Who Do You Think Wonder Woman´s True Archenemy is? Ares or Cheeta

Hey I love Cheetah (especially Greg Ruckas take), but to be honest I´m confused as to why more hasn´t been made of her rivalry with Ares or even Dr. psycho, who can be trully sinister sometimes. I hope in Earth One more is made with her rivalry with some of her male enemies. She´s at her best when she´s battling the world of man. I also think they should bring back Dr. Poison as a twisted, steroid taking, dominatrics, transvestite, serial killer whose weapon of choice is poison for Earth One. However, my main point is people say WW villains aren´t cool, I think while a lot of them aren´t some of them really are some of the best villains in comics. Venessa Cale, Cheetah are great. But they underuse Dr. Poison, Dr. Psycho and especially Ares, is tragically underused. He is pure magic on the page when he´s used. He needs to be unleashed on the world more often, giving WW the chance to do what she does best. Fight the evils of a male dominated violent society. He can also be very real world, touching on modern day conflicts, genocides etc. I can´t believe even the greatest WW (Greg Rucka and Gail Simone) haven´t thought of this. Let me know your thoughts. Should Ares take over as Wonder Woman´s archenemy? Or do you think there are other villains I haven´t thought of yet.


Wonder Woman Fan Made Trailer Script

Hi check out my trailer script for an epic Wonder Woman, screenplay I´m writing. It´s very short honest. I´ve also provided soundtrack, director, and some of my preferred cast. I´ve put in the soundtrack that I´d want played over the trailer, if you want to listen, while reading. Thanks guys.



Written by JPFOLA26



STEVE TREVOR, 30 ́s, handsome, is lying on a beautiful beach, with sand that sparkles around the frame of his head like crystals. He is wearing a space suit without the helmet. He appears dazed, confused, not sure where he is. We are standing above him, looking at him with curiosity.

Suddenly he sees us, he looks up at us as if he's just seen the most sublime sight of his life.



Cut to,



Stock Shot: We see President JFK and his wife, riding along his presidential motorcade, waving at the people, a shot goes off, but before we see the impact,

Sharp Cut to,


American military helicopters fly into the wild Cambodian Jungle preparing to land.

Sharp cut to,


We see a sea of people, with banners, they are singing. You here loud, shouts for peace and unity.

They are escorted along the road by armed police men with barking Shepherd Dogs.

As we scan this image: (OS) Martin Luther Kings “I have a dream speech” is heard. Slowly fading into the Sex Pistols. During the next scene, the speech/music is abruptly cut.

MARTIN LUTHER KING (O.S.) “We refuse to believe that there

are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we have come to cash this check -- a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice ---”


A street party. Women on a university campus, with banners up, calling for sexual equality, throw their bras into air. (Note: shot so you don't see any nudity)

SEX PISTOLS SONG (O.S.) “---When there's no future

How can there be sin

We're the flowers in the dustbin We're the poison in your human machine

We're the future, your future God save the queen. --- “

Sharp cut to

As the following is said off screen, we see static.

AMERICAN NEWS READER(O.S.) Many are calling these the first

images of World War 3.---

BRITISH NEWS READER (O.S.) ---The country mourns in shock

today as former Prime Minister


AMERICAN NEWS READER(O.S.) ---It appears the threat of mass

suicide was quite real---

(O.S.)Hans Zimmer ́s score Time plays in the background.


We are inside a misty mysterious cave. We See a UNKNOWN FEMALE FIGURE from the back, dressed in ancient greek soldiers garb, also wearing a helmet. She is hesitantly standing on greyish black sand which is the shore for a lake of molten fire, steaming, bubbling, boiling. As the flames rise in a wave, she cautiously steps away from the precipice.


In the sea of lava, thousands of demonic creatures splash in and out of the lake, as if suffering some horrid torture.

Cut to,


CLOSE-UP: On the other side of the inferno, a majestic sword is half buried into BURNING sand, with flames rising around it.

Sharp cut to,


We see an UNKNOWN GIRL, no more than age 10, wearing an Ancient Greek Chiton. She's in a tropical rain forest. She begins to run up hill through rugged terrain, at quite remarkable speeds. She runs at least as fast as a fully grown male sprinter, not seeming to tire, while athletically leaping over obstacles obstructing her way.

INTERCUT between the following scenes


Stormy evening. We watch a figure running from the distance. As she enters the frame, we realize it is QUEEN HIPPOLYTA - late Twenties, beautiful, regal features - running along the beach distressed. She falls to her knees, a flood of tears emerging from her eyes.


HERA--- HERA --- HERA!! Do you HEAR

MY CRIES HERA? --- You promised us eternal paradise; BUT ALL You've DONE IS CURSE THE AMAZONS.


We are back to the unknown girl running in the rain forrest. She runs, and then leaps. She leaps high on to the branch of a strong tree. WE, look out at the world from her perspective. The tree hangs over the edge of a cliff, over looking one of Paradise Islands majestic beeches, with the sea just underneath her. In the distance you can make out the outline of a magnificent Kingdom. Close up, of the little girls cute but dirty face.


She stares with wild eyes out into the world. Awe, humility, and, wonder, saturating her expression.


Back to the scene with QUEEN HIPPOLYTA on the beach: As she kneels, a woman ́s silhouette emerges in the distance, as if out of nothing. She ́s walking toward her, but the image is almost unreal or an apperition.

Closer now: the woman stands before Hippolyta, her gown glows, an aura seems to cover her whole body. The himation gown she wears flows along the currents of the wind, like an angel. She kneels before Hippolyta, lifting her head, and from Hippolyta ́s look of astonishment, we know that it is the Goddess HERA. HERA wipes the tears from her eyes, embracing her, and then kissing Hippolyta softly upon the lips. She then seems to be fading away, but as she does, Hera looks down at Hippolyta ́s stomach, pressing her hand against it. Hippolyta looks down holding Hera ́s hand upon her stomach. Hera smiles as she ́s disappears into the night like a Mirage. Hippolyta, just about holds back tears of joy.


Closeup: THE LITTLE GIRL, still perching upon the branch.

Her P.O.V: She looks into the distance and sees a whale leap up from the sea. She looks down to the sea, which is several feet beneath her.

Closeup: She smiles naughtily, before doing a tremendous acrobatic somersault, leaping from the branch, into the sea.


We are in the large bedroom of Queen Hippolyta. Hippolyta sits on a cushioned, ornamented davenport, which is just in front of her large equally lavish bed. The unknown little girl sits on top of her, hugging her, but now cleaned up, dressed in imperial garments fitting of a princess. Palace aids, walk around the room doing bits and pieces. The little girl who is hugging Hippolyta looks up at her.


What ́s out there mother? what is

outside Themyscira --- in Mans World?


Her mother looks down on her, deeply concerned about her question.


Princess Diana, you must not labor

your mind with such trifles. (Said in a dismissive

tone, as if the question were the mere result, of the foolish curiosity of a Childs undisciplined mind)

We now know the little girl is Diana. The scene ends with Close-Up of Hippolyta with an expression of motherly concern, kissing Diana upon her brow.

Sharp Cut To,


Establishing shot. Caves at night, lightning and storm.


A dark, filthy, dungeon. We stand before a prison door peering into the silent room. A prisoner sits in the shadows. He gets up, turning his attention to us, as he approaches, we see his eyes are glowing a wild, exuberant, blood red.


We mustn't try to stop her. For her

will ---


NOTE: We finally see Diana Princess of Themyscira in full battle gear. She is in an Armor plated, version of The New 52 costume.


Was forged from iron and gold by

the Gods themselves.

We are in a war zone some where in Eastern Europe. Wonder Woman is being attacked by two armed soldiers, on either side of her carrying Riffles. They have by now closed in on her. Soldier 1, takes a shot.


Wonder Woman dodges the shot, with amazing speed, in the mean time grabbing the gun from the soldier, swiftly round house kicking him in the solar plexus, sending him hurtling into a nearby tank, denting it on impact. Meanwhile, she again turns throwing the rifle she just grabbed at soldier 2, rocketing at such velocity and accuracy, it knocks him clear off his feet.


She cannot resist. For in her noble

spirit, her strength --- Sharp cut to,


Wonder Woman is in a room of house that is clearly being shot at. She is behind a table. Bullets flying over her head. In her arms is a woman, who in turn holds her young fearful child.

HIPPOLYTA (V.O.) And in her hearts capacity for

good, she will try to save them.

Close up - We see in Wonder Woman ́s eyes a damining rage. Sharp cut to,


In an expansive IMAX shot, The Camera pans across the following scene from left to right.

We are in a a huge underground US Military Installation. Massive machinery, and high tech computers, serve as work stations for scientific personnel busying themselves with various activities. As we scan the scene we stop as we see 3 stationary shuttle like vehicles laying dormant, in front of what appears to be an opening portal or eye of a wormhole. A path way leads from the shuttles to the portal, which pulsates, opening like a flower in spring. It is like nothing, we've ever seen, simply unimaginable.


In an expansive IMAX shot, The Camera pans across the following scene from right to left.


An Ancient Kingdom. Massive Golden Temples, Statues of Warrior Women, Arcehers, The Gods, reach high into the heavens like skyscrapers. The city is truly breathtaking. The city is a cross between an Ancient Greek city state - Athens in particular - and a highly advanced technological utopia.

Thousands of Amazonian women, stand on either side of a road, that is Roman in scale, leading up to a large alter, with a stairway partitioning its cheering crowds and the Roman Road between them. Queen Hippolyta is standing at the top of the stairway, in a dutiful manner. She her self stands in front of two giant statues of Goddesses, one on either side of her, and they are both holding in their hand, either end of a circular technological apperatus. At it's centre is the same wormhole or doorway, we saw in the previous scene.

On the road itself rides a carriage, pulled by two fine muscular white horses, one with a unicorns horn. In the carriage itself, is a woman in warrior garments and helmet, with Steve Trevor holding on beside her. They ride approaching the alter.


She will venture to their shores ---

Sharp cut to,


Wonder Woman is walking on a lake, in full battle gear, with a sword in hand, lightly stepping on the water, with controlled grace.

HIPPOLYTA (V.O.) Hoping to be a beacon of light,

only to be shrouded by their darkness.

She waves her sword, with one hand, swinging it quite skillfully. Before seemingly returning it to a sheath. Only her uniform has no such sheath, and the sword simply disappears into thin air.



We are in downtown, Gateway City. Skyscrapers, stand high above us. But the streets have been decimated by some large scale attack.

Cut To,

A missile flies into a building; creating massive destruction on impact.

Cut to

Bystanders below, run, attempting to find shelter and evade the falling rubble.


And amidst chaos, she will try to

be their calm.

However futile her mission, she will struggle on, in their abyss.

Wonder Woman, is being shot at, she lifts a car that is in front of her - as if it were a paper weight - so as to block the bullets.


But it will be to no avail, to try

and prevent her journey; for even with the divine wisdom bestowed upon her, still, in her soul stirs the folly of youth.

Wonder Woman hides behind the vehicle, bullets fly all around her. You can see she ́s been injured. Blood on her arm, her body blackened from the soot of an explosion.

WONDER WOMAN Hera give me strength.


She then gets up to confront her attackers, as the bullets cease firing. From her P.O.V: We see an oncoming army, consisting of men with hi-tech weapons, and, what appear to be, an army of the living dead, in warriors garb, equally armed to the teeth.

You only see a flash of this, so you are actually unsure if you even saw what you just did.

(O.S.)The epic sound-track, begins to quiet down.



The president of the United States, stands behind a podium. He is addressing a large crowd of seeming concerned Americans.


My fellow Americans --- we are

entering a new age; an age we must not fear, but embrace. We have seen things, both menacing and distressing, that seem right now, beyond our reach or comprehension. ---But there is no mystery in the world to big for the human mind to unravel. We will persevere. But we must be steadfast in what seem dark times, steadfast in our resolve, steadfast as an age of Wonders dawns upon us.

Cut to,


Sound track stops. Post credit scene


Diana Prince (in normal jeans and shirt), Steve Trevor and LAURIE TREVOR (14) punk style clothing, walking down a 5th avenue style, shopping district.


So, what you gonna call yourself?

(Addressing Diana)

DIANA PRINCE I don't know.


How bout ́ like Wonder Chick, or,


DIANA PRINCE Ummmm! I ́m not sure. It needs

something, but I do like it, after all its true. I am wonderful.

(smiles) Sharp Cut,

The End



MartianManhunter(A Space Odyssey Inspired by the Nolanverse)part3

Amanda: “I love my country, and if that thing knows anything at all that can harm it, then, we need to know… And, also, I respect your instincts professor… You´ll be running the team, along with Professor. Ivo. We´d prefer if you don´t bring that coo-coo bird Harleen Quinnzel anywhere near this facility again…”

Erdel looks stunned.

Amanda: “Is that understood Professor?” He nods in agreement. Amanda Con´t: “Well that will be all then.”

She immediately starts reading a folder on her desk, before Erdel´s even left. Erdel gets up and leaves her office. He closes the door, but then immediately pops his head through again.

Erdel “By the way mam…” She looks up serious.

Erdel con´t “He´s not a Martian.” She smirks looking back at her file.

Amanda: “Get out of here, you clown.”

End Of Part 3:

The awakening

Dr. Erdel and Professor Ivo, are in a large underground bio-containment room. They are in biosafety suits. At the center of the room is cryogenic chamber. The alien remains in a state of suspended animation.

The whole room is set up like a biosafety lab, and all staff are wearing similar suits. Some armed with guns, stand at the back, wearing red suits; other scientific and medical staff, wearing yellow and green bio-suits, busy themselves, tinkering and monitoring with computer equipment and medical appliances; Erdel and Ivo dressed in green, do some final preparation, by the cryogenic chamber, double checking components, and writing an inventory. Dr. Lee, is close by, behind a nearby computer also in a green gown.

Erdel and Ivo stand at center, with the cryogenic stasis unit in front of them.

Various medical appliances, and, multimodal computers are attached to the chamber, with scientists monitoring the Aliens vitals on screen.

Hanging off the chamber, are various drip stands, with IV tubes inserted into the cryogenic chamber and inserted into the Aliens skin.

Everyone looks curious, no-one seems confident, what will happen next.

Dr. Erdel: “Are we ready?” He says glaring deeply into Ivo´s serene expression, hoping in vain that Ivo might respond, with something, anything, that could inspire the strength, the will, the confidence, to surmount the unsettling feeling that stirred his intrepid soul.

Ivo: “Once we run the medical activation program, the systems should automatically begin resuscitating him.” Erdel turns Ivo´s way with a skeptical eye, pronouncing through pure force of expression that Ivo´s words hadn´t reassured him in the slightest.

Erdel now addresses the medical and military staff.

Dr. Erdel: “OK guys, everyone knows their job… Lets get this right…”

The following scenes will skip back and forth between the following two settings:

1 - One setting; follows talks given to the team, by Erdel, Lee and Ivo, in an underground room, with various diagrams on the board behind, outlining the biochemistry of the Alien and operations objectives for his resuscitation.

2 - The other setting is in the bio-containment room, that they are in presently.

I will indicate which setting each of the following scenes are held in, by titling them either: “CONFERENCE ROOM”, or, “Bio-containment room”

Conference Room

Dr. Erdel stands in front of all medical and military personnel involved in the resuscitation, briefing his staff on the projects objectives:

Erdel: “Lets get this straight from the get go… Our orders, bring the Martian out alive!... Alive and well… Anything less, we´ve failed. I have given you a week to familiarize yourself with the triage strategy in place to accomplish the operations objectives. If you have only read the Evacuation Manual once. Read again. Under no circumstances will the Martian be harmed.

