Come back.......

Characters I want to return from a death, non comic appearance, or becoming a side characterless.

List items

  • The leader of the X-Men needs to straighten several members of his old team out.

  • I hate him as the "bad guy." He needs to go to therapy or something.

  • His past self is becoming more popular than he is. Come on. That is sad. Angel needs to come back to the X-Men, or become the Horseman of Apocalypse. Just give him a better story

  • I hate knowing that she has been dead for so long. Bring her back.

  • He needs to rejoin the X-Men (possible take the reins) and quit the Avengers.

  • Become sane, join the X-Men, and quit X-Factor. She's too powerful for an investigations company.

  • No more Avengers for her

  • What happened to him?


  • Why are you siding with Cyclops?

  • He should turn evil or something

  • Can't he now become alive again since he's been resurrected for the Horsemen. You never know...

  • I don't like her and Deadpool. She should find a new man and join the X-Men.