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Wrath of the Red Lanterns

Fear the power of the true Red Lantern Corps!

Stories written by Joygirl.

Stories plotted and designed by Joygirl and Avenging_X_Bolt.


Wrath of the Red Lanterns can also be found on!

Wrath of the Red Lanterns can also be found on!

List items

  • Pretty obvious.

  • High Lord of the Red Lantern Corps / The eons-old blood mage formerly known as Atros is now a brooding leader without personal guidance. Struggling to keep control over his freshly-awakened Corps, he must constantly stay vigilant against threats from without... and from within.

  • The Raging Angel / Rebellious and ambitious, Bleez is seeking to sabotage the Red Power Battery and somehow circumvent Atros's ability to issue Sacred Orders -- the first step in her plan to eventually rule the Red Lanterns herself!

  • Good Kitty / The only member of the Corps who hails from Earth, Dex-Starr does his best to harness his bloodlust for the greater good, and has grown into one of the more noble and tender Red Lanterns. Having the best publicity and even seen as a hero of Earth, he is sometimes used as a relay between Earth and the Red Lantern Corps.

  • The youngest and least experienced member of the Corps, Razer's military training and self-restraint has led to him gaining a lot of traction within the Red Ranks -- much to the displeasure of his peers.

  • Back from the dead after being split in half by Sinestro, Laira is back on Ysmault with her intelligence restored and her rage intact.

  • His fury renewed by his time in the Blood Ocean, Skallox is not playing nice anymore. He may appear to be a lanky, harmless flunkie but now, the ex-criminal has something to prove.

  • The cruelest member of the Red Lantern Corps, Zilius Zox is a vile and sadistic freak who kills for fun. Unpleasant and coarse under the best of conditions, he's a bad seed with a red ring -- and as such, is more of a threat to the galaxy than an aid.

  • Deformed by extensive torture, Ratchet was not fully healed by the red ring. Using constructs as life-support and needing frequent periods of dormancy, Ratchet is intelligent and compassionate but the least physically powerful member of the Red Lantern Corps. As a result, he is given more delicate tasks to aid the group -- such as attempting to find a cure for Veon.

  • Having his mind restored gave Veon nothing but more insanity. While it isn't known exactly what happened to him to drive him to such mindless frenzy, he's proving challenging to keep under control....

  • The RLC's home base.

  • Killed by Dex-Starr.

  • Aware of the issues with the Red Lantern Corps but unable to assist in any efforts against them, Hal Jordan goes off on a secret mission with Kilowog... involving Ion.

  • The voice of wisdom and peace, Ganthet encourages the Green Lantern Corps to have some leniency on Atrocitus and his Corps.

  • The artificial intelligence aboard the ship "The Interceptor", Aya is helpful and kind, but not ambulatory in any way. She sees the possible retroactive good in the actions of the Red Lanterns.

  • Though he isn't pleased to do so, the Green Lantern Guy Gardner is spearheading a mission to Ysmault with a small