Keeping you and our visitor safe is my job and I intend to accomplish it… “

Cut to:

Bio-containment room:

Ivo is bent down in front of a large metallic button, on the Cryogenic unit. Erdel hunched behind him.

Erdel whispers to Ivo.

Erdel: “Before we do this, we´ve double checked all CL5 Staffs ammunition, right?”

Ivo: “We triple checked, no live rounds found, just tranq´s. Don´t get so nervous, you´ll start freaking me out.”

Erdel smiles and nods; Ivo looks toward Dr. Lee, who is still standing behind his computer.

“Start encryption program. Dr. Lee, after the count down, upload our system override virus....”

Dr. Lee follows Ivo´s instructions. After they are complete, Ivo presses the button, by putting his hand in the shape of the Martian handprint on it.

Booming metallic computer voice: “Resuscitation program activated.”

Conference Room:

One of the medical staff in the room: “How do we know how the Cryogenic Chamber even, works?”

Ivo steps up to explain, Ivo: “I´ll take this one Dr. Erdel…” Ivo takes the platform addressing the curious audience.

“Our comprehension of its mechanics are limited at best … needless to say, it is extremely advanced. It´s operational model is well, it´s quite something… The bad news, we don´t know exactly how it works; the good news, we´ve figured out where the on switch is.”

Cut to,

Bio-containment Room:

Tag: An Hour Into Resuscitation

A female Medical Support Agent, watches the cryogenic unit from behind her monitoring station. It is clear when you see the screen of the Medical Support Agent that she is checking the vitals of the creature. Dr. Erdel approaches the MSA´s monitoring station. He asks for various readings off the multimodal monitors attached to the MSA´s computer. The MSA gives various promising readings, concerning the Martians vitals: heart pulse and rhythm, body temperature etc.

She answers everything is steady sir.

He then asks if they are still getting positive readings on his vaccine response.

The MSA, reports, “More than positive sir, his immune systems response is incredible.”

Conference Room:

In the room one of the medical staff asks Erdel if he can explain the Martians seeming imperviousness to bacterial and viral infections.

Erdel replies: “The Martians immune system, has a highly developed resistance to bacterial or viral based infections. Nothing in the animal kingdom even remotely compares... The more deadly the strain of virus we expose his blood samples to, the quicker his leukocytes respond... it seems because his immune system not only, builds antibodies to kill off foreign agents in its body, but also predicts how those agent might evolve in future.

Medical Staff: “But that´s incredible doctor.”

Erdel: “It is. We´re not even sure the results are accurate yet. The best we can figure to explain this curious phenomena: is somewhere in his species evolution, their environment was so brutal, so hostile, present with so many malignant elements, they simply had to adapt to survive. .. It ay have even happened on the verge of extinction…”

Scientist Staff: “I call technology. Think about it. Could be some kind of biotechnology …like smart blood.”

Dr. Lee: “There´s nothing to suggest this isn´t an absolutely natural phenomenon. But just think of the implications people?

With closer study of the Martians biology, the potential advancements in medicine are mind-blowing. One-day, we maybe be able create synthetic antibodies against some of deadly strains of virus know to man. Even the HIV virus represents about as much of a threat to our visitor as a child scraping his knee. “

Erdel and Lee, look extremely excited during his speech.

Bio-containment room

Tag: 17 hours later

Erdel, Lee, Ivo and some others watch curiously over the final stages of the Cryogenic unit ´s program.

The liquid inside the chamber is now red, and you can see the Martian inside, begin to stir. However he´s still not conscious.

Various robot arms, and, nanorobotic devices work around the body assembling then disassembling before our very eyes. At one moment it seems like it is given an adrenaline shot to the heart. The Martians body starts to jerk and spasm spontaneously.

The aliens movement unsettles the armed guards. They close in on the chamber. Obviously scared that something is terrible is about to occur.

All the while, lights around the unit, highlight an alien language, which is telling the user the programs progress with a count down to the procedures conclusion.

The cryogenic units fluid, now turns from red to yellow. The Martian calms down.

Erdel, signals for the armed guards to stand down.

Cut to,

Conference Room:

Erdel, addresses the room, but particularly the soldiers.

Erdel “I can´t stress this more. Our objective: Bring him out alive and well. We cannot fail. If aggressive when awoken, do not instantly jump to the conclusion he is hostile…

Just imagine, yourself in his position; waking up in a room full of aliens, in biohazard suits, prodding you with devices. It is only natural he may be scared of us - and react like any trapped creature would. So just be vigilante, but also, be aware…”

Cut to,

Bio-containment Room:

23 hours and 30 minutes:

Finally, we now see the whole room, electric with anticipation about what´s to occur next. The yellow jelly like fluid in the Cryogenic unit oozes off the body of the creature.

Erdel´s face stares at the unit. Ivo equally can´t take his eyes off the unit.

A medical staff member, shouts out: “Vitals are still stable.”

The fluid now drains away inside the machine, till only a small amount is left around the contours of the aliens body. The Martian now twice as muscular as was before the procedure began, rouses from his prolonged slumber, inhaling, attempting his first small, delicate breaths, without any respiratory assistance.

Erdel: “Everyone step back behind the red line. We don´t want to scare him.”

All step behind the red line, which is some meters away from his chamber. They try not to alarm him. The cryogenic chambers glass doors open, with a flurry of steam rising from the alien’s nude fragile figure. Now breathing the natural air, the alien blinks, muttering to himself, in an alien language. When he fully opens his eyes, realizing where he is he becomes frightened out of his mind.

Erdel, nods to the security personnel, who respond accordingly to his gestured command. They run up to the Alien, attempting to strap him down with harnesses. He struggles for a while; clearly demonstrating his superior strength. Everything in the room starts shaking of its own. The second tier guards begin a cautious approach worried weapons ready to fire. Erdel commands they stand down to no avail. Erdel realizing what´s about to go down runs into the line of fire, taking off his bio-containment headgear. He looks sincerely into the alien’s eyes.

Erdel: “It´s me buddy. It´s me, Saul. Your safe. I promise, your safe.” He strokes the Martian gently on the head.

Dr. Lee runs behind him. “What the hell are you doing Saul? Put that back on. It´s not safe.”

Dr. Erdel, ignoring Lee´s protestations, continues. “It´s me buddy. No need to struggle, we´re not here to harm you. Your safe… Your safe…“

We see from the alien P.O.V. He´s still extremely frightened listening to Erdel, but he recognizes him, and interprets Erdel´s pleas correctly.

Everything quiets down, the room once quaking, slowly returns to a calm state. The aliens agitation at the situations appears to have subsided. The guards gradually lower their arms. But just as we thought the turmoil has ended, loud shots are heard.

Erdel scans the room, looking at all the security officers, none of whom are shooting – then he sees it. There´s a medical staff member carrying a semiautomatic gun that he’s firing in the general vicinity of the alien. Erdel falls to the ground in fear.

Another Medical staff member is shot, screaming “What the hell!! He´s shooting at us!!”

Dr. Lee is hit twice in the chest. Everyone by now has realized what is happening. Either scattering in fear or frozen in shock. Most, duck behind the alien chamber looking for safe places to hide from the gunman. Security attempt to grab him. Some are shot in the process. Finally one security officer gets to him, but not before he lets one last shot off in the direction of alien.

We see it in slow motion.

Erdel instinctively jumps up to shelter the alien from harm. The bullet travels straight towards Erdel´s back.

The alien looks up at Erdel, seeing distress in his eyes and resignation to his coming fate. The alien´s eyes glow red.

Miraculously, the bullet somehow deflects off Erdel, flying straight back into the gunmen’s hand. The gunmen instantly jerks in pain, dropping his firearm in the process; all witnesses are stunned by what has transpired. Security, pounce on the gunmen, restraining him as he struggles.

The Gunman begins to scream gibberish, quoting bible scripture: “I do it in Jesus´s name!! In Jesus … Can´t you see God is testing us … testing the veracity of our faith … he´s sent Satan like he sent his son… you don´t know what your doing!! Get off !!… And I say unto thee … the dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard...”

Security manage to pacify the assaillent, shutting him up in the process.

Erdel, looks into the Aliens eyes, which turn from glowing red to their normal crimson hue. It is obvious that the Alien somehow used his abilities to deflect the bullet, therefore saving Erdel´s life; we see in Erdel´s expression recognition of the silent miracle that probably saved his life. The Alien in a state of shock, passes out.

Erdel glances around the room dumbstruck by the carnage. Revolted. Enraged. Shocked. Sickened. Confused. Saddened. Scared. Dr. Lee. He only becomes fully aware of the magnitude of destruction when he sees Dr. Lee lying in a shallow pool of his own blood. He kneels before Dr. Lee, who´s desperately taking in shallow breaths. Erdel´s medical instincts quickly kick in as he kneels to the ground, trying to figure out the source of the bleeding, so as to stop the flow. But Lees hurt bad. He takes his last breathes. Dying in Erdel´s arms. Erdel checks his pulse. He´s gone.

Erdel: “Oh God! Oh God!.”

Scene End

Fade Out.

Fade in.

Amanda Waller ´s Office:

General Wade Eiling, Erdel, and Ivo sit across from Amanda. The feeling in the room is tense. Amanda looks pissed.

The General and Amanda want answers.

Ivo barely unable to comprehend what just happened, remains in shock. Erdel responds indignantly to their questions.

Erdel: “What happened is some Jesus freak came at us with an unauthorised handgun, shooting up the lab!! He killed Dr. Lee. The man is dead. Died in my arms… And for what? for Jesus. For the triumph of ignorance over progress. Superstition over reason, he died for nothing… Those were your people. Military scientists. Military personel.”

Amanda: “How did he get a weapon in there in the first place? It was your job Saul, to implement strict security measures on this operation. Checking all satff, and registering all firearms that entered the lab. An outcome like this should not be possible, if you´d followed protocal...”

Erdel: “ This was a plan. I doubt he even did this alone. This guys been working you guys for months years even. Just waiting for a reason to snap. You don´t see that?”

Eiling: “I told you we needed a military team overseeing this operation Amanda. These kids don´t know a damn thing about security.”

Taking exception Amanda reminds Eiling. “Those were your men in there; your team. You headed up psychological evaluations.”

Eiling: “Amanda, that´s a load of crap, we can´t predict a thing like that. Only takes one bird to break free of the coo coo nest, There are so many trained nuts out there these days. And it only takes one, just one, who´s disciplined, and patient and trained enough, so that all your Little protocals, psych evals and stringent measures go out the window. The only one who can smoke´em out is one with guts, instinct and the savvy to spot´em. Erdel wasn´t prepared... plain and simple.”

Amanda stops to think a while.

Amanda: “OK, I´m handing over all matters of Security to General Wade

Amanda looking at Wade with a serious eye.

Amanda con´t: “But you and your men soldier, better have the instincts you claim, cause I´ll have a whole other head to add to my trophy board of career assasinations, if anything happens under your watch General…

Amanda con´t: “So, this is how we´re doing it play by play. Wade reexamines all personel. Till we can be sure, only security level 8 and above, will have access to the Martian.”

Erdel: “Come on…”

Amanda: “Saul. What do you do when you get an order?

Erdel Nods.

Amanda Con´t: “So as of now access is restricted to SL8 staff only. First… I want this mess cleaned up, from the bottom up. My reputation with Reagan Boy and CIA is in jeopardy because of this, and I won´t take the blame for your screw ups, even if it takes ruining any of you in the process. But I will throw you one life line. Just so we don´t take the route less travelled, I expect by months end, half clearance level 5 to 7 gone. Reasigned or terminated. All those remaining will be approved by me – and I mean it; if one of them looked at me wrong once, or, their taste in music is to comercial for my liking, or, if I Heard on the grape vine, someone once saw them have conversation in the lunch line with that shooter; gone, reassign or terminate.

I want information on the their school, their teachers, lawyers, priests, accountants, parents, lovers. The slightest inconsistency. Out.

But until we can be absolutely sure our staff don´t have any other worldly allegiances, the Martian candy store is closed gentlemen.…. We will work fast and nonstop starting with you, Dr. Erdel so you can get back to work … As for the family of Dr. Lee, they´ll receive the full benefits package, under staff insurance… Our position if we´re contacted, by anyone on behalf of the family… worked for SETI… mugged and shot... we know nothing else.

Onto important stuff. My understanding of the situation is the Martian in a stable condition, but remains in a state of shock. After your eval, and not a moment before Saul, we are sending you in. OK good talk. Dismissed.”

The General, Ivo and Erdel stand up to leave. Amanda, gets up herself staring through her window, at her own pensive reflection. She´s unable to recognise who shes become. Then before Saul exits: “Saul wait…” The General and Ivo exit, leaving Saul alone with Amanda.

Amanda: “Your friend Lee; he was a good man. liked him too.”

Erdel sad: “Yep.”

Amanda: “You can´t blame yourself you know. Not now. I´ve lost many good men in my time to war, disease, in the line of duty. Part of what I signed up for really. I guess I´ve grown desensitized… I know you think I´m unfair, handing matters of Security over to The General like that, but trust me, it will be better for you, now if you can focus purely on your job. The most important part. And it will appear favorably upon your wisdom with our superiors, if you happily accept the changes.”

Erdel: “But…I don´t trust him.”

Amanda: “You´ve keen instinct kid… but trust me, mine are keener… Let me worry about the General… That´ll be all Professor.”

Erdel leaves the office

Fade out

Fade in

Tag: One Week Later.

The alien is in a massive ceiled off room. He is standing up, eyes glowing red. He looks as if in a trance. But his forlorn eyes and crestfallen expression betray a deep mood of melancholy. Various plates of uneaten food, lay by rooms entrance. A number of cameras voyeuristic and intrusive record his every movement.

We move from alien’s quarters, to some scientists observing the room. Erdel, walks into the video room, where they watch the alien on high resolution screens.

Erdel “How is he. Still not eating?”

Scientist: “Nope. Not a thing. We can´t figure if he can´t or won´t eat. No sleep either.”

Erdel: “He´s catatonic. He´s not understanding all this… I want that room made as comfortable as possible for him… this is no prison cell, it´s his home for now… I´m going down.”

Cut to:

Erdel, opens the room with the alien. He´s in a biolab suit. He stays for a while, attempting to talk. But the creature gives him nothing. He´s totally unresponsive.

Cut to

Eiling and Erdel, stand in the corridor of the collected Cadmus labs and offices.

Eiling: “What ´s your progress? He, confessed he´s a mass murderer yet?”

Erdel: “I don´t appreciate your sense of humor sir.”

Eiling: “You´ll learn something from me in time. I´m a kidder. Always been the joker in the pack. You know what I mean? But I don´t joke lightly about my countries security son. As far as I´m concerned, till I know better, ET looks to be the most potent threat to our national security I´ve ever seen; and if he ain´t talking, we might as well just put him out of his misery, and dissect his corpse. I´m sure that will give us an abundance of information on what we´re dealing with.”

Cut to

Erdel watches the creature on screen. He´s still standing as before. Gas enters the room, he collapses to the floor after a few seconds, then some men in biosuits, bring food and other furnishings, books etc. into the alien´s quarters.

Erdel: “What am I going to do?”

Cut To

Saul in bed with his wife. Having another nightmare.

The Dream

The death chamber he the alien´s family in now Erdel´s own wife and child in it. An energy blast fills the room. Erdel´s wife screams in terror standing behind it, but before long her whole body is engulfed by the energy and disintergrates. Then a figure is seen off the reflective surface, separating the chamber from the outside. It is a white frighteningly monstrous figure watching as the wife´s ashes, blood and bone, explode out of the energy blast.

