The 30k mark

Well, it looks like I've gotten over the 30k mark on wikipoints... all in under a month. And in looking back at where they came from, I've got some nice work out there, so those points were definitely well earned: a half-dozen character bios and just over 100 plot summaries.
Can't say enough about how much I am enjoying this. Loading plot summaries and character bios on the site has gotten me to re-read a ton of gems I haven't read in half a decade or so. Just finished up a pretty comprehensive page on Aztek, and I forgot how much I liked that book. No surprise, given it's Grant Morrison
My next mission is to move onto Showcase. I still have Showcase '96 that I want to finish up, and I also want to dig out my run of New Talent Showcase to get some info into that volume.

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