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My Justice League

Characters I would love to see in the ultimate Justice League

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  • A fascinating character during his Cary Bates years, plus a great leader from JL Europe. On the powers side, he's a heavy hitter; on the plot side his split allegiances and sordid past make great hooks.

  • Every league needs a Batman... but why not use a Batman that actually *likes* being in teams? A little light on the espionage skills and detective work, but still a solid urban warrior.

  • He will always be the iconic leader of the League. Can be a great figurehead, as well as a good mentor to the younger heroes on the team. May be too overpowered for some stories, so may need to take more of an advisory role.

  • Whether its Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi, the league needs some brains. Plus, they also need someone with some abilities around infiltration. Palmer has some meatier plot hooks from his past, but Choi can serve as the neophyte in need of training.

  • He will always be the heart of the League in all its incarnations. Plus, he's got every power in the book.

  • The tech guy. This is the guy you want when you need to take apart the Weapons Master's newest toy to figure out how it works. Not sure if he'd be his armored self, though... think more Hank Pym from West Coast Avengers than Iron-Man-Lite.

  • In the 21st century, the League needs someone who knows computers and the internet like the back of their hand. Oracle's already doing the job, and Morrison has shown us how well she can work with the League.

  • A high-powered, and under-utilized heavy hitter. She showed some leadership skills in JL International, and has some great character development already. Plus, maybe Natasha Irons can come over to babysit her kids.

  • Nowadays, pretty much every league needs a speedster. Since Barry and Waly had their moment in the sun, how about some new blood? Jesse has worked well in teams in the past, and has some nice plot hooks from the golden age.

  • The league needs their "working man's hero." In the past, Ollie Queen has served that role. But he's always been a bit too hypocritical for my blood. Rex Mason is the guy who will keep an eye out for the everyman. Plus, he'll add a bit of cantankerousness to the league, a la Thing from FF.

  • The League needs a GL, and Kilowog is the best fit IMO. Not as openly hostile as Guy, but is still not afraid to call Supes a poozer if need be. There's no GL out there better than him (he *trained* Hal Jordan), and has served in the league before. Plus, can you imagine what him, Ray Palmer, and John Henry Irons could whip up if you stick them in a room together?