Erdel abruptly wakes terrified, sweating, scared. His wife wakes also to comfort him.

Cut to

Its morning, Now Erdel´s in his office at home. He makes a call.

Erdel: “Harley… Glad I finally got hold of you… I need your help… Yes, yes, he´s still catatonic… Yes nightmares... frequently… every night… every time I close my eyes. No, no progress… I need fresh eyes on this, a new perspective... Eiling, that mad man wants to torture him, to find out what he know…Make him feel familiar, how? … I don´t know where he´s from… Pictures of different galaxies, at the moment… He hasn´t looked at them… Try and bring him clothes like the ones in the dreams… OK, OK. I´m so sorry you got pulled out of this… I know what its like with those stiffs… I was never taken seriously, all pseudo science they said… I guess I needed a living, breathing, alien before they opened their eyes … Yep, yep… I´ll try…

He sees his son approaching the office.

Erdel Con´t “…Yeah, I´ve got to go… but thanks, you´ve been a great help.

His son enters the room.

Erdel Con´t “… Hey, what´s up, buddy?”

The son Neils replies: “You said you´ll come watch. We want you to come watch the movie with us.”

Erdel: “Sure tell mommy, I´ll be right down.”

Neils: “Ok, daddy.”

His son exits.

Erdel looks at a file on his table. Peruses over it. Then puts it down removing his reading glasses, before affectionately picking up a picture of his wife and child.

Fade out.

Cut to:

Erdel and his family sit in the living room watching the closing scene of THE WIZARD OF OZ, on an old television set. The whole family has enjoyed, but little Neils is particularly giddy with joy. He sits in the middle with a big bowl of Corn Flakes.

Neils: “One more; Charlie Chaplin this time.”

The two parents on either side look at each other.

Both together in agreement.

Erdel: “One more I guess!” Wife “one more I guess.”

Cut To Later

They are watching Charlie Chaplin Modern Times, the dance scene he has in the great hall of a theatre. Suddenly without warning, Erdel lets out an unnatural guffaw. Almost beside himself with amusement; during this outburst of unnatural laughter, his family watch rather shocked. He falls to the ground. Laughing, and then begins speaking in some strange language between the laughter. Seemingly unable to hear his wife and son asking if he´s ok. They become increasingly alarmed when he starts speaking the strange language.

After a moment or two of this, he becomes aware of himself again. On the ground. He looks up shocked at his family.

Erdel: “What happened?”

Wife: “You don´t know?”

Erdel: “I blacked out.”

Fade out

Fade in

We are now in the underground offices of Cadmus. Erdel, has just entered the building. He enters casually, as if he´d had a late night and was expecting everything to go routinely. But when he enters the long sterile hallway of the connecting subterranean labyrinth, he notices a lot of activity. Women and men in white coats are rushing around. They all seem stunned. Military personnel run past him, bumping into him like he is not there.

Erdel panics, thinking something might be going on. He starts following the crowd, who are running toward the alien´s quarters. He follows asking what´s going on.

They then get to the room. They look at the alien through a one-sided mirror. Erdel can barely make out what´s going on behind the crowd. He then, pushes his way to the front.

To his surprise, the alien seems to be imitating the penguin walk of Charlie Chaplin. He´s doing laps of the room, in this peculiar fashion.

Erdel can´t believe what he´s seeing.

We then notice Amanda next to him. The Alien then does a humorous Charlie Chaplin pratfall.

Amanda, as always, serious, turns to Erdel for explanation: “…What does it mean?”

Erdel shakes his head “I don´t…” Speechless.

The alien then walks to the one-way mirror standing in front of the glass, exactly opposite, Erdel.

Erdel anxious to see what happens next, is completely flawed by the aliens next actions. The alien begins to sing The Wizard Of Oz “Somewhere over the rainbow.” But as if he can´t understand the words. Almost like a deaf person trying to sing the words. But nonetheless the voice is beautiful; it´s as if he can harmonize with himself, and, even produces the sounds of instruments from his vocal chord.

Everyone looks with curiosity, whispering, not knowing what´s going on.

30 seconds of this goes by. The alien, then says, again like a foreigner who doesn´t understand English.

Alien: “Hell…o… Saul… Hell… o buddy Saul.”

His accent is very strange, like a deep earthy mild African sounding accent.

We see Saul look into the room, as the reflection of the alien bounces off his own reflection.

Amanda puzzled: “How´s he doing this?”

Erdel After a moment: “… I think he joined my family for movie night, yesterday evening.”

Amanda: “What?... “

Erdel: “Can you get me three things… A television set, some movies, as many as you can get your hands on, and a very creative tailor.”

Amanda: “What!! Why?!.”

Erdel: “I need more time with him; but, I think I can get him to talk.”

Fade out

Fade in

Erdel enters the aliens quarters wearing a strange alien style costume. The garments are similar in design to the ones he saw the Martian wearing in his dreams. He has a selection of these costumes in his hand, which he lays on the ground next to the alien. The alien however doesn´t even acknowledge his entrance.

Erdel trying to communicate: “For you. Clothes...Wear… Wear… like clothes from home home planet.

You then see on the screen “The End”, and credits role. It´s Casablanca. He does a perfect impression of Bogart´s voice, but without really knowing the meaning of the words said. A CD floats into the disk player, and, he plays another film from the beginning. This time Double Indemnity. Again he copies Frank MacMurray´s speech pattern and voice perfectly, but mixing alien language, with the films dialogue.

Erdel finally gets the aliens attention when he steps next to the television.

Erdel Con´t: “Me Saul. Saul Erdel. And you friend. Who are you friend?...”

He also signs what he´s saying so the alien will properly comprehend.

The alien, moves the television forward with his mind, so it is right in front of him.

The alien picks the clothes. Alien: “Wear… Thanks for Wear, Saul… buddy.”

The alien, then watches the screen again intently. Every once in a while, imitating a bit of dialogue. Erdel for a while tries to communicate, but to no avail. The alien is too transfixed by the moving images, playing on the television set. So Erdel begins to watch quietly with the alien, only laughing sometimes at the dialogue. The alien takes a moment to smile at Erdel, after he laughs.

Erdel tries to talk again seeing this as his queue, but realizes he is only disturbing the alien, who is puzzled, amazed, but equally entertained by the images he´s seeing.

Eventually Erdel gets up to leave.

As he exits, using his clearance card, the alien struggles to tell him something.

Alien: “You are Saul. Saul friend. I am… my na…me is Jónn Jónnz. Jónn Jónnz.

Surprised by this Erdel is only delivered from his astonishment, when the automatic door opens.

Jónn con´t “bye, till to-morrow Saul. Buddy. Go be with family now.”

Fade Out

In the next few scenes, are a montage. We see Jónn watching programs on history.

Such as images of World War 2, The American Revolution, mans first step on the moon Martin Luthor King “I have a dream speech.” etc.

The alien looking at pictures of star systems or Galaxies, and finding his own amongst them and pointing out Erdel “Home. Terrain System. Home.” Erdel observes in wonder.

Erdel showing him pictures then telling him words; e.g. showing him a cup, then pronouncing for him cup.

Amanda asking Dr. Erdel´s progress. He tells her Jónn is from the star system we know as “HD 10307 – 42 light years away.”

Cut to.

All photo real: We´re drifting in the outer space of the Milky Way, near Saturn. Schubert string Quintet in C11 Adagio plays in the background. Saturn´s rings shine and pulsate, little crystals of ice, dancing around rock and debris. Without warning an alien space craft soars at vast speeds past us, slamming into Saturn´s ring.

Space Craft P:O:V: The space craft on impact begins to maneuver at high speed through the rings of Saturn, struggling to avoid the large clumps of dust, ice and debris that form them. In time it escapes the hazardous terrain, flying off again at an incredible speed.

Cut To:

Schubert still playing

Erdel comes in and Jónn is floating in the room, listening to Shubert, while, looking at an image of the Milky Way Galaxy. Surprised enough by this, he´s even more stunned when Jónn addresses him confidently.


Jónn: “Shubert and Vivaldi are my favorite. “

Erdel: “What?!”

Jónn now turns to look at Erdel.

Jónn: “Schubert and Vivaldi. You asked me yesterday, did you not?”


Eredel: “But … but … You… You…”

Jónn: “I am Jónn Jónnz of the planet Máaleca Andra. I mean your planet no harm. I know you and the people you serve are concerned.”

Eredel: “You speak.”

Jónn: “Yes, I now speak seven of your Earth languages. I´ve been telepathically acquiring your languages for sometime. Although, I do confuse them sometimes, there are so many... Your species, none of them have this ability?”

Erdel: “No, No we don´t. Have you been reading our minds?”

Jónn: “Reading our minds? You mean, practicing The Zancata. Listening to the hearts of others, is what we Ma´Andraian´s call it. Practicing Zancata without another’s permission is strictly prohibited. We consider it extremely rude, without ones permission, unless used to interrogate a criminal suspect ofcourse. But, given the circumstances, I accessed your memory to a limited extent, so I could communicate with your Earth-lings. I must say I am exhausted by my efforts.

He gracefully floats down. Landing till he sits down, crosslegged.

Jónn: “Please sit.”

Erdel: “I can´t believe it. I have so many questions.”

Jónn: “As do I Saul Buddy. But let us be tranquil a moment. I have been using much mental energy, some leisure time is necessary, or I shall expire from my exhaustion… Anyway, I wish to teach you something of my peoples culture.”

Erdel sits: “Please!...” Fascinated.

Jónn: “I am glad you are eager to learn. Do you mind?…”

Erdel knows he´s speaking about telepathically connecting with him.

Erdel: “No, of course not.”

Jónn´s eyes glow red then suddenly like a mirage of an oasis in the desert, appears before them, an elaborate game, it looks a lot like chess. But the board is glass, twice the size, and the pieces are all angular shapes. The game starts with pieces on the first three rows of either side; and there are gaps between the pieces.

Jónn: “It is a popular game on my planet, called Kental. Kind of like your game chess. I shall teach you.”

Cut To:

Amanda, is sitting at her desk, observing on a big screen, with other military personnel. They see as the Martian attempts to show him how to play the game, but they themselves can´t see the board and they notice some static interference on the screen.

Cut To:

Later on, Erdel and Jónn continue to play Kental. You can see the game has moved on quite a way. Erdel, moves a piece with his mind.

Erdel: “So now, are you practicing Zancata on me now? Is that how I´m seeing this game.”

J´onn: “There are several practices of Zancata. The psychic arts. Scholars, educators, leaders, mystics, artists, madmen, philosophers; all contributed, writing several volumes, spanning 3000 works. Dialogues, Ethical Use Of Seeing Into Our Neighbor’s Hearts, Medical Application, Psychic Psychology, The Laws, The Arts, Education And The Academy, The Gods, The Demons, Grace, The Two Suns, Foes And Enemies. All dedicated to the form psychic knowledge and practice must take. What I show you now is simple, the mere practice of illusion making. I mastered this art on what you would call my 11th year. But, if you mean am I reading your mind, as you call it; no. It would defeat the purpose of the game.

Jónn Con´t: “You are a strong learner Saul, you´ve already showed some skill in setting up for the Kala. But, I believe I shall persevere due to my experience.

Jónn moves two pieces on his side with his mind.

Jónn Con´t: “Your turn. You have up to three moves to escape the Kala.

Erdel looks at the board perplexed. Still concentrating on the game, a single piece is moved.

Erdel: “So how does it work? Do all your people have your abilities?”

Jónn: “To varying degrees, some barely cultivate any at all... Others were so gifted, that they were at a time considered threats to the very social fabric and harmony of our society... You see, to me it is impossible to really explain how it feels to have what you call: my abilities. Suppose a blind man asked you how it felt to see, could you honestly give him an adequate answer? Or, a deaf person who wanted to know what hearing felt like; a mute person amazed by simple words; a man without emotion, passion, love, or, fear, longing for connection; even a dead man, after a while forgets what it once was to breath… My psychic powers are just a component of who I am; who I once was; who I´m destined to be… My people are not as remarkable, or, different, as you might think Saul…

They are quiet for a while.

Erdel: “ If I were to ask you to see into my heart right now. Could you?”

Jónn: “If I were to ask you to see a different shade of light, than the one you see right now, could you? … I can see without looking … for instance even now I see this is one of the most important moments of your life…

Al l the time, they continue playing the game.

Erdel: “Of course it is… It is not just profound for me, but for the whole human race. Since we first looked to the stars we´ve searched for it, for you. The proof that we´re not alone…”

Jónn: ”Ah but Saul, you are not alone. You do not even know what the word means. None of you do, and prey, to your Gods and mine, that you never discover Saul buddy… You say this moment trumps all others, but, nonetheless, I sense something far more precious exists in your tiny lifetime. Something you would sacrifice it all for. I´m not sure what it is, but I suspect it is waiting for you at home, eagerly anticipating your arrival.”

He makes a couple of moves on the board:

Erdel: “You are very talented in my humble opinion…

Erdel smiles.

Erdel Con´t: “I think I have you in Kala, my friend…

Jónn looks to the board and smiles also.

Jónn: “Perhaps you do Saul buddy... But I have 3 moves to escape…

Erdel: “ And you. Are you a family man? A wife? Children?

Jónns eyes turn black, sullen. He´s saddened by the question…

Jónn: “Yes… I think that’s Kala… Saul, perhaps I can be alone now. Some rest will be good for me, I believe …

Erdel nods… He gets up to leave.

Jónn attempts to give Erdel a hopeful smile, but fails: “I will see you tomorrow Saul... Buddy…”

Start the Conversation

Fanfic: Martian Manhunter: How I would treat a MMH solo movie

Martian Manhunter (A Space Odyssey Inspired by the Nolanverse) Part 1

This is the first part of my epic dark and gritty take on The Martian Manhunter Mythology. Its a lead up to how I envision a justice league movie should be done.

Martian Manhunter: Space Odessy (A film treatment inspired by the Nolanverse)

Director: Ridley Scott or Duncan Jones


Jónn Jónnz - Martianman hunter

K´hym - daughter

M"yrr"ah - Wife

M´ymm - Mother

Shasheen - Father

Dr. Saul Erdel - Brilliant Physicist, Engineer And Radio Astronomer

Dr. Amanda Waller - Secretary of defense for the United States. Head of CIA covert operations Intelligence Angency Cadmus

Dr. Lee - Erdel´s colleague and Astro Physicist

President James Reagen - Son of Ronald reagan and current US president.

Maa´le´fak - MMH twin brother. not identical

Protex - Leader Of The Imperium another alien race

The High Priest Venga Sal - Supreme leader MMH´s quadrant on the planet Maáleca´Andra

To´zar - High Priests Venga Sal´s Advisor

Zen´Ta´Rham - High priests advisor, second in line to rule The Seven Councils and Imperial capital


Dr. Ivo - Professor Of Nano technology

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Billionaire philanthropist by day, distributor of street justice by night

Dr. Harley Quinzel - Psychiatrist, Neurologist, expert in the field of psychopathy and childhood trauma


(The following images are all photo real)

We are presented with a galaxy, much like our own, but with two stars at it´s center.

We focus on one planet. This drifting orb is the fourth one away from the two suns. As we watch its elliptical movement around the stars, we notice it is like a giant Earth, with atmosphere, water, clearly defined territories. We hover over this familiar yet strange planet a while. Observing it with curiosity.

Cut to.

