On pace so far....

As Christmas comes to a close, I am happy to say I am on track with my 1,000 wikipoints a day. After ripping through Showcase '93, '94, and '95, I found that Showcase '96 really didn't hold my attention. A foray into the 25 issue Hourman series led to my first tactical nuke: the entry on Hourman III. I got to fill out a lot of blank supporting character entries, and created new entries on Hourman's Timeship and some of the supporting cast.
Now, I know I should go back to Showcase '96 to knock that off the list, but in going through the site, I found a lack of info on Anthro, especially his 60s 6 issue run (which actually had nothing attached to it: no creators, characters, etc). So I am now living in prehistoric times, with Anthro and his family.

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