DC Civil War Lineup

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  • Like Marvel, DC heroes and villains are forced to give up their secret identities. Many heroes, such as Batman, Martian Manhunter, or Catwoman, go into hiding to resist the oppressive forces of the government. Then, some heroes side with the government, such as Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern, to help bring in the resisting heroes. Others, such as Aquaman, stay out of the war for multiple reasons, like ruling a country, separate objectives, or other reasonings.

  • Similar to Captain America, Batman doesn't wish to reveal his identity to the public. He goes into hiding along with the other heroes in the Resistance, which he leads.

  • Batman's second in command. He is disgusted with the government and has stopped protecting Bludhaven because of this.

  • Unwillingly on the same side as his former superhero master, Jason is hiding from the government with the hope that his identity will not be revealed.

  • Batman's sidekick, who also works in his underground network of heroes and villains hiding from the government.

  • Alongside Batman, Cassandra is fighting against the government. She is also working side by side with her actual parents as well.

  • Member of the Resistance, as she followed Batman to the side against the government. She is scared that her revealed relationship to her father will ruin her reputation.

  • Son of Batman. He follows in his father's footsteps and resist the authority of the government in revealing his non-super heroic name.

  • Ally of Batman. She does not want her socialite status two timing superhero activities to be revealed to the public. She struggles with being on the other side with her former partner, Maggie Sawyer.

  • The former sidekick of Batwoman and doter of Nightwing, Flamebird follows her friends to the side of the Resistance and opposes the government.

  • Friend of Damian Wayne. She allies herself with him and joins the Resistance.

  • Like many vigilantes, Oliver sided against the government, alongside his wife and Batman.

  • Dinah followed her husband into the Resistance and chose to oppose the government.

  • Fearing of his species becoming enemies in the eyes of the public, Martian Manhunter goes into hiding. He sides with his good friend, Batman, and is vital in protecting the group of the Resistance.

  • Leader of the Pro-Registration side, or the Authority. Although he is the leader, he questions whether or not the government is doing the right thing.

  • Wanting to represent the Amazons to the fullest of her ability, Diana joins the Authority and tries to turn opposing heroes in, even though she is against prosecuting her friends, such as Batman.

  • Member of the Authority. Similar to Diana, Hal is representing the Green Lantern Corps, yet unlike Superman and Wonder Woman, Hal does agree with the government and thinks that superheroes should not hide their identities.

  • Being a police officer, Barry wants to side with the law for his job. He is angered by the way other heroes are being treated, but he does think it is the safest thing to do for the public.

  • Ray found it unreasonable to hide his identity if that was what the civilians he saved feared. He chose to join the government and capture unwilling heroes and villains.

  • Although Ralph is a good friend of Batman, he does feel like he needs to support the government.

  • Being a police officer on his former planet, Hawkman allies with the government.

  • Alongside her lover/whatever relation, Hawkwoman follows Hawkman to the government side.

  • Follows Hawkman to the government side to prevent rebellion.

  • The ruler of Atlantis chose not to fight in war against identities, as he found it unreasonable and chose to stay with his kingdom.