Now inside the planet, we take a wide-angle shot, floating down from the atmosphere. We see that the planet has a whole complex ecosystem of its own. It is an expansive area of rain forest and streams, with a hot to humid tropical temperature, slightly light even though it is night.

Now a more intimate shot of the alien natural world: There are large monstrous creatures who occupy this lush forest world, they seem to be a cross between dinosaurs and arthropods. All the creatures have antennas on their heads. We watch just like a nature show the creatures, going about their daily lives. Drinking from streams, hunting, Laying in shade etc.

We then focus in on a much smaller yet still large group of creatures, more humanoid or Anthropoid in shape. They move a lot like apes, but again have something of the insect in them. They´re big and green, for humanoids, and they also have Antenna.

They seem to be hiding from the larger animals, in the rain forest, using it as their shelter.

We then see similar creatures only pale white, they haven´t got antenna´s like their green counter-parts, and, their environment is a lot less hospitable. Volcanoes rage, and we see little green or water or other animal life. These white humanoids seem much more war like in nature, scrapping over low resources.

We skip through a series of images, of the green and white humanoid creatures, in their primitive form, resembling the activities we´d expect to see of prehistoric man, only the white pale creatures, as you´ll notice seem to exist in a much more hostile environment.

Whites avoiding rivers of silver (or Mercury like substance) and Molten, looking for cool spots near the river and shade. We see some die or kill one another.

The Greens we see: running from large predators, collectively hunting, bathing their young under waterfalls and lakes. In one shot – of a group - you can clearly see them in a deep forest, strange animals jump from tree to tree around them, but then their antenna begin reacting to something, their eyes glow bright red, and the whole group runs.

Last shot in this series, The Pale White Aliens: It seems to be raining fire from the sky, a stampede of them try to make it toward safer ground, so as to survive the ash and fire rain. Some fall, finding it hard to breathe, some are trampled on – dying in the process, the others scatter, running for survival.

A small rock plunges into the earth and there is a loud explosion.


Then light again. The sky clears revealing the area of commotion; the weather has once again returned to normal. One brave Pale Creature walks back toward where the rock crashed, he has a stick; there is glowing molten lava in a hole in the ground. The creature looks over it in curiosity. He then dips the stick in the lava, the sticks end glows a bright color, a kind of purple fire.

He stares in amazement.

Later, he is in a much more habitable place of the planet, some other Pales (short hand) come and attack him. He sees a near by stream of the Molten, he runs towards it. The others chase him to its edge. The lone Pale grabs a stick; he dips it in the lava and it burns the same purple flame. Now a whole big group watches. He waves at the others who are attacking him, trying to scare them off. They continue to provoke him. Finally, he hits one of them with the flame. Immediately, the Pale who is hit by the flame, almost combusts - till the purple fire is consuming his whole body. He runs into someone and the same thing happens to them. The bullied Pale throws down the stick in amazement. The others move away from the ones on fire, staring at this mystical site. The two on fire melt, disintegrating into nothing.

Then the Pale Creatures gather and stare at this now glowing lava river in amazement.

Cut to,

Image Of Mars.

Tag: Millions of years later

We scale the wide lifeless expanse of Mars. Focus in on a mountain, with deep, sharp crevices. A sound emanates from deep inside one of the cavities of the Mountain; a kind of indistinguishable patterned sonar.

Cut to,

Slowly we drift toward earth, along the way the sonar sound gets tuned into various radio and television stations. We hear Bart from The Simpsons “eat my shorts”, Nirvana screaming something about teen spirit, a sports commentator on the Olympics, country music etc.

We see the skyline of Earth. The lights from the cities as we drift further down. Till we end up in New Mexico.

We are in a small town café in the day, New Mexico. A serious late twenties man is drinking coffee, reading the papers.

The waitress comes up to him, “So what you having? The usual, doc?!”, “Actually I´m OK. Not hungry to-day, just can´t stop thinking about work.”

“You need to keep up that appetite now, that big brain´a yours ain´t gonna feed itself. Sides, if you find them little green men today, you ain´t gonna wanna have your first encounter on empty stomach, Dr. Erdel.”

Dr Saul Erdel smiles, “You´ve convinced me, the usual.” Then his mobile starts buzzing. He reads a text. It says “You´ve got to come in right now. Its happening.”

“Hold the usual Burtha. I have to go to the office.”

He gets in a Jeep and we see him driving fast toward the desert. We see as he drives past a vast array of large radio telescopes. He takes his radio and switches it to a special frequency and we hear a bandwidth that is transmitting an odd signal.

We see as he enters the offices of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life), the army stands outside the offices. As soon as he enters a Chinese colleague, rushes up to him. “The signal came up last night.”

Dr. Saul Erdel: “What?” “It came on last night.”

The oriental man bursts into a flurry of scientific jargon, so as to explain what is happening.

Dr. Saul asks him about “the army”, The Oriental man - who we now know is Dr. Lee - replies “National Security”. Erdel: “What is this for real?” To his shock, Dr Erdel a physicist and the leading expert in radio communications, is hearing that the station has received a radio transmission from another world.

He immediately wants to know everything. Apparently U.S. Government officials found out immediately, and shut down all radio station frequencies in which the signal could be heard.

Finally Dr. Amanda Waller, enters the room, brazen and with a look of singular purpose. She introduces herself and asks to speak to the head of department. Dr. Erdel volunteers himself. She immediately asks him to come with her. Saul asks to take Dr. Lee, she agrees.

They are driven off into the desert, escorted by secret service police and military. In the car, Dr. Waller explains that she is “Secretary Of Defense and head of the Secret Services of the United States of America.” She asks for Dr. Erdel and Dr. Lee´s credentials; suitably impressed for such a serious woman, Amanda explains: “So you shouldn´t have trouble understanding this has become a matter of National Security, Code 5, on a need to know basis. We don´t want to exclude you, but telling anyone about the discovery today, would be a serious breach of National Security, and therefore would constitute a federal crime.”

Dr. Erdel turns to Lee and asks “What the hell is going on?”

Dr. Lee, “ I don´t know, they stormed the office before I could run any calculations, all I know is the signal was strong and it didn´t come from any of our satellites, and I doubt that it is human in origin.”

Amanda: “Well let me explain; at approximately 15:00 hours this morning an alien signal was picked up. A U.S. defense team intercepted the signal at your station. We´re just taking the necessary precautions.”


“We´ve hacked your system from the beginning Dr. Erdel. Trust me it´s better than the other option, my superiors suggested.”

Dr. Erdel: “What´s that?”

Amanda: “Psych evals, of all staff working on scientific projects of a sensitive nature. Anything like this ever happened, and we had a scientist we took for an idealist; you know the type, kind´á guy who believed a discovery like this had to be shared with the American people, because they had a right to know, they´d snub him out before he had time to make his morning coffee. Just another tragic accident or suicide, of a mind to brilliant for his own good.”

Dr. Erdel: “Are you for real?” Amanda smiles “No, of course not.”

Dr. Erdel: “Where are we going?” Amanda replies, “Now how good a secret agency would we be if we told you that?”

Cut to:

They arrive at a Military landing strip. A private jet is parked right in front of the convoy. Amanda is taken out of the car. The loading bridge opens on the jet. Amanda gestures toward the two, to get on the plane.

Cut to:

The plane taking off.

Cut to:

Inside the plane Dr. Erdel now agitated starts to want answers.

Amanda for a while is elusive, but then begins to talk. She explains that they have received an alien transmission from space, which has been confirmed by a number of Government agencies around the world. She concludes with the shocking statement. “It´s emanating from Mars.” Dr. Erdel immediately protests, claiming “ That´s crazy. “It´s impossible that a signal could come from Mars. It’s a barren, lifeless, desert; we would have known if any intelligent life existed there.”

Amanda tells him that that were her sentiments exactly, and she has a great respect for his work in the field, and she personally wants him right by her side as one of her main advisors. “On what?” he asks.

Amanda “Well the greatest ticket of all. Mans first mission to Mars. Get ready to make history Dr. Erdel.”

Cut to:

Tag: 7 Months later.

Dr. Erdel is in a lecture room giving a group of cleancut Government looking types a technical scientific lecture, about the signal. Many stare in bemusement, others in awe.

Various scribblings and diagrams about bandwidths, megahertz and frequencies etc, cover the White Board.

He explains that what we know about the signal is it is stationary, and which part of Mars it is emanating from. He explains that for us to land in that region of Mars, our trip will have to be calculated to a very high degree of precision, because the alignment of the Planets has to be very precise, to compensate for Earth and Mar´s respective orbits. He explains “Effectively we are trying to shoot at a large and fast moving target, and on that moving target, we´re aiming to hit a rotating bullseye the size of a pin.”

Someone at the lecture: “So how do we do it?”

Dr. Erdel: “Well; aim with a machine gun.” Some laugh.

Dr. Erdel. “We need to send several shuttles to get a reasonable chance of landing in the vicinity of the signal.”

Cut to:

NEWS BROADCAST IN NEW ZELAND. Program: The Hard Line With Dan Brower.

Dan: “ Do they really expect us to believe that all of a sudden coinciding with a mission to mars, and the cutting off of various radio stations around the world, that nothings happening up there. This has been the quickest set up for a mission to Space, in the history of space aviation, why? … I think our Governments are hiding something that the people have a right to know. You heard it first here on Hard Line with Dan Brower.”

Amanda in her office. Various TV screens on the wall, show shadowy silhouetted figures speaking to her.

One of the figures says, we have everything under control on our side, people just take him to be a nut. He adds: “Besides the whole world is completely lost in excitement about the mission. 5 of our Astronauts have already become pinups. Once they take off, no-ones gonna watch this guy; we´ll have 24 hour news coverage on the mission, live feeds from the shuttle; trust me this guys gonna fade out like the rest of em.” But another protests, “we can´t afford for this guy to be operating. Until we can verify where that signal is coming from, and that it presents no danger to the American people, I want a complete lock down on media reports about the shut down of radio stations, and, information proliferation on mission objectives.” Amanda replies, “we are in talks with New Zealand now, sir.” She adds: “ But remember what we are trying to protect here. Its not only the safety of our citizens, but their freedom. That means their most precious freedom. Their freedom of speech.” Another silhouette answers “I admire your concern for the liberties of our people, but this is too sensitive, Dan Brower is dangerous, and he´s gaining more popularity on the internet everyday. He could compromise the mission. Think what could happen if Islamic Fundamentalists hear that America is trying to make contact with Martians. Think how that could compromise our relations with Saudies, or, destabilise the region. The rippling affects of letting this information go beyond us is unthinkable.”

Amanda nods, getting the point. She says “I´m downloading the satellite images to you now sir, its submerged in sand, and its seen better days, but the picture is clear; it seems to be some kind of transport device, sir. A spaceship.” You see her computer screen, on it images from Mars download.

Cut to,

Parades around the country. We hear a newsman talk about how historic a day it is; the G8 have unified, collaborating with each other, in a two year mission for man to explore Mars. All the resources and know how of the eight states has been pulled together, culminating in this historic moment. 12 brave men from various nations, will be sent to chart different areas of Mars. (Of course we know this not to be true, in fact it is only one area of Mars they are interested in) Mans first mission to Mars. People are crying, waving at the 12 men on a podium in space suits. We see a news report on one of the astronauts who doesn´t go and decides to stay with his family.

Cut to


We see in quick succession: Mission Control Stations in Tokyo, Paris, London, Moscow etc all bustling with activity. Untill finally we are in NASA Mission Control in America. We focus in on Dr. Erdel. As we look out the window with him, we see the most magnificent, giant, technologically advanced looking rocket ship. Seeming, far bigger and far more advanced than any of our current space shuttles; however the design is still familiar.

A tear drops down Erdels face, as he scans the crowds glaring in amazement.

We hear the familiar voice of George Diller announcing the count down from 10.

We skip to France and Tokyo, counting down in their respective languages, then back to Diller´s voice in Time Square, as thousands in the streets watch the count down on a big screen counting with Diller: THREE, TWO, ONE, we have lift off. As the shuttle takes off, there are screams of delight, and Time Square becomes a living carnival.

The last image is of several rockets flying through space.

Setup finished. The main body of the story now Begins:

End Of Part 1

Tag 2: years later 2016:

(All shot in photo real)

We see the second ship land on Mars.

Image Of Astronauts in the ship. “Mission Control, landing successful. I repeat, landing successful.”

Mission Control From Shuttle Speakers: “Copy That, Over”

Two Astronauts look out in astonishment at the landscape before them. Just in front of the shuttle, we see the Martian desert, not far a head is the French Flag, lodged into the Soil.

They speak to each other. “We made it. I can´t believe it, we made it.”

They finally leave the shuttle in Space Buggies. As they get out, drive through the desert, they see another shuttle with a French Flag on it, not too far, beside it are some Astronauts, setting up some kind of station, meanwhile others are collecting soil samples.

The American Astronauts stop by the French. They say something to each other.

We skip some time ahead. A full operations center has been built. The various Astronauts work together. In the center of the The Operations Site is a small radar transponder. Various robotic Machines, can be seen, being sent off on scouting missions toward the mountain.

We see from the POV of one little robotic scout (which we will call master Scout) as it travels toward the mountain. The master scout is using radar to track the signal coming from the Mountain. As the robot gets to the edge of the Mountain, from its back shoots out another slave scout. This Slave Scout is sprung upwards very high so it is airborne gliding.

We switch to the slave scouts point of view. It glides from the sky, Slowly descending into the rocky Martian mountains. It seems to be navigating itself, to where the signal is strongest.

Suddenly it glides down to a spot in the Mountain, where the Mountain seems to have been impacted by something. It lands on top of the crash site and the signal is now incredibly strong. The slave scout in turn starts giving off a signal.

We now see activity on the front of the slave scout. A lens protrudes out of the front of the slave scout, which keeps oscillating in and out to focus on the spot it has landed. It spins round as well, slowly scanning the area. The signal gets louder. Suddenly we catch a flash of something protruding out of the sand; an angular, grey, metallic object, is protruding out of the sand, as if connected to something buried deep beneath the crash site.

Cut to:

In German Shuttle, two astronauts are in a large spacelab aboard the German shuttle, one is listening on a head set to radio signals, the other is eating: The Astronauts discuss in German, they are talking about trivial things, while monitoring the scouts.”2 weeks and nothing.” Says one. Suddenly one of the astronauts jumps up. “I think I heard something.” The other one says. “Don´t worry, probably another false alarm.” “No, no, tune into slave scout 7. I´m hearing patterns. There´s definite patterns in this.”

The second Astronaut switches to slave scout 7. He hears the same thing. Immediately jumping up hitting his head.

The first astronaut, notices a transmission message from slave scout. Slave Scout “Images Now Loading”. First Astronaut. “The scout is sending us images. Alert the others, see if we can get a confirmation from the others .”

Cut to:

They make an announcement, that is received by the other teams. You see as astronauts, pick up on the announcement, stopping whatever activity they were previously engaged in.

Cut to:

Back to the German astronauts in the spacelab. First Astronaut “OK switch to visual.”

They have a look on a screen, they see the images that were being sent by the Slave Scout. Suddenly one of them sees something onscreen. “Did you see that? What was it?” They stop on the image, they zoom in. Finally they see the image of the metallic object protruding from the ground. First German Astronaut looks at the other and says with a look of astonishment “We´ve got to get up there.”

We fade out, with the image of the metal object protruding from the crash site.

Cut to,

Many Astronauts get out of their buggies which they have driven to near where the Mountain begins. We now get a montage, of how they scale the Mountain, using various high tech technologies to do so.

