: Tre Stewart was a normal citizen. He played basketball at the park, worked in an office complex, and was single. His entire life changed when he came into contact with Richard Jordan. Rick, better known as Emerald Star, offered Tre to join him as a protector of Earth, after the Sinister Wave killed many serving members of the Emerald Star Corps. Tre accepted, becoming one of the most powerful and successful Emerald Stars. Tre also joined the superhero team, the Avenging League, in response to his fellow Emerald Star's necessity with the corps.

  • Amalgamated With: Hawkeye

    Codename: Arrow

    Real Name: Clinton Queen

    Teams: Avenging League, Thunderbolt Squad

    Bio: Born to a wealthy family, Clinton was a rebellious boy, joining the circus in his teen years. Discovering that the circus was an evil group, Clinton grew excited at the possibility of committing crimes. He was eventually betrayed by his so called friends, vowing vengeance upon them in the form of super heroism. Working as the vigilante Arrow, Clinton became an underworld enemy, taking down crime unknown to the surface world. Clinton eventually decided to work hard in life, graduating college in politics, seeking to become the next mayor. He succeeded in his goal, as well as becoming a respectable citizen. As Arrow, Clinton became associated with fellow hero American Bat, as well as the mysterious Melody, his future wife. Joining the Avenging League sometime after its foundation, Arrow also joined the Thunderbolt Squad, feeling guilty about his former life.

  • Amalgamated With: Songbird

    Codename: Melody

    Real Name: Melissa Lance

    Teams: Avenging League, Thunderbolt Squad

    Bio: Melissa Lance was born to a poor mother and an abusive father. Her father abused her both physically and sexually. Her mother sought to stop it, but needed her husband for money for her drugs. Melissa was deeply affected by the lack of her parents's morality and went into prostitution. Her pimp selected her to become one of the wrestler in his underground ring. Using the name Melody, Melissa was one of the better fighters, even killing a few of her opponents. The ring was brought to the attention of the hero Arrow, who went undercover as a client seeking sexual relations, specifically with Melody. Once alone with her, Clinton "kidnapped" her and brought her to his house. Once there, Clinton convinced her to give up prostitution and using her fighting skills for something else, such as vigilantism. Becoming his partner, Melody was a powerful force, but met her match during a case involving prostitution. Already unsure of going back to her former life, Melissa was taken hostage by her former pimp, who sought to have her executed for what she had done to him. When Clinton was about to be killed by her former pimp, Melody displayed her audiokinetic powers for the first time, defeating the pimp and saving herself and Clinton. She and Clinton joined the Avenging League together, as well as the Thunderbolt Squad.

  • Amalgamated With: Mockingbird

    Codename: Nightingale

    Real Name: Barbara "Shadow" Morse


    Bio: Barbara Morse was born to an American father who visited Tibet during a military trip, where he raped a native woman, who was Shadow's mother. Her father executed her mother to keep her quiet abou the attack, leaving Barbara orphaned in an abandoned village. She was thankfully rescued by an unknown man, who trained her in the art of archery and close-combat weapons, as well as many martial arts. Her mentor died in a nomadic massacre, which inspired Shadow to emigrate to America. She arrived in the same city in which Arrow operated in, meeting the vigilante and starting her own career. She was also accepted into SHIELD, given an opportunity by Nicholas Gordon himself. Her only conflict is that she must work with SHIELD, as well as operate with Arrow against her organization.

  • Amalgamated With: Kate Bishop

    Codename: Quickdraw

    Real Name: Kate Dearden

    Teams: Young Titans, Avenging League

    Bio: Lead into a life of child prostitution, Kate Dearden never had a life handed to her on a silver platter. She was born to two financially lacking parents, who never planned to have her. She was abandoned at a young age, forced onto the streets when her "loving" parents left her to work for someone who could help them out. Agreeing to work for her pimp, Kate was forced to do many things she found horrifying and unforgivable just to afford everyday meals. Her lucky day occurred when the heroes Arrow and Melody rescued her. They took her in as their own, raising her the way a normal teenager should be raised. Mia appreciated their kindness, joining their team as Quickdraw, being taught by Clint to shot a bow. Clint also allowed Kate to join the Young Avengers, who she became good friends with. She is also honored as an honorary member of the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: Namor

