Earth 7217

This is my idea for what Marvel should look like if the mainstream universe changed 15 years into the future. Sorry, gonna work on it a little later.

List items

  • Peter Parker is the 38 year old owner of the Daily Bugle and ESU professor in photography. He is married to Mary Jane Watson and together, they have three children; May Parker, Benjamin Parker, and Miles Parker. While being a father, he is also still the Amazing Spider Man. He is the leader of the Avengers, as well as his intergalactic team of the Spider Men. He isn't as powerful as he was a few years ago, having said, his Spider Sense is weakening, as well as his strength. He still is comic, though.

  • Tony Stark is the now retired Iron Man. Being 55, he quit the Avengers several years ago, but he still is their primary sponsor and houses the Avengers in his mansion. He is married to Pepper Potts and has eight children; Robert, Allison, Donald, Natalie, Hank, Jane, Bruce, and Howard Stark. He is also the godfather of Kylie Rhodes, the daughter of his good friend, Rhodey. Tony still owns Stark Industries and is running it alongside his soul mate.