Finally a few land at the spot with the Slave Scout and see the mysterious metallic object. They then begin to start digging, so as to uncover what lays beneath the sand. To every ones surprise it seems to be connected to the wing of some space ship. There is confusion.

Another Montage shows how they dig the site using technology, and it slowly reveals an alien space ship buried beneath the sand.

We now have at least a quarter of the ship uncovered. It is highly advanced technology, and dwarfs the human shuttles in comparison.

One of the astronauts discovers an entrance. He enters the mysterious ship, using a flash light to navigate himself through. Inside is pristine, undamaged, and clearly very alien. Everything in the ship is strangely at odds with everything we´ve come to think of as what an alien space ship would be like. He looks around the machinery with wonder.

The others speak to him through their intercom system, asking if he´s got a visual. He answers back that he´s speechless. He enters one room and sees a 3d star map, he presses on one of the galaxies, and an alien program comes on, speaking in a strange alien language, it seems to be explaining the lay out of another star system.

Finally he enters another room, it is white and he is able to glide in it. He sees a unit gliding in the center of the room. He propels himself up. In the unit there is an icy substance, but you can make out through the substance a nonhuman figure. The astronaut can´t believe his eyes. He calls to speak to the team. “You guys have to get in here.” One answers “What the hells in there?” He replies “You´re not going believe this, they were right. I think, we´ve just made first contact.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I´m pretty sure I´ve just found the pilot.”

The last shot of the scene is a picture of our astronaut, his face reflected off the Cryogenic Unit, his eyes wide with profound contemplation.

Cut to,

Tag: 1 year later

Inside a secret subterranean lab. We are in two rooms partitioned by a one sided mirror. The Cryogenic Unit, is in a brightly lit room, various machines are connected to it, which are obviously, checking through multimodal monitors that the creature in side the unit is still alive.

We see that that on the other side of the mirror are various scientists in a lab checking the vital statistics on computer systems, of the alien being.

Dr. Erdel and Amanda Waller enter the room. They start asking the scientists questions. The scientists, comment some strange activity has been happening over the last couple of days, they are detecting high levels of electro magnetic energy emanating from the room. They can´t explain it. He also seems to be rapped in a field of kinetic energy.

Dr. Erdel asks if they think they are ready to release him from stasis. Amanda objects, saying they don´t know enough about the creature yet; he might not survive the release, could end up in shock or he could be dangerous.

Dr. Erdel retorts, we´re not going to find out much more if he is kept in a state of suspended animation.

Another scientist, a slightly older gentlemen, approaches Erdel and Waller very excited, he claims that of all the technology found, the stasis unit isn´t actually that complicated to figure out. It´s still advanced nanorobotics, but it´s almost like it comes with the manual. Dr Erdel says he has infected the alien system with a nanotechnology virus, and, now his nonobots are literally translating every aspect of the technology into mathematic formulas. He claims who ever built the stasis unit wanted the occupant to be easily released. There is a button on it that will activate a release program which sets another medical physiological therapy program into motion automatically.

Amanda Waller, introduces Professor Ivo to Dr. Erdel as the leading thinker in nanotechnology (We find out more about him later).

Amanda has to leave. She says she is entertaining The President as well as many other dignitaries that evening. She invites Erdel; he says unfortunately he can´t come; he´s been studying 3d models of the aliens physiology, so as to determine his resistance to viruses and infections, Dr . Waller smiles, “You´ve got to get out of the office more; you know only 10% of this job is science. The most important part is politics. OK well send me a report on the Martians physiology, I was particularly interested in your report on the X Rays taken of his cranium.”

Amanda leaves. Dr. Ivo jumps in, asking Dr. Erdel about his findings, as Dr. Erdel leaves the room. “Fascinating. You´ve been studying the creatures brain structure. So what are your findings?”

“That´s actually classified.” Dr. Erdel says. “That´s clearance level 6 information.”

Dr. Erdel is about to enter the room with the Cryogenic Stasis Unit. He´s about to take out a card to open the door. When Dr. Ivo jumps in, using his card to open the door instead. A computer voice: “Cadmus, Clearance Level Six: Welcome Dr. Ivo.” Dr. Ivo smiles at Dr. Erdel, who immediately understands the implications of what he´s just heard.

Dr Erdel “OK, fine. Apart from the size of the cranium area, most of it is normal, as you notice the base of the head is actually much smaller. His face almost human looking.” By now they are standing over the stasis unit. You can now see a clear picture of the alien, through translucent liquid. He is green and his body is slender, with sharp angular features, his cranium is tapered, small antennas pop out of the top of the front part of his head, his face is fairly human looking, and kind.

Dr. Erdel continues: “The size of the tapered part of the cranium is approximately double that of the average human. From Forehead to his narrow occiput is 40 centermetres. The circumference of his skull therefore comes up to 98 centermetres. In the Xrays imaging, in a lot of ways his brain is similar to ours; from what I can see there´s brain stem, a slightly larger limbic system than ours, but still the individual parts concerning memory processing and management are no bigger than ours. Although he does have a large Amygdala. I think early on in their evolution there was a lot to fear. Probably highly emotional. Cerebellum, again, similar size. Now this is where it gets interesting, there cerebrum seems to have 4 hemispheres. Two at the front of the cranium and two at the back. Its hard to say what they do, with out performing Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography scans on them. But there cerebrum may have up to 30 trillion nerve cells alone. They´re quite remarkable.” (Something better)

Dr. Ivo, looks at the antenna connected to the forehead, he points “what about those? Are they connected to the brain?”

Dr. Erdel goes in for a closer look. Suddenly, the creatures eyes open, they glow red. The room begins to shake and the equipment goes flying into the ceiling. The one way mirror cracks. Dr. Erdel, seems to start having a seizure. Dr. Ivo in a state of shock sets off the alarms. We see a picture of the creature, whose eyes look frightened.

We then see into Dr. Erdels mind, as he screams on the floor.

Scattered images present themself to him: We see an images of a planet being destroyed by large spaceships.

Many who look like members of the aliens species, are packed into small rooms, with hardly space to breathe. They look scared.

We see corpses of his kind, stacked in large mass graves on another planet.

We see a picture of what appears to be a child alien.

Then everything stops. There is calm. The stuff in the room continues floating. Security bust in the door armed to the teeth.

They see the commotion and aim at the stasis unit. Dr Erdel: “ STOPPP!! Stop. It´s OK.” Dr. Ivo helps Erdel up. Erdel “I don´t know, but I think he´s scared.”

End Of Part 2

Cut to:

We now see Amanda in a party, celebrating the successful space mission. Many dignitaries, elite and top military are there. She´s talking to The President who is walking with her, drinking champagne. They talk about Chinese contracts, for the technology gained on the mission.

Amanda´s phone rings. She looks at it and politely excuses herself telling the President that she has to get the call. She walks into the hallway and picks up the phone.

You only hear her side of the conversation.

Amanda “This better be important I was talking to The President… What?! (Shocked) … when did this happen? … and what is his status now… OK, OK. I want a full medical check up and report on my table tomorrow afternoon… I don´t care what Dr. Erdel says, you tell him its an order … do it now… and I mean everything. Get that? Every thing from blood tests to psych eval.”

She gets off the phone stressed.

She enters an executive office room and locks it behind her; it´s her private quarters, she seems like the whole weight of the world is resting on her shoulders. There is a large open terrace, parrellel to the desk.

There are pictures of her family hung up on the wall. She looks at on with her and her children and smiles, they seem happy and care free, and for the first time you see a soft side to this woman of steel.

She goes over to get a stiff drink from the mini bar, with her back to the terrace balcony. A shadowy figure appears behind her. He steps out from the shadows, he´s wearing some kind of masked costume. He appears as a silhouette in the darkness of the night. She doesn´t even flinch as you realize that she knows someone behind her.

Amanda: “Hello, wasn´t expecting you here tonight. How did you get past security?”

She continues to calmly pour her drink. On the bar table there is a gun, the masked figure obviously can´t see it.

Amanda “You know what; doesn´t really matter. So… why you here?”

Shadowed figure “I tuned into your radio signal months ago. I know its not from this planet.” In a raspy voice.

Amanda “Quite the imagination you´ve got there.”

SF “Oh really? … Cause whatever you´ve got down there in the desert is emitting high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Your not covering your tracks well.”

Amanda: “What can I say? The labs canteen microwave is on the fritz.”

You see the mouth of the masked figure. He smiles.

Amanda: “You know, Cadmus could use good men like you.”

She takes a sip of the drink, puts it down and edges for the gun.

SF: “Cadmus could use good men full stop.”

Amanda: “I´m serious. Aren´t you fedup of this mysterious vigilante shtick. Jumping around Gotham roof tops, after psychopaths, dressed as a flying rodent.”

SF: “I don´t know this shtick gets me more action than I´ve ever had. Pulling all kinds a bad girls these days. They all have attitude problems, but on the flip side, their the kinky types, into whips, leather cat suits, skimpy green leotards.”

Amanda smiles retorting: “It’s the car right?! Chicks dig the car?”

SF: “Actually these days, they prefer the jet.” Smirking. As he says this we see her edging ever closer toward the gun.

SF Con´t: “…I´m watching you… when all this mess blows up in your face, I´ll be there to cleanup, and protect the people from you.”

Amanda spins round with the gun in hand, aiming for the figure. But he´s disappeared.

After a minute of looking around methodically (you can see her training by the way she searches the room) She goes back to the bar contemplates. Pours another stiff one, and drinks it down.

Amanda: “Still can´t figure out how he does that.”

She composes herself, then leaves the room. As she enters the hall to the Great Room, where the main body of the party is, a female excitable younger British colleague comes up to her. She says that she´s found the man, they´ve been looking for. “Oh he´s fascinating. You simply must meet him.”

She then finds the man, a well groomed bachelor in his twenties: The British lady introduces them: “Amanda Waller, meet, Bruce Wayne CEO of Wayne Enterprises.” Now the soft spoken Wayne shakes Wallers hand. Bruce: “Pleasure to meet you. You really are the hero of the day, overseeing this mission to Mars.” Amanda replies, “To be honest the real heroes are the brilliant scientists behind our team. They´ve been superb. I really wish you could have meet Professor Saul Erdel, but he´s not feeling well today… By the way this mission owes no small debt to Wayne Enterprises. We couldn´t have done this without your funding.”

Wayne: “Well, for all humanity has suffered for us stuffy, socially detached one per-centers, I feel my family owe them at least this much.”

Picture Fades cut to:

Later on that night. We are in the home of Dr. Saul Erdel. He is in the hallway with his wife, who complains that he´s late and how little she´s seen him. He explains that things got hairy at the office and he had to have a full medical check up. Worried she asks if he´s ok. He says that he´s fine. She asks him to say goodnight to Neils, their son. (They called him Neils Galileo Erdel: relevant later)

He goes and sees his son. Half asleep his son calls out for his dad as soon as he enters the room. He is about six years old. The son is unhappy because Dr. Erdel missed his play. They talk a while, and the son is upset, but then Dr. Erdel, begins tickling him to make him laugh. His son finally gives in, and Erdel promises he´ll try never ever to miss anything important to his Son again. He kisses him goodnight, “goodnight champ.” Then leaves the room.

Cut to

Erdel´s wife and he are sleeping in bed. Suddenly we see Erdel is distressed.

Erdels Dream –

Erdel is transported into an alien world. We see this as if he is observing the life of the alien in stasis.

We are in the home of the alien. He is in a room of a medieval looking house. There are two other aliens with him, one who is a child, the other seems to be his wife. The small alien runs up to him, and jumps in our aliens arms. He embraces her warmly. The three then take a walk to the balcony, and we see from there point of view the landscape of an idyllic ancient kingdom. They look to the sky and two bright suns light the heavens, so clearly that you can even make out other planets in the distance.

The wife warmly embraces her husband looking at the pleasant scene.

Then out of nowhere, the sky suddenly turns black. The color of death. The two suns are now hidden, and the alien family become alarmed.

Suddenly a large grey metallic space ship pierces the sky. And in an instant, you see in the distance a purple spherical flame engulf another part of the alien world, then disappear in a flash.

Back to Erdel in Bed with his wife: His wife is woken as Erdel begins to wildly tremble. She tries to comfort him.

Back to Erdel´s dream:

We skip to a whole long queue of beaten and dishevelled green aliens being herded, by demonic pale translucent aliens, into what appears to be death camps.


You see the Aliens wife and an alien child in a death chamber. She puts her hand on a small window in the metal door separating her from whatever is on the other side. Then inside the room flames rise… She is literally being burnt alive.

The last image is of the alien in Cadmus labs in the Cryogenic chamber. An image of his eyes filled with raw pain. Cut to full view of the room: All the equipment flies into the air smashing in the walls, in all different directions.

Dream ends

Erdel wakes up in a cold sweat, screaming “Noooo!!!”

Erdel´s wife “Saul baby, whats going on?”

Erdel “Oh, nothing baby, just get back to bed now. It´s OK. Sorry, just had a bit of a nightmare that’s all.”

Erdel´s wife. “Can I get you something? Some water?”

Erdel´s “Sure baby, sure some water would be good.”

She gets up to get him water, leaving the room.

Erdel immediately makes a phone call. “Amanda… Yeah, it´s me. I´m OK… There´s been another disturbance in the lab?!…smashed?! … all of it?... Look, I think I know whats going on … we need him out of stasis now and we need a psychiatrist… Yes that’s what I said, a specialist in post-traumatic stress disorder… I´ll brief you in the office first thing in the morning.”

Cut to conference room. Dr. Erdel is in front of a lectern, behind him is a white board, with an image of the aliens cranial structure projected on it. The room is split one side with an international panel of scientists and on the other American military personnel. Amanda sits on the side with the military, next to a stern looking gentlemen, in Generals attire. He looks skeptical and ready for a fight.

Erdel: “ I´ve brought you all here today, to explain why releasing our alien visitor from stasis has now become an urgent matter of National Security.”

A scientist: “You want to release the Martian! why?”

Erdel: “First of all I don´t believe our visitor is a Martian.”

Gen Wade Eiling, the angry General sitting next to Amanda, interrupts: “What the hell are you talking about? We found him on Mars didn´t we? What evidence do you have to support, he´s from somewhere else?”

Erdel: “I´ve been having dreams, well actually nightmares.”

Eiling: “Did you say dreams? Dreams? What kind of hack scientist are you?”

Erdel: “General Eiling, if you´ll let me explain. I believe our visitor has some kind of extrasensory gifts.”

Eiling slumps back in indignant disbelief.

Erdel points to the Cerebrum portion of the aliens brain: “As you can see in nearly all parts of his brain, there is similarity to the human brain. However, there is one important difference. Where as the human brain is split into two hemispheres, their brain seems to have four. Two on either side of, another two inner central hemispheres. On the Cerebrum section of the two outer hemispheres, everything is normal, seeming to regulate the same higher functions of the brain as human brains; perception, reasoning, memory, complex emotion. However these two inner hemispheres of the cerebrum, which arose in a more primitive stage of their evolution, seem to regulate some kind of extrasensory abilities. The levels of electromagnetic activity around this area is fascinating.”

Eiling: “What has this got to do with your dreams?”

Erdel “Our thoughts, express themselves as electromagnetic fields. If somehow his mind can manipulate those fields, or interpret them, he could literally see into our minds, our feelings, our moods. Its probably become so second nature to his species they don´t even think about it.”

Eiling “If this thing is psychic, as far as I´m concerned it makes him even more of a threat.”