    Codename: Aqua-Mariner

    Real Name: Arthur Mackenzie

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Arthur Mackenzie was born to an Atlantean mother and a fisherman father. His maternal grandfather forced his mother to take him away from the man, which caused tension between the relationship. Arthur's father stole away with the boy, which allowed him to grow up in human communities, which allowed him to adapt to look like a normal human being, unlike the average Atlantean. Arthur was never told of his mother's origin or identity until he was in his late teens in college. Arthur was contacted by his mother while on his spring break trip. After discovering his hidden heritage, Arthur traveled to Atlantis, against his father's wishes. While there, Arthur's mother, who was the queen, was injured in war. Arthur was the closest family member to become ruler, forcing him to become the new king of Atlantis. He rose to fame in the Atlantean subculture, not only because of his new found royality, but because of his conquest of the enemies of Atlantis. Arthur grew to love Atlantis, becoming angry at his father and blaming humanity for his problems. Then he met fellow heroes Captain Bat, Super Spider, Goddess, Emerald Star, Mercury, and Martian Manhunter. They formed the Avenging League, saving the world no matter what race.

  • Amalgamated With: Anelle

    Codename: Martian Manhuntress

    Real Name: A'ni J'onzz (known as Annie Jones)

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: A'ni J'onzz was born on Mars, daughter of the king and queen of the Green Skrulls. She chose not to become the princess/future queen of her race, choosing instead to start a regular family with her lover. Mars was attacked by the White Skrulls, who massacred the Green Skrulls. A'ni was one of the few who were capable of escaping the attack, traveling to Earth to find new life. A'ni was forced to use her shape-shifting abilities to blend in among the people of Earth, creating the identity of Annie Jones to camouflage. She create the identity of a police woman who didn't have much of a social life. She discovered conspiracies unidentified by the other officers, going undercover to take down the evil people causing them. Annie created the moniker of Martian Manhuntress, mysterious vigilante with identity swapping abilities. Joining up with the Avenging League as one of its founding members, she became a hero in the eyes of the public and lives a life of great altruism.

  • Amalgamated With: Hank Pym

    Codename: Ant

    Real Name: Dr. Henry Palmer

    Teams: Avenging League, Titans Academy

    Bio: Growing up in a ordinary family in New England, Henry entered college earlier than the average person, as his intelligence quotation shows, he is an extremely brilliant person. Hired as a professor at the Ivy University, Henry taught atomic science. Using his free time during breaks, Henry developed a particle manipulator which can manipulate the size of an object. Using the manipulator, which manipulated "Palmer Particles," Palmer became the Ant, a costumed superhero who fights villains, even at the size of his namesake. Henry also recruited his wife into the superhero life, Jean van Dyke, who became the costumed heroine Bee. Ant and Bee fought super villains, as well joined the Avenging League. Henry also became a teacher at the Titans Academy, where he teaches young super powered individuals.

  • Amalgamated With: Iron Man

    Codename: Iron Hawk

    Real Name: Tony "Hawk" Hall

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Tony "Hawk" Hall was born to rich, alcoholic father and a police officer mother. His parents both disappeared on separate occasions, leaving Hawk an orphaned child. Growing up to become a successful business man, Tony restarted his father's former business and becoming the playboy his father formerly was. Starting his industries, Tony's alcoholism got in the way. He then had to hire Pepper Saunders, his personal assistant as the co-owner. The two became good friends, then much more. Pepper helped Tony conquer his problems with the bottle. They also work together as Iron Hawk and Freebird, as well as operating with their good friend, Kendra "Rhodey" Rhodes, who operates as Warbird. They all work together in the Avenging League, as well as protecting their business and their city.

  • Amalgamated With: Pepper Potts

    Codename: Freebird

    Real Name: Pepper Saunders

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Pepper Saunders was the youngest of many brothers and sisters while growing up, making Pepper have to work particularly hard to stand out to her parents, which made her quite the hard worker. Her hard work paid off later in life, graduating with high honors and getting a job at Hawk Industries, owned by the billionaire playboy Tony "Hawk" Hall, who she began to develop a crush on. She was hired as his personal assiant, given the job of the co-owner, due to Hawk's alcoholic problems, which Pepper later helped him conquer. Hawk trusted Pepper extremely, even revealing his secret identity of Iron Hawk to her. He also resuited one of his own suits to fit her, which Pepper donned and worked as Freebird. She also joined Iron Hawk's lead in joining the Avenging League, along with Hawk's good friend Kendra "Rhodey" Rhodes, who is also known as Warbird.

  • Amalgamated With: Doctor Strange

    Codename: Doctor Strangefate

    Real Name: Stephen Kent Strangefate

    Teams: Avenging League, Society of Invaders

    Bio: Like Steve Wayne, Strangefate was born to a wealthy family. His family's wealth got Stephen many opportunities, one being his college that he attended. After graduating, Stephen became a doctor, as well as a playboy. He made millions off of his professions, which caused his head to grow large. This proved ultimately to be his downfall, as Stephen did not wear a helmet skiing once, in which he had a terrible accident. The accident would have been fatal, if the Helmet of Agamodo had not offered him the position of the helmet wearer. Stephen took the opportunity, changing his partying ways and becoming the hero he was meant to be. Stephen's heroic career quickly was brought to the attention of the Avenging League, who offered him membership. Initially, Strangefate refused, instead choosing to practice his magical abilities alone, but eventually joined up with the team. He now serves side by side with some of the greatest heroes.

  • Amalgamated With: Mr. Fantastic

    Codename: Mr. Elongated

    Real Name: Dr. Ralph Richards

    Teams: Avenging League, Fearless Four

    Bio: Ralph Richards is an extremely intelligent man. Graduating grade school and high school earlier than expected, Ralph was interested primarily in the life of crime scene investigators. He attended college at Yale, graduating the top of his class, then transitioning into the life of his dream job. Instead, though, Ralph became a crime scene doctor, inspecting victims and their wounds. His work in crime labs became well known, contributing to his invitation to join the NGPD. Ralph declined, instead choosing to start a family with his new fiancée, Sue. They had quickly became friends, then lovers, and when Reed's good friend, Kevin Grimm, got the opportunity to take a crew with him into space, Reed, Sue, and Sue's brother, Lucas Storm jumped at the opportunity to go. They all prepared themselves for their disembarking into outer space. They left from Earth, but unfortunately crashed back on the planet after experiencing technical difficulties. Once, down each discovered they had received powers as a result of a mutation. Reed became capable of stretching his body. The crash was not documented, but the four received medals of honor for their endeavors. Choosing to return to the life of a crime scene doctor, Reed and the team became superheroes, each choosing separate ways, but all joining back again in the Avenging League and the Fearless Four as Mr. Elongated, Mrs. Invisible, Human Ray, and T.H.I.N.G.

  • Amalgamated With: Scarlet Witch

    Codename: Black Witch

    Real Name: Zatanna Maximoff

    Teams: Avenging League, formerly Legion of the Brotherhood

    Bio: Born to the villain Dr. Magneto, Zatanna was born in the unknown mountains, long rumored to be mystically enchanted. Zatana and her brother, Barry, were raised by a gypsy mother who practiced witchcraft and an American stage performer who was convicted for murder and died in jail. Zatanna was favored by her mother, who taught her in the art of magic. Zatanna's brother was very protective of her, so when their mother died of a heart attack, Barry brought the two to America. Once there, they joined their father in a life of crime. After fighting with Legion of the Brotherhood, Zatanna and Barry decided to pursue different directions in their life, Zatanna as a stage performer like her foster father, Barry a police officer. The two became estranged, until meeting again as members of the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: Vision

    Codename: Red Eye

    Real Name: AI1, known as "Victor Ulthoon"

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: AI1, otherwise known as Victor Ulthoon, was the creation of

  • Amalgamated With: Silverclaw

    Codename: Animalia

    Real Name: Maria "Mari" Santiago

    Teams: Avenging League, Thunderbolt Squad

    Bio: Born in Africa, Mari was taken by a man to Costa Verde. There, she was christened by her new "father". During her christening, Mari came in communication with the goddess of the island, who gave her a sacred amulet which supplied her with amazing powers of animalistic shape shifting. Mari became a topic widely discussed across the island, not only because of her powers, but because of her natural beauty. Mari's father put her into the modeling business, sending her national beauty to the eyes of all around the world. Discovering corruption within the modeling business, Mari was inspired by her idol, American Bat, to don a costume as Animalia, animal powered superheroine. She joined up with the Avenging League, as well as the Thunderbolt Squad.

  • Amalgamated With: Coldmoon

    Codename: Icebeam

    Real Name: Tori Wan

    Teams: Avenging League

    Bio: Tori Wan grew up in a Chinese village in a family of nine children. Her family came from dynasty origins, but what most people in her village didn't know was her unique abilities. One of Tori's relatives was a powerful mutant, something Tori developed after she hit puberty. Her ice related powers were a spectacular gift and quite an impressive feat. Tori showed off her abilities to others in her village, causing word about her to spread across the world. She was asked to visit the United States, which her parents expressed interest in traveling to. Once there, Tori met Robert "Guy" Jordan. The two quickly fell in love, so when Guy became the next Emerald Star of Earth, the two joined the Avenging League together. Once a member, Tori also became good friends with Lava, becoming extreme close to her as well.

  • Amalgamated With: Dazzler

    Codename: Spotlight

    Real Name: Kim "Kimmi" Blaire

    Teams: Avenging League, formerly Legion of X-Men, Society of Invaders

    Bio: Kim "Kimmi" Blaire was a typical American teenager, with the exception of her parents being divorced when she was young. Her father lost custody of her and was unfortunately deported back to China. Kimmi grew up never knowing that he didn't leave by choice, instead believing he did not love her. Kimmi used the extra attachment she never received with her father to farther advance herself in her social life, becoming the life of all parties, not more popularity, but for her incredible singing abilities. Kimmi was liked by all of her classmates and friends, breezing through high school and college without any drama. She then became a professional singer, rising to fame as a teen idol. She released many songs which all became platinum and debuted in the top ten. Her career seemed fruitful, until one of her vocal lessons went awry. Kimmi's latent mutant powers developed, causing an uncontrollable array of light beams to shoot out while singing. Surprisingly, her coach helped her through the situation, training her to become more trained in controlling her powers. She became an even greater sensation in world entertainment, not only for her incredible vocals and light powered performances, but also because of her membership in the Avenging League as the superheroic songstress, Spotlight! Spotlight is one of the best media based heroines, greatly boosted by her career and her relationship with. She also allied herself with the Society of Invaders and Legion of X-Men.

  • Amalgamated With: Daredevil

    Codename: Night Devil

    Real Name: Matthew Cross

    Teams: Society of Invaders, Avenging League

    Bio: The son of a former boxer, Matthew chose to become a doctor and help people after his father was killed in match due to an injury caused in a fight. Becoming a respectable surgeon, Matthew was known world wide. While walking on the street one day, Matthew attempted to prevent a car accident, a grenade rolled onto the street. Matthew was hit in the head, causing permanent blindness, which left him out of work. But the grenade wasn't only harmful. It also caused a superhero to be born. Matthew developed echolocation abilities, enabling him superheroic powers. He joined the Avenging League, the Society of Invaders, and became a partner with Sai.

  • Amalgamated With: Suzi Endo

    Codename: Starmancer

    Real Name: Kori Endo

    Teams: Young Titans

    Bio: Kori Endo was born into a small family from New York. She moved to the big city when she was accepted into Empire State University. There, she majored in technological studies, becoming a computer designer, technician, and mechanic. She was recruited into Hawk Industries, becoming a high ranking member of the technological business. Kori became good friends with Tony Hawk, the owner, but was kidnapped by a cosmic force known as The High Imperiex. He bestowed her the powers of an alien princess he had captured and used her as his slave. Luckily, Suzi, now known as Starmancer, was saved by the Young Titans, who were on a mission in space in search of Donna. They rescued Suzi, who joined their ranks and helped complete their mission. She, alongside fellow recruits Blaster, Reptile Boy, and Ravanna become well known Young Titans, eventually becoming their own solo heroes.

  • Amalgamated With: Reptil

    Codename: Kreature

    Real Name: Garfield Lopez

    Teams: Young Titans, Avenging League

    Bio: Garfield Lopez was born to a poor Mexican family who lived in New Mexico. During a trip to Africa after one of his siblings developed a disease and they had to seek medical attention from a foreign doctor. During the visit, Garfield was bitten by a green, unidentified animal. The animal gave Garfield miraculous powers of shape shifting into any type of animal. Garfield was soon contacted by the Young Titans, who offered him membership. Garfield quickly responded, using the moniker of Kreature, becoming a full fledged member and even graduated into a side member of the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: Danielle Moonstar

    Codename: Mirage

    Real Name: Danielle Delgado

    Teams: Young Titans

    Bio: Danielle Delgado was born ten years into the future of the modern day. Danielle developed her illusion casting abilities at a tender age, mastering them by her mid-teenaged years, around the time of her joining of the Young Titans of her generations version of the team. Under mysterious causes, Danielle was thrown back into the modern day, or her past. She found the current Young Titans, asking for help in her case, in turn, joining the team. She became a valuable asset in other cases as well, after she was permenantley stuck in the past.

  • Amalgamated With: Cloak

    Codename: Shadow

    Real Name: Tyrone Hall

    Teams: Shadow and Shimmer, formerly Young Titans

    Bio: Tyrone Hall grew up in an impoverished family in Boston alongside his brother. They attended the same school, but Tyrone was the more aggressive one, often starting fights and getting into trouble. Their mother told Tyrone to keep himself in line, which greatly angered him. Tyrone hit his mother, which he has regretted ever since. Tyrone stopped speaking after the incident, feeling that if he too took away his freedom of speech, he might be capable of owing his mother back. His failure to speak ultimately resulted in the death of his brother. All Tyrone had to do was yell at the driver to slow down. This left Tyrone with extreme guilt and anger. Tyrone became a vigilante, seeking justice for people like his brother. Through his vigilantism, Tyrone was introduced to Dawn Bowen, who greatly reminded him of his brother. She too had lost her sister and had become a superheroine. Together, the formed the group, Shadow and Shimmer, balancing each other out like night and day. The two also briefly joined up with the Young Titans.

  • Amalgamated With: Dagger

    Codename: Shimmer

    Real Name: Dawn Bowen

    Teams: Shadow and Shimmer, formerly Young Titans

    Bio: Dawn Bowen was always a daddy's girl, favoring him over her mother. Her family was rich, her mother having been a television actress. Her parents were always fighting, especially about getting a prenuptial agreement, because her mother felt her father was untrustworthy and would steal her money on any terms. This caused an issue in Dawn mental health. She became extremely animated, choosing to live her life in pretending, instead of facing problems in the real world. This also caused problems with her relationship with her sister, who eventually was killed due to Dawn's failure to act with a boy at school bullying her. Dawn felt extremely guilty, signing herself up for a support group, where she was intrigued by the idea of vigilantism. She donned a costume, took the name Shimmer, and used her recently discovered super abilities to take down super villains. During her tener as a hero, Shimmer met Shadow, her exact opposite and yang to her yin. They established a friendship and became a superheroic duo. Not only being a group themselves, Dawn and Tyrone were also members of the Young Titans for a time.

  • Amalgamated With: Havok

    Codename: Kosmos

    Real Name: Alexander "Rock" Summers

    Teams: Legion of X-Men

    Bio: Alexander "Rock" Summers was born into a thriving military family. His family went on a vacation to Alaska during one of his father's military leaves. While flying over the snowy state, Alexander's family was hunted by a group of alien soldiers. Taken into their ranks, Alexander was given the name Rokk Krinn by his kidnappers. He served in their ranks, not knowing whether or not his family was killed or any of them survived. Serving for many years, Rokk eventually returned to Earth through an escape pod. Upon landing, Rokk instantly remembered his lost family, who he deeply missed, choosing to rename himself Alexander. Discovered by Professor Caulder, he joined the Legion of X-Men!

  • Amalgamated With: Jean Grey

    Codename: Spacebird

    Real Name: Irma Grey

    Teams: Legion of X-Men

    Bio: Irma Grey was born to an average family in San Francisco, but her family moved to New Metropolis after her father received a job opportunity. She befriend a girl in her apartment complex, but witnessed her death in a car accident several weeks after first meeting her. Irma felt guilty over the death of her friend, refusing to talk to her parents. Somehow, she manifested her mutant powers while mourning, sending out psychic signals unknowingly. Her signals were intercepted by Professor Caulder, who contacted her parents about possibly sending Irma to a training center for children like her. Her parents were thrilled at the opportunity, hoping that they could help Irma become more like her old self. Irma was trained under Professor Caulder, mastering her abilities and turning into a full fledged member of the Legion of X-Men. She also began a relationship with fellow mutant One-Eye.

  • Amalgamated With: Surge

    Codename: Spark

    Real Name: Nora Rans

    Teams: Legion of X-Men, Legion of X-Men School

    Bio: Born into a family of three children, Nora Rans was a young, spunky girl who just wanted to have fun. Like her siblings, Nora developed electrical powers, which she developed after hitting puberty. Her brother, Garrett, became one of the first members of the Legion of X-Men. Eventually, after careful consideration, Nora was accepted as a member of the Legion. She began a relationship with fellow X-Men Wolf.

  • Amalgamated With: Angel

    Codename: Blessing

    Real Name:

    Teams: Legion of X-Men


  • Amalgamated With: Iceman

    Codename: Ice Boy

    Real Name: Brian Drake

    Teams: Legion of X-Men

    Bio: Brian Drake was born to the typical suburban home family. His parents were real estate agents and his younger brother was a smart, but forgettable. Brian was different, though. He was the wallflower type, not popular, but interesting. But that was just Brian's younger years. He developed an extremely comedic sense of humor. His classmates loved him, until his powers developed during puberty. Brian developed ice powers, which shocked his friends, who called him "mutant scum." Brian came into contact with Professor Caulder, who recruited him into the Legion of X-Men, which he is considered as a founding member. Brian is also an established member of the superhero community, being allies with members of groups such as the Avenging League.

  • Amalgamated With: Hellion

    Codename: Maximum

    Real Name:

    Teams: Legion of X-Men


  • Amalgamated With: Kitty Pryde

    Codename: Ghost Cat

    Real Name: Tina Pryde

    Teams: Legion of X-Men, formerly Legion of X-Men School

    Bio: Tina Pryde grew up in a friendly neighborhood, hanging out with the girls on her block every day in her childhood. She became the most popular, due to her adventurous personality, which the other children admired about her. Everybody loved Tina, as she loved and cared for everybody else. It hit her hard when she developed her mutation while playing hide and seek with her friends. A drunk driver swerved off of the road, appearing to hit Tina, but her phasing abilities saved her life, enabling her to live. But her relationships were severed forever. The other children ran away screaming and the entire neighborhood was scared of her. This made Tina very upset, so she set out to find help. She discovered the Legion of X-Men School, which her parents enrolled her in. There, she befriended fellow mutants Ice Boy and Iron King. She also shared a special connection with her mentors, specifically Animal, Professor Caulder, and Storm Woman.

  • Amalgamated With: Legion

    Codename: Psycho X

    Real Name:

    Teams: Legion of X-Men


  • Amalgamated With: Elektra

    Codename: Sai

    Real Name: Elektra Yamashiro

    Teams: Thunderbolt Squad, formerly Sisterhood, Avenging League

    Bio: Elektra Yamashiro was born to a Japanese family of reasonable social status. Her father worked in America as a businessman, leaving Elektra alone with her mother. Her mother arranged for her to marry a rich man in the country, but Elektra chose another man as her lover, prompting her to emigrate to the United States with her boyfriend. Upon arriving, Elektra discovered her father had been killed by a gang leader. The next week, her lover was killed by the crossfire of a police man and a robber. Elektra took over her father's business, as well as the sacred sword he kept from all. The sword was supposed to allow the correct wielder to receive the mental strength with the help of the deceased known to them. Upon holding the sword, Elektra experienced visions of her father, as well as her lover, friends, and family who had all died. This encouraged her to seek vengeance upon those who had killed her father. During her strike on the evil men, Elektra (who used the name Sai during her attack) was prevented from killing the leader by Night Devil, who become some what of an enemy, but a friend. They eventually became lovers, working together as operatives. They both became members of the Avenging League, but Sai also joined the Thunderbolt Squad, to make up for her sins she constantly regretted. She is also operating as a member of the Sisterhood.

  • Amalgamated With: Baron Von Strucker

    Codename: Baron Deathstrike

    Real Name: Slade von Striker

    Teams: Thunderbolt Squad, Bastards Army


  • Amalgamated With: Magneto

    Codename: Dr. Magneto

    Real Name:

    Teams: Avenging League Enemies


  • Amalgamated With: Thanos

    Codename: Thanoseid

    Real Name: Thanoseid

    Teams: Avenging League Enemies

    Bio: Not known to many, Thanoseid is a mysterious dark being, as well as a major enemy to the Avenging League.


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I've decided to do five entries per day; today's entries will be Carrie Kelley, Huntress, Flamebird, Terry McGinnis, and Azazel (Jean Paul Valley)!

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