Erdel: “I think he´s made an unconscious psychic link with me. We are sharing dreams. And, if any of what I see has some basis in fact, I´m deeply concerned. ”

Eiling: “OK, so what have you seen.”

Erdel: “His world, wiped out, it was an extermination General. A highly advanced alien civilization, came to his world, murdering, enslaving, torturing, his people, without conscience, without remorse, without pity. They slaughtered men, women, children, killed his whole family. And by the looks of it, he escaped, by steeling one of their ships. Coming here. That means General, who ever did this to his world, they can get here too. We have to wake him and find out everything he knows about these aliens.”

Eiling: “And how do you know, what your seeing isn´t, in fact him reminiscing about the good old days, during his tour in “Venus” when he committed genocide over a whole civilization?” (Said sarcastically)

Erdel: “Because I´m psychcically connected to him. I can bet my professional career on the fact he isn´t responsible for it.”

Amanda: “And are you willing to bet the world on that too?”

Erdel: “If what I´ve seen of his mind is true, which I believe it is, I think we´d be betting against the world if we don´t wake him.”

Eilings eyes roll over with cynicism.

Erdel: “Look whatever it is in there is in a great deal of pain. He has witnessed the death of everything he loves. He has somehow reached out to me, and I´m feeling what he´s feeling. The symptoms I have are the same as the soldier returning from the Vietnam war.”

Eiling: “I don´t think it´s the little green man, I think its you whose cracked up doc. I think the pressure of the jobs getting to you.”

A young attractive blonde in a lab jacket gets up, making her way to the front. She says: “I think I can help my esteemed colleague explain this matter.”

Eiling: “Oh God, Professor Harleen Quinzel, yet another quack with an agenda.”

Erdel: “Yes this is Professor Harleen Quinzel, Professor of neurology and mental disorders.”

Harleen: “I´m also the leading expert in neurology, studying neurological factors that contribute to psychopathologies and specifically Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Professor Erdel has briefed me extensively on the matter, and it is clear, however much it may be difficult to comprehend, that our visitor clearly has abilities, that have allowed him to fuse his subconscious mind with Professor Erdel´s.

Harleen Cont´: “The symptoms I have observed in Saul´s behavior, and those that his wife has reported to me, are hallmark signs of coping with a trauma. Hyper vigilance, jumpiness, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, flashbacks, nightmares; this kind of behavior does not surface over night, and there is nothing in Saul´s biography to explain this sudden shift of mood …. Added to that, the fact that Professor Erdel has reported to me sudden sensations of irrational paranoia, that this slumbering aliens tormentors, are somewhere close, they feel almost omnipresent. It is clear that whether these monsters are Saul´s demons, or in fact the aliens, the true sufferer of this trauma, is the victim. Those are symptoms suffered by the abused, not the abuser.”

Eiling: ” Let me ask you something Professor Quinnel, isn´t it true that you think every ones the victim? Every ones abused? Isn´t that why you testify under oath, that those crazed maniacs in Gotham, responsible for some of the most sadistic crimes of the century, are really the victims of abusive childhoods. You even testified that that psychopath, animal who killed 19 people, snuffed out six cops, actually suffered from multiple personality disorder, due to early childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his father. So really he was the victim, and not truly responsible for his actions. The clown was literally laughing all the way out of court.”

Harleen cooly replies.

“I don´t see how my work in Arkum has anything to do with this current affair.”

Eiling: “You´re not objective, and the science you pursue is a pseudoscience. Which is why you had that animal put away in your little asylum, rather than the electric chair, where he belongs.”

Amanda: “OK that´s enough General. We´ve heard your proposal and we´ll take it under advisement. Lets all get out, get some fresh air and lunch.”

Picture fades

Cut to,


Erdel walks into Amanda´s office. He´s very agitated. She gets off the phone just as he enters.

Amanda: “Saul, sit down.” He sits.

Amanda Con´t.: “The committee didn´t agree, they thought it was to dangerous, with all the powers he´s displayed.”

Erdel immediately gets fired up, ready to defend his position with all the power at his disposal.

Erdel. “God dammit. God dammit. It was General Eiling wasn´t it? He just can´t see it can he, the ignorant son of a ….”

Amanda: “Watch your tongue Professor. That man´s served this nation proudly, and he´s made more sacrifices for this country than you´ll ever imagine… Anyway, as I was saying, the committee, didn´t agree to your proposal… So, I went to the President.”

She pauses

“He has vito powers over the defense committee. I explained your position, and your impeccable record on this mission, and he´s agrees wholeheartedly with your concerns. He says you can release the Martian, under maximum security and with the supervision of the secret services.”

Erdel: “You did that. I thought…”

Amanda: “I love my country, and if that thing knows anything at all that can harm it, then, we need to know… And, also, I respect your instincts professor… You´ll be running the team, along with Professor. Ivo. We´d prefer if you don´t bring that Coo Coo bird Harleen Quinnzel anywhere near this facility again…”

Erdel looks stunned.

Amanda: “Is that understood Professor?” He nods, in agreement. Amanda Con´t: “Well that will be all then.”

She immediately starts reading a folder on her desk, before Erdel´s even left. Erdel gets up and leaves her office. He closes the door, but then immediately pops his head through again.

Erdel “By the way mam…” She looks up serious.

Erdel con´t “He´s not a Martian.” She smirks looking back at her file.

Amanda: “Get out of here, you clown.”

End Of part 3


Wonder Woman Fan Cast

jpfola26 - 8/4/2012

FANCAST: A Modern Take On Wonder Woman inspired by the Nolanverse

I was thinking today about the possibilities for the future of Superhero story telling in film. There is so much to be excited about in the post Batman trilogy era. After having just seen The Dark Knight Rises, which I think was great (but not quite Batman begins or The Dark Knight), one of the things I was pleasently surprised with was how Nolan tinkered with characters, such as Robin and Bane, to make them modern and more relatable. I personally never thought I´d like Robin, but I did. What was great is he took the essence and tragedy of the character, but just made him more palatble.

This made me think could we do this for Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash? So that the Justice league movie can operate in a similar universe as The Batman trilogy and the new Man Of Steel movie (at least I hope superman will inhabit a world similar in tone to our own. It´s a fantastic concept. What would be the real world implications of a Superman? And how would it feel to be that guy?

As such I set myself the challenge to come up with an origin storyline for each Justice League member, for a solo movie, in which the worlds connect, but also to some extent operate like our own. Obviously I don´t want to take the fun a way, this will still be comic movies, with plenty of scifi tropes, however these will be radical modern reinterpretations of the mythology which are somewhat grittier in tone. The challenge for me is to make these characters speak to our generation, while making sure we remain faithful to the spirit of their characters.

With Superman I will do a possible Man Of Steel 2, and what I hope to see in Man Of Streel and I´m working on an idea for a Batman reboot, which is more a neonoir detective story in tone.

However my main targets are Wonder Woman, The Flash and Martian Man Hunter. Green Lantern is quite tough.

In this article I will provide cast, and, director for a Modern take on Wonder Woman.

In another article called "WonderWoman Plot For Film Inspired By Nolan and the New 52 comics" I outlined my storyline.

Wonder Woman Cast and Director:

Director: Mary Harron.

She´s a wonderful director, with a very ironic, dark sense of humour.

Some of her films are true modern master pieces and she should get more work.

She´s also got a real cool feminist edge to her work.

Her Work

The Notorious Betty Page: The story of Bettie Page, uber-successful 1950's pin-up model, one of the first sex icons in America, and the target of a Senate investigation (based on her bondage photos).

I Shot Andy Warhol: Based on the true story of Valerie Solanas who was a 60s radical preaching hatred toward men in her "Scum" manifesto. She wrote a screenplay for a film that she wanted Andy Warhol to produce, but he continued to ignore her. So she shot him. This is Valerie's story

Oh she directed a Little known film: ;)

American Psycho: A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies.

Wonder Woman

Original Origin Story

Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and was created by Marston, an American, as a "distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men." [2] Known in her homeland as Diana of Themyscira, her powers include superhuman strength, flight (even though the original Wonder Woman did not have this ability), super-speed, super-stamina, and super-agility. She is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in the art of tactical warfare. She also possesses animal-like cunning skills and a natural rapport with animals, which has been presented as an actual ability to communicate with the animal kingdom. She uses her Lasso of Truth, which forces those bound by it to tell the truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and, in some stories, an invisible airplane.

Created during World War II, the character was initially depicted fighting the Axis military forces, as well as an assortment of supervillains. In later decades, some writers maintained the World War II setting, with many of its themes and story arcs, while others updated the series to reflect the present day. Wonder Woman has also regularly appeared in comic books featuring the superhero teams Justice Society (from 1941) and Justice League (from 1960). Arguably the most popular and iconic female superhero in comics, Wonder Woman is also considered a feminist icon.[2] She was named the 20th greatest comic book character by Empire magazine.[3] She was ranked sixth in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.[4]

Initially, Wonder Woman was an Amazon champion who wins the right to return Steve Trevor — a United States intelligence officer whose plane had crashed on the Amazons' isolated island homeland — to "Man's World" and to fight crime and the evil of the Nazis.

During the Silver Age, Wonder Woman's origin was revamped,[11] along with other characters'. The new origin story increased the character's Hellenic and mythological roots: receiving the blessing of each deity in her crib, Diana is destined to become "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes."[12]

Original Powers, Abilities And Weapons:

Superhuman strength, Endurance and Durability, Super Speed, Flight (originally in invisible plane), Enhanced healing factor, Divine Wisdom, superior hand-to-hand combatant.

Original Weapons:

Laso of Truth: If rapped around someone they are forced to tell her the truth. It´s near unbreakable, she has great accuracy with the weapon.

Bracelets of Victory: These are a pair of steel cuffs that are indestructible because they were created from the remains of Zeus’s Aegis shield. Wonder Woman can use her super reflexes to deflect projectiles, blades, punches, or any form of offensive attack used against her (including Darkseid’s Omega Beams.) In some iterations when Diana crosses them to protect her from impact with larger projectiles as well as damage inflicted by explosions and collisions with hard surfaces, the bracelets generate a small energy shield.

Royal Tiara - Her tiara is razor sharp and can be used so as to return to her when thrown.

The Invisible Plane – speaks for itself its an invisible plane.

Battle Armor - When faced with a larger threat, Diana will wear her Amazon battle armor for added protection as well as use martial weapons such as swords.

Magical Sword - On occasions Wonder Woman has employed a magical sword of unknown (though presumably Amazon) origin. This sword has been used most specifically against those with the power of invulnerability as invulnerability generally does not work against magical items.

I have decided to change some of WW powers for the film, as I believe some of her powers are not credibly filmable or are quite frankly silly.

Now if Nolan can tinker with Robin´s origin, sparing us the embarrassment of seeing a teenage circus acts parents killed by criminals, before being adopted by Bruce Wayne, and becoming The Boy Wonder, then I think we can make some allowances with Wonder Woman´s powers. Now one has to be careful doing this. The worst thing is to de-power her our warrior princess. You´ll be having feminists raising hell for a whole year, on how they´ve de-powered the only powerful woman in comics.

And they´d be right.

Just to let you know, the things I have a problem with are her super speed because it makes her to much like a female superman, her bracelets, which I´ll explain later, her laso of truth, the boomerang Tiara and the magic plane.

As such I´ve decided to tweek her abilities rather than take them away. I believe everything changed nonetheless keeps to the spirit of the character.

New Powers And Abilities:

Superhuman Strength, Endurance and Durability, super fast reflexes, superior hand-to-hand combat, Devine Wisdom, flight.

New Weapons:

Battle Armor: Magic Suit Of Armor forged by Hephaestus a master craftsman of armor. (Also Brother Of Ares). The armor gives its wearer superhuman powers, the extent of which varies depending on how skilled a warrior they are. Since Diana is a vastly superior warrior, she gains incredible strength (She is very strong with out the suit, but this gives her the strength of The Gods), Endurance and Durability, Devine Wisdom and superfast reflexes, the cape at the back of it allows her to fly.

But the armor has a weakness, if you manage to break her Golden Laso it no longer functions. Only Hephaestus can make it work again. This will become relevant in later chapters.

Bracelets Of Victory: Now maybe it´s a lack of vision on my part, but I can´t see some one sensibly filming anyone deflecting 100 of rounds of bullets shot at them rapidly. It will look quite silly really. So instead I think WW should have super reflexes allowing her to Dodge objects Matrix style and when it gets to much, her Bracelets come when crossed generate a protective energy shield which can cause the bullets to ricochet.

Laso Of Truth: Now here I might get some complaints, but I´ll say it straight. A Laso of Truth, kind of silly. I think the rope should rather allow her a limited view into an individuals mind, subconscious, their dreams and fears.

If this were the case it could make for a funny scene where she raps the rope around Steve and in his mind, all he´s thinking about is her WW in bra and pants, at which point she gives him a slap. Then later a more touching scene, when she realizes Steve´s dad was a wife beating alchoholic and Steve tried to protect his mum from him when he was younger. It works with the Magic Tiara.

Also if her Golden Lasdo is broken, her armor no-longer Works. The Laso is incredibly strong but not unbreakable. In a Justice League Movie, this could be useful to add tension to the drama if

she´s taken out by a super villain who is able to snap it.

The Magic Tiara: Also known as The Cyclopes Eye. At it´s centre is a magic jewel, which allows the wearer to see into the minds and dreams of those they tie with the Magic Laso. It also relates to her magic sword. Forged by the twins gemini ( Castor and Polydeuces), there is a matching Tiara worn by Queen Hippolytus, which allows her to sense if her daughter is in pain or trouble. WW doesn´t know about this at first.

Magic Sword Of Theseus: The sword forged of metals unknown, is the only thing that can slay immortals, Gods, the living dead or those invulnerable to harm, (i.e. Superman) It was used by Theseus to Slay The Minotaur.

Also with the Magic Tiara on Diana can call upon the sword at any time, so it appears and vanishes as if from thin air. If it is dropped it she can call for it to return to her hand. This only happens if The Tiara is on.

Those are my changes. I hope they are not to radical for hardcore Wonder Woman fans.

Actors To Play Her:

choice 1. Rebecca Hall:

The young talented Rebecca Hall has a real edge to her. She often plays outsiders or tougher women. She´d be a great suit for Wonder Woman, she clearly can play strong minded women, she has a nobel and likable quality to her, she´s hot and she actually has great comic timing. I think in Wonder Woman film, theirs a lot of space for humor. Especially in the relationship between Steve and WW you´d needs this. Someone who can act very serious, but play it for laughs. You know like her putting Steve in his place whenever he cheekily tries it on with her.

Check her out in the beginning of this trailer for Vickie Christina Barcelona

2. Berenice Marlohe


If she can shed her accent which I think she can, because it isn´t strong (as you´ll see in the video below) I think she could be a great fit for Wonder Woman. She has a very regal but soft quality to her face. You may not know her yet, but she´s playing a sort of villain in the next Bond movie. She seems Like she´s going to be really good from the clips I´ve seen, and I think she looks great.

3. Christina Hendricks

I got a lot of flack about this choice in my last Fancast blog (CHECK IT OUT: Fancast: Man Of Steel 2, Batman Reboot, Wonder Woman, Justice League And Beyond) Apparently people can´t see it because of her figure, hair color and well her giant … you know. ☺ But she has actually been considered for the role.

I think I put my reasons best in answer I gave to a friend online.

“Jay Jay Caw, you read my mind about CH´s assets. :) But on a serious note, I do think

she´s good, and I´m thinking out of the box a bit. I mean it would kind of be ironic if Joan Halloway (Mad Men) whose antics in the show represent everything that modern woman should strive not to be like, does a 180 and pulls off Wonder woman. I have to admit to you guys a lot of it is curiosity because she´s so off the mark and the physical type of The Amazonian Warrior, from red hair to chubby features, that I want to see if she can some how pull it off. really curious because in a totally different way from Wonder Woman, she´s the only sex bomb in TV or movie I´ve seen in recent time convincingly, eat her male prey alive.

So in conclusion, I´m not just looking for someone who will look like they can be torn straight out of the comic book, I´m looking for someone who can capture the essence of WW. Someone like Heath Ledger with the Joker, who will have to work to be the character. A good diet, a strict fitness regime and some schrewd makeup wizardry and I think she´s got the acting chops to make a modern Wonder Woman.

Read more at.”

Queen Hippolyta:

Queen Hippolyta is a fictional character and DC Comics superhero, based on Hippolyta, Queen of The Amazons in Greek mythology. She is also the mother of Wonder Woman and Donna Troy.

1. Naomi Watts

I think by the time they get to production for WW, Naomi Watts would be about the right age to play her. With a little makeup to make her look slightly older she looks the part. My reasons are quite simple she´s a great actress, with a very strong presence and I think she would have the right level of maturity and maternal instinct to play her.

2. Kate Winslet

Now a lot might think Kate´s a bit young looking for the job. But you must remember the women of the island of Themyscira do not age past a certain point. And she could be put in makeup to look slightly older. I think Winslet is a brilliant actress and I just think she´s right for the role. She´ll be the ultimate superhero MILF if you like.

3. Mala

Mala is the name of two fictional characters who first appeared in the DC Comics' universe as two members of Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons.

Mala was one of the most important Amazons in the Golden Age adventures of Wonder Woman. Mala was with Diana when they discovered Steve Trevor floating in the sea, and they worked together to bring him to shore. Mala was also the last Amazon standing alongside a masked Diana during the contest to determine who would venture into Man's World as the Amazon champion.[1]

1. Sophia Vergara

Now I would have picked this chick for Wonder Woman were it not for her accent. But since the strong Columbian thing, probably wouldn´t fly, and, I can´t see her shedding such a thick accent,

I´ll go for second best, Wonder Woman´s best friend and frequent sparring partner, the man hating, pro female separatist, and second greatest warrior of Paradise Island Mala.

She´s often depicted as slightly older than Diana, so I think Sofia´s around the right age, and

she´s funny, so I think she can pull off some comic lines about men. Oh and trust me when I say a cat fight between Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks would be a thing of utter beauty.

4. Circe

Circe is a fictional character, a villainous sorceress and a major adversary of Wonder Woman appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Based upon the Greek mythological character of the same name who imprisoned Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.


I would change Circe´s history for the film, so as to set her up as villain in the second. In my version she was an Amazonian warrior, who is Mala and Diana´s best friend. She really loves Diana, and is willing to do anything for her. She however has taken to heart the Amazonian teachings and is disgusted by men. So when she´s entered into the competition to decide who goes to Mans World, she has no problem letting Diana take her place. Diana wears her helmet and battle suit, making everyone think it´s her.

After Diana wins, we find out it is Circe´s duty that nightt to Guard the portal to Mans World. However she is killed by Ares, in a sneak attack, although she fights a brave battle. When he escapes from Paradise Island through the Portal to Man´s World, the alarm is raised and everyone realizes Circe has been killed. Diana is broken hearted and swears revenge for her friends life. However we find out in Wonder Woman 2, Circe went to the Under World, there Hades drove her crazy, with images of WW, falling for Steve. She perceiving men to be weak and seeing Steve as the reason she died, views WW relationship with Steve as a betrayal. Hades realizing the mischief he can cause, has her soul possessed by Lileth the demon queen and Circe back to earth. Now due to being possessed by Lileth Circe is gifted with Dark Magic and her already keen warrior skills are strengthened. She and Cheetah are the main villains of WW 2.

1. Michelle Monaghan

I´m not sure how old she is now, but she is definitely the look for the character. She also has a dark edge to her when she wants.

2. Elisebeth Olsen.

A really good actress who I think could convey the complexity of this characters journey. She really did a a great job in Martha Marcy May Marlene, and clearly knows how to play emotionally scarred characters, with complicated motivations.

5. Dr. Amanda Waller

Dr. Amanda Blake Waller is a character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Legends #1 in 1986, and was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne. Despite not possessing any superpowers, she has persistently proven herself a powerful foe of the superheroes of the DC universe and antiheroine, and in 2009, Amanda Waller was ranked as IGN's 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.[1]

Nicknamed "the Wall", she is a former congressional aide and government agent often placed in charge of the Suicide Squad, a semi-secret government-run group of former supervillains working in return for amnesty. She later served as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor, before being arrested in the wake of Luthor's public fall from grace. Waller was recently reassigned to the leadership of Checkmate as White Queen, but has been forced to resign because of her involvement in Operation Salvation Run.

1. Mo´Nique

Mo´Nique quite surprisingly proved herself to be quite the thesp in the movie Precious recently. She definitely has screen presence. She can go from strong, then switch to cold, from intimidating to charming to vulnerable, in an instant. She´s pretty much my only choice for this role.

I think she´d nail it.

6. Etta Candy

Since the 1987 Greg Potter-George Pérez revamp of Wonder Woman, Etta has been romantically linked with, and eventually married to, Steve Trevor, who is no longer Diana's love interest.

1. Elizebeth Banks

She´d be great in this role. I´d make the character a real bitch. Constantly flirting with Rogers. Annoying the hell out of WW. Steve obviously finds her cute but finds WW much hotter. Basically

she´ll play a vulnerable little girl lost with out a big strong man to help her, then straight into bitchy vixen when steve isn´t looking. She´ll use her sexuality to present herself as weak and vulnerable and in need of help to do anything lest she break a nail. But she´ll also know how to stick the claws into Diana. (Can anyone say Cat fight)

2. Christen Wiig

Similar thing really, she´s also got great comedic timing and I think she could give some heart to Etta. After all Etta wouldn´t be a real villain just a comedy one.

7. Hera

Hera is the Goddess of love and marriage. Also she´s wife and older sister to Zeus (err!) She allowed the five Goddesses and Hermes to grant Wonder Woman her powers and abilities. Hera promised Queen Hippolyta a child and granted her a champion. Affectively she´s the second mother of WW, she breathed life into the baby Diana, who was formed by Hippolyta from sand.

(Man could this be a great scene: explain later)

1. Juliet Binoche

As she would be the imperial Goddess, wife of Zeus, it could be some hot young actress. But nonetheless I think the better choice would be to go for a slightly older maternal figure and an actress with a huge amount of dignity to her. If any have seen the English patient you know that´s Juliet Binoche.

(I also think there should be a little kiss between mothers, as Hera brings Diana to life, just to piss off those against gay marriage and adoption, have WW´s birth symbolize a child of purely woman born. Just a thought)

8. Hephaestus

Is a Greek god whose Roman equivalent was Vulcan. He is the son of Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the Gods - or else, according to some accounts, of Hera alone. He was the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsman, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire

And volcanoes. He is also brother to Ares. He created Diana´s armor.

In DC comics he´s famed for making very powerful suits of armor, but each time leaving a single fault in the design, so no one becomes more powerful than him.

1. Ray Winstone

Again I have to say my only choice here is this guy. He´s just is a great actor and I could see him playing a tough, old and cynical brother to Ares. And if WW´s gear needs fixing I could see him playing real mind games before fixing it for her and causing a great deal of trouble for Diana.

9. Steve Trevor


Steve Trevor is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics, as the primary love interest of Wonder Woman. He first appeared in All Star Comics #8 (December 1941/January 1942).

In my version he´s actually a pilot recently recruited to NASA´s space program. He´s an ace pilot, whose talent is matched only by his recklessness, and goofy charm. He grew up with a abusive father, who routinely took fists to his mother. Loving his mother dearly, as he grew older he began to protect her, and has since felt a real sense of protectiveness over women. Which is why he always puts himself on the line to save WW, even though she believes she is not in need of his assistance. This is something WW finds extremely annoying and patronizing to her warrior skills, she feels she need no help from a man. However, when she puts her Golden Laso on him and delves into his subconscious realizing Trevor´s true motivations for his protectiveness of women, she is saddened realizing he´s had a tough life, while in comparison hers has been relatively privileged, as really she´s a princess that hasn´t suffered a day in her life. This makes her feel somewhat guilty, and is what in the movie brings them closer together.

1. Ryan Gosling

Well this would be great casting (I´ve seen others say he should be Batman. Their crazy) If anyone could get under the skin of the Amazonian princess, and be cheeky enough to get her to want to slap him as much as she wants to save him or kiss him, it´s the Gosling. I think he could be heroic, got style, he´s got cool, he´s charming and theirs something about him that is hard to dislike. It would be a great suit for him to be the only guy in the world who could pull Wonder Woman. It´s just him.

2. Anthony Mackie

By the way I can hear you all saying it already. Come on get it out, I know you want to. “But Steve Trevor isn´t black!!”. I´m not going to lie, I get more annoyed than anyone when people fancast black guys in comic character roles when it is obvious they shouldn´t play. Why? because for some characters it´s essential to their character that they are white. But when it isn´t essential, and we can do something different, why not?

So where I´d object to having a black Batman (as a lot of people want Idris Elba to be), or nonjewish magneto, or Ben Affleck playing any superhero role ;) I wouldn´t object to an Asian or African American wolverine, if they could play it. The reason it is essential to the character of Batman to be the normal image of a play boy billionaire, so he doesn´t raise suspicion as to him being Batman. Also and more importantly Wayne Enterprises and the wealth in his family go back generations, and sorry there just weren´t many black business tycoons in the 19th century.

If Bruce Wayne isn´t a billionaire play boy, orphan and therefore CEO of Wayne Enterprises, we are no longer dealing with Batman, we rather, have just invented another character. That´s what making him black would do.

But lets think about Steve Rogers, would it affectively change anything essential about him by making him black. I don´t think so. And think about the event the WW film would be. It´s radical. WW first female superhero, feminist icon basically born of a lesbian union, radical modernizing of the origin story, first film to star woman as main superhero. Add to that we change Steve Trevor to a black guy, love or hate the change, it will have people talking. A radical choice for a radical film. Oh and he´s a fantastic actor, see below both Gosling and Mackie in fantastic scene.

10. Young Lex Luthor


Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is a fictional character supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. He is the archenemy of Superman, and a major adversary of Batman and other superheroes in the DC Universe. Created byJerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, he first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April 1940). Luthor is described as "a power-mad, evil scientist" of high intelligence and incredible technological prowess.[1] His goals typically center on killing Superman, usually as a stepping stone to world domination.

If you read my idea for the script you will realize Lex may have a small cameo in WW. But a younger Lex.

1. Dane Dehaan

I think he´d be great as a young egocentric genius, who creates some kind of space portal, just out of boredom. Dane´s a good match for this, he can certainly play screwed up characters. So I´m sure he could do a cameo as a young Lex. I stress young. Before everyone gets all like how can you think he could play Lex? He´s about 15 years old.

11. Ares

Ares is a fictional character, a supervillainous Greek God appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Based upon the Greek mythological figure of the same name, he is the god of war and one of the major adversaries of Wonder Woman. He first appeared in Wonder Woman #1, volume 1, published in the summer of 1942, written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. In the very next issue,[1] he reappeared under his Roman name, Mars.


He would retain this name until February 1987,[2] when comics writer/artist George Pérez restored the Greek name Ares as part of his reboot of the Wonder Woman mythos. As the narrative continuity of the Wonder Woman comic has been adjusted by different writers throughout the years, various versions of Mars/Ares, with various personalities and physical appearances, have been presented. His current incarnation has, in recent years, appeared in one of two guises - either as a muscular blond man in contemporary clothing, with red eyes and a scarred torso; or as a demonic Greek warrior clad in black and blue battle armor, face hidden by a war helmet.

POWERS: Immortality, virtually indestructible armor, master of conflict and strategy

As the god of war, Ares draws and nourishes his powers from malevolent psychic energy, such as war, famine, genocide, greed. As more evil forces surround him, he gains God like strength, superhuman speed and stamina, complete command over any weapon, necromancy, energy projection, and, weather manipulation. He´s also been known to shape shift, transforming into other individuals.


Wonder Woman

"Ares stop hiding behind your tricks and face me."


"You know for one granted the wisdom of the Gods, you really

ought to grow up"

Ares then conjures up the spirits of dead warriors to face Wonder Woman and walks off.

1. Mads Mikkelsen

I hope the above wet your appetite for destruction.

The God Of War and I think Wonder Woman´s coolest villain is the most filmable of her rogue gallery. He has super cool powers, and as his strength grows he can even control any weapon psychically. With tanks and missiles that would be very cool, especially seeing modern weapons along side the souls of dead warriors who can also conjour up. He definitely one of the greatest villains, and like the Joker, one who can be interpreted in so many ways. That´s the fun of him.

Here is the way, to do a Dark Knight or Man Of Steel with Wonder Woman. A great villain. Have The God Of War as her nemesis. The greatest woman warrior, and a feminist icon, conflicting with the violence and wonton destruction of Modern Man´s world and the Sex in The City Generation of women. And who greater to represent man´s destructive capacity than Ares, the God, who´s power literally feeds off death, famine, greed and misery. I really think it would be a waste if Mads didn´t do it. He´s a great actor and perfect for the role. He just has that crazy look in his eye. He´s perfect.


Wonder Woman

"She was innocent, and you murdered her, you murdered my sister."


"What can I say Diana?... I guess I just felt like destroying something beautiful." (Smiles)

2. Edward Norton

He´s a great actor and he´s always looking for challenging roles. I think he has the acting chops to make Ares really frightening and cool. This is a role that could really play to his talent of transforming into his characters. He certainly can play twisted psychos, he can also play slick, smooth and confident really well, which Ares would have to be.

Now if he said that when Wonder Woman asks him why he killed her friend. That would be psycho. ;)

3. Vincent Cassel

Again another fantastic actor who can play the dark side really well.

I´ve liked him in everything I´ve seen him in. He just exudes cool. And if the God Of War is anything, it´s cool.

12. Ares Main henchmen

Some martial artists who could play Ares main henchmen.

1. Tony Jaa

Brilliant Thai martial artist who needs to break into Hollywood.

2. Jija Yanin

Another brilliant Hong Kong martial based Asian movie star, who does beautifully choreographed scenes

Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fan_fic/news/?a=65145#0W5ovMbQUKUz6R0W.99


WonderWoman Plot For Film Inspired By Nolan and the New 52 comics

Important Background

The CIA and the military, restart a secret Project that was shut down due to its danger. Some years ago a young genius named Lex Luthor was causing a stir at Harvard when they thought he had created a device that could hurl objects through Space and Time. The young man, a son of an eccentric multimillionaire, was quickly taken in by a Secret Government Agency, which was a division of the CIA, called Cadmus. They took him into top secret underground labs in hope they could get some of their brightest minds to help him. But his mind was so advanced that even their top military scientists couldn´t really assist him, as they could barely understand what he was doing. The math behind required an almost preternatural comprehension of String Theory, quantum mechanics, applied physics, submolecular and Atomic Physics and engineering etc. Even more astonishing was this 17 year old already doing a PHd in physics, seemed have started the project for mere kicks. They had never seen a mind quite like his. Before Lex had completed work, and eager to test the device, a cadmus agent named Amanda Waller had the device recreated, in a remote subterranean compound, somewhere abroad.

A fearless army officer named Hal Jordon was to test the portal. At first everything went well; the portal seemed stable. However, as soon as Hal stepped through the portal, it started to collapse, all the scientists who witnessed the experiment died, as the compound imploded, collapsing a half mile of desert above the compound. Hal Jordan is never Heard of again.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor, now in Washington DC, is under the impression that he has finally perfected his machine and believes it is ready for nonhuman trials.

Amanda Waller on hearing this and knowing the devastation Cadmus´ copy has caused, shuts down the program. They pay off Luthor 1 billion dollars to keep quiet about it, and to not pursue any further experimentation in the area. Luthor who had started building the machine purely out of boredom as he was tired of beating his computer at chess, and had already finished his Harvard PHd thesis six months ahead of schedule. Never really that passionate about it, and more interested in being rich, Luthor takes the money and builds Lex Corp. A high end technology company. (more of that later)

10 years later - We are introduced to the president, of the United States. He´s in a meeting talking about China helping Iran stockpile weapons grade uranium, and the possibility of having to take military action against Iran).

He leaves the meeting then entering the White House office. He sit in a chair and across from him is Amanda Waller.

The President Of The United States talks to Amanda Wallar. He´s Troubled by the appearance of Superman, a seemingly indestructible alien, who can wipe out the entire US army without a scratch, but who claims he just wants to help humanity. The president goes to his defense Secretary Amanda Waller asking if there is anything the Government has that can defeat this guy and protect US citizens.

1- (There should be a scene soon after this where we see the President, smiling shaking supermans hand)

2 - (Also during this part, we see the president in press conference, addressing an African state. He says genocide is not acceptable, and that he will be placing sanctions on the country if they do not stop the brutality against their own people)

Amanda Waller thinks she has a solution to the Superman problem. Cadmus decide to try and weaponize the portal, so they can use it to strand Superman in some unknown region of space, if need be. Luthor is called in again, but he is not briefed on what Amanda really wants with the Portal. They commission him to create a stable portal that will allow people to travel through and return. But also that can be turned off, with no access back.

That´s the back story. For the portal. Not all of it need be in the film itself, just what is relevant.

We then move to the beginning of the movie.


After finishing trials on the portal, which Luthor seems to have stabilized, they run their first human trial. Space Pilot Steve Trevor, is sent with a crew in a modified space ship, built by Lex Corp for space jumping, as he calls it. At the moment it is only random parts of space that can be entered. They don´t know how to set certain coordinates, as they don´t have enough knowledge of the universe.

Steve Trevor, is the sole survivor on the mission through the portal. However to his surprise he

isn´t in some vast empty part of space, rather he finds himself on a planet much like our own. The portal closes. In his space suit, he leaves the ship, and gazes in amazement at a beautiful island. He finally gets brave enough to remove his Helmet. Realizing he can breathe, he takes his whole suit off and swims ashore. But before he knows it, he sees a bunch of sublime looking warrior women running up to him. As he watches stunned he whispers to himself to himself ¨no wonder the last guy didn´t come back”, but soon he realizes, the women are actually tracking him down and perhaps want to kill him.

Eventually he is captured by an Amazonian, who seems to be leader of the “army of super models” as Steve refers to them. (They are not amused) Her name is Diana, he is taken back to Thanyscaria and finds out about their culture.

He discovers that some how in this reality, the Greek mythologies are really believed in, and that their technology and Fighting is advanced. He is told of why they have had to isolate themselves from Mans World, after the violence that men caused, and is intrinsic to their nature.

He discovers that in this world ancient figures like Sophocles and Homer were not writers, but rather that they lived the adventures of their stories for real. For example Sophocles was Oedipus. Steve discusses with WW that maybe the souls of this reality are somehow connected to their counterparts in other realities.

In the Amazonian prisons dwell some of the most twisted men, demons and Gods. The Amazons are given this responsibility by the Gods, to guard such dangerous criminals. On such prisoner is one sick puppy called Ares “known as Master Of War” (I will come back to this later)

Eventually it´s revealed to Steve that The Amazonian´s have had the technology that brought him to Paradise Island for centuries and have perfected the technology. However because they are isolationists, they refuse to use the technology.

Queen of the Amazonian´s Hippolytus, requests that an Amazonian take Steve back to his world and destroy the technology, so that man could never again come upon their shores. A competition is set, to determine the warrior capable of such a mission, but the Queen forbids her daughter Diana to take part. Stating her naivety about men as the reason. Diana who has been charmed by this weak Little man, and herself having a curious spirit decides to secretly take part in the competition by switching places with her best friend Circe. She wins by defeating Mala for the title. Her mother reluctantly concedes. That night the Amazonian´s turn on the portal, set the coordinates to Earth. Once the correct coordinates align she and Steve will leave.

Mean while Ares the God Of War (imprisoned for his own sake by his father Zeus on Paradise Island, discovers that as the Portal opens his powers begin to return to him) He feeds off the psychic energy of War, Hatred, Famine, Death. As none of this occurs on Paradise Island he has no power and is weak beyond belief. The strange but familiar energy emanating from the Portal gives him just enough power to break from prison. With out conscience he leaves his brother, Haphaestus to rot and languish in prison, mocking him as he leaves. It is established earlier that Haphaestus is only in prison for building Ares an indestructible suit of Armor, which allowed him destroy the Amazonian´s first city. Hera forced Haphaestus to confess the Armors Acyles Heel, or she would banish him to the Underworld. This is how the Amazonian´s first defeated Ares, and Ares hates his brother for this.

Reasoning that at his current power he couldn´t take on The Amazonian´s Ares decides to sneak through the portal at dead of night, killing two Amazonian guards, one of whom was friends with Diana.

He finds himself bare naked in Alaska, once through. Someone comes to assist and cloth him. But we realize by his eyes his power has increased ten fold.

(This scene comes later, but we see him leaving the home of the Alaskan whose kindly offered to help him. As he leaves clothed, we realize everyone in the family is dead and the father, the man who helped, is hanging from the ceiling. He leaves the house smiling in hefty clothing saying “I need a new Wardrobe!)¨.

Back to the WW plot. Obviously the Amazonian´s discover that Ares is free and WW discovers her dear friend Circe who was on Guard duty for the Portal has been killed. Knowing she died a warriors death, Queen H, tries to confort Diana. But now Diana´s mission to Steve´s world is revenge. Queen H takes Steve aside and tells him on Dianes divine birth; (See Hera casting above for background) she warns that if he hurts her, that she will destroy him.

Queen H then goes to Diana, knowing she can´t stop her she gives her a suit of armor, that was created by the Gods and gives its wearer extraordinary powers. (See weapons and powers) She also gives her a Golden Tiara with a gem in the middle. Diana is not told what it is for, but her mother asks her to promise she will wear it all times. She does. (We find out later, it matches her mothers Golden Tiara, and was forged by the twins Gemini, to connect two minds. Queen H uses it to monitor her dear daughter)

That´s the setup


Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are now in our world.

Steve tries to help her find Ares. Really he just wants to get in her pants. Something she is not happy with.

WW immediately starts seeing the difference between women of her world and women of ours. She is disgusted by how women are treated in the world and brain washed into believing they are weak.

She takes particular offense at one of Steves friends Etta Candy, who seems to trade off her sexual allure to gain favor from men.

While frustrated, a gang try and rob WW; she kicks their ass, and is about to kill one of them when Steve stops her before the fatal blow, teaching her she can´t just kill her enemies, it´s wrong, A lesson she isn´t quite ready to learn yet. She let´s the thief go.

During their investigation they discover some curious happenings in the world, as nations in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe plunge into Wars, Genocides, and military posturing. One figure seems to be behind this.

A Suave arms dealer, who calls himself Alaska, seems to have come out of no wehere, and, everywhere he goes, conflicts seem to get worse. The US government continue monitoring the conflicts. All the time one of the President´s top advisors and military strategists, General Todd Thompson, voices his concerns about certain regions, and how the President has to be strong in these times and attack first if need be "For the sake of peace, and the American way". The president and Amanda Wallar are reluctant.

It turns out Are´s is Alaska, cynically stirring up age old conflicts, while recruiting henchmen from Genocidal regimes. As they adventure across shores to capture Ares, a slow and steamy will they won´t relationship is established between Steve and WW.

WW and Steve, travel across War Zones to battle. In one where the conflict isn´t yet underway, WW is able to explain to leaders the virtue of peace, before its to late. Thwarting Ares plans.

In others its straight up action. With WW both horrified and furious at the brutality certain regimes level against their own most vulnerable people. The unarmed and weak. And when she gets pissed, it gets cool. At one point. She gets so angry in a war zone when she witnesses a man about to gun down a small child in cold blood. That she disarms. Grabs him by the balls, lifting him off the ground by them and head butts him sending him crashing into a tank. She then goes to him saying "You are no warrior, you weak, and pray on those who can´t defend themselves. But since you want to be a warrior, well, I can provide you with a warriors death." She then plunges a sword into him. After which she says some words of encouragement to the child. Steve comes, not seeing she saved the child life and says "You just had to kill someone didn´t you?!", she smiles and retorts "Don´t worry. I won´t be losing any sleep."

WW and Steve finally catch up to Ares. He´s a plush hotel in France, where he´s meeting an dictator

African dictator. WW has to dress normal to not raise suspicion. She finally gets to his room. He is in a large all white bathroom, with red rose petals strewn across the floor and perfectly marble white bath at its centre. As you enter, on closer inspection he seems to be bathing in blood.

He tells WW he bathing in The Blood Of Innocents. She goes to attack him throwing him across the room. As he gets up his armor, builds around him. And now you see Ares in his full glory. WW gets roughed up pretty bad in this scene as she isn´t wearing her Armor and cant match his strength like this. its Steve who comes in with a daring to save, and momentarily stunning Ares.

They escape, but WW is hurt bad.

The Final Act

Several terrorist attacks are seen around Europe, England, France and Russia. A bomb goes off in Metropolis. The US receives contacts from several leaders of rogue regimes claiming responsibility. However one attack is prevented in Washington is prevented by WW.

Ares furious at her interjection, knowing that was the attack that would have got the US ready for war, uses his now heightened power. To return to the US to solidify his malevolent plans.

Meanwhile many countries are contacting the US, claiming that the communications are false and they are not responsible for the attacks.

As chaos rages outside the White House with the national guard and Ares forces. Inside the White House, General Todd, is demanding the US nuke on Iran And North Korea (for example) while Amanda Wallar asks the president to be patient. Eventually Amanda and him are in a private room he begins to choke her, lifting her from the ground, and we realize General Todd is Ares.

Amanda lives because Ares sees WW fly into assist the General guard against Ares forces outside the White House, but she is unconscious.

Ares then watches over the battle outside between WW, the national guard and Ares henchmen who he has kitted out with high technology weapons. When Ares realizes they are not a match for WW, he conjures up spirits of dead warriors to fight her, along side the technologically advanced soldiers on his side. WW is now greatly out numbered and it seems like Ares has got the better of her.

It is then that a portal opens and Amazonian warriors rush out to assist WW. They fight off Ares forces, giving WW the chance to make it to Ares. Ares is now God Like in power, but not quite the combatant WW is with her armor. When he realizes he is losing he rides along some lightning. The next thing we know he is in the White House War Room, he has shape shifted into the President and he commands that nukes be fired on North Korea or some other country. After the command is met and the nukes are fired he says, "Well boys, I hope this isn´t an election year." The nukes now fired he gains more power, and he now can psychically control them. You now know his plan all along was to set them to hit London and Moscow who would think the US attacked them plunging Europe and The United States into all out war.

(It will have to be depicted visually somehow that he does this. WW, realizing the nukes have been fired immediately goes after them. Her mother horrified, gets Steve to go after her. When he asks ´how?´ a highly advanced plane flies through the portal. He gets in . He starts flying it. And it´s fast. He says: "Well who said the Amazonian´s didn´t have style." He presses a button by accident and the plane becomes invisible and then shoots off at hyper speed. Meanwhile WW catches up to one of the Nukes over the Ocean and disarms it; but another two continue to their destination. Steve catches up with WW. But they both know what to do. Steve goes after one while Wonder Woman chases the other.

Basically with a bit of struggle Steve shoots down one and WW flies in front of the other, asks Hera to give her strength then bangs her Braclet together as hard as she can. This causes an energy field. We see as the missile explode on her into a mushroom cloud. She flies away from the explosion at extreme speed. We don´t know what happens.

2 days later. WW has been stripped down and is in a hospital bed. Steve is there with flowers. She thanks him. "They´re beautiful" Steve cynically replies, so you mean "This is nice, you donñt take it as a cynical male gesture in which they represents mans insidious dominion over your sisters, who have been brainwashed into believing being treated as weak and delicate is some how a compliment and something they ought to strive toward." or something a bit better than that. You get the point. WW, after some banter about his statement asks "What happened?" Steve, "You broke some bones, but you´re pretty tough, you´re healing pretty well. by the way if they ask, i didn´t run the red light, you were the one J walking." he smiles.

Some time later:

WW gives her mother some schpeal about wanting to return to mans world as Ambassador for the Amazonian´s. She says she´s needed, as a beacon of strength for women and humanity, and to protect the vulnerable from the evil man is capable of.

Queen H, tells her "Yes" but then looks at her daughter seeing through her rouse. "You miss him don´t you?" (without need for a reply) "Then go to him my child."

Her mother grants her her wish and lets her know she´s always watching and never to far.

Ares has disappeared.

In the offices of Cadmus. Amanda Wallas looks over a file. We see that its called, The Meta-Human Problem?

She then looks at her screen, its a secret Cadmus lab. Amanda Waller watches from her office computer screen. We then go into the secret lab. The scientists state they have been able to set different coordinates on the Portal. They open it. We see an Ape manning a starship. The ship is entering the portal obviously set to auto pilot. The scientist´s discuss Grodd the chimps chance of survival. One says "I Don´t like his chances" We then acquire the chimps point of view as he´s set to Space Jump. From his camera Point Of View, we go slowly through the vortex, with Grodd the Chimp. The Chimp lands on a “Mars” like World, but fire burns from it´s pours.

The chimp in shock sees a statue carved from the mountain like rock, of a figures face. We know that figure to be Dark Seid. The end.

Notes On Choice Of Villain

Why not Hades of Cheetah?

Hades Why Ares and not Hades? The reason is Ares ties into the so many modern themes. He could insinuate himself into War Zones to gain power. He´s also a real match for Wonder Woman and has very cool powers. I also think this film should be about Wonder Woman fighting for women, and all those others like blacks and gays, who don´t get a voice in the super genre or the world for that matter. I think she should be a superhero re-imagined for the marginalised, those considered weak and the voiceless.

That´s why her story is so in need of being told.

Wonder Woman needs to fight the epitome of Modern Man gone wrong, and the disastrous wars we´ve embarked on in recent times. Ares is just that, he´s Wonder Woman´s Lex Luthor or Joker. He represents everything she isn´t.

Cheetah - Chetah is a great villain, but again I just think she needs to be saved for later chapters.

She´s an arch villain, but for the sake of real contrast to define WW in the first film you need an enemy that is her opposite and is a formidable match for her, visually Chetah will need someone else backing her, to raise the stakes high enough. Maybe another female villain, an Amazonian who thinks men are weak and pathetic and wants to take over our world.

If anything I think the female villain in the first movie should be Etta Candy; and she should just be a rival love interest for Steve´s affections, who clearly uses her sexuality to present herself as weak and vulnerable and in need of help to do anything lest she break a nail.

The main villain in the first film has to be Modern Man himself. That´s why the God Of War is a potent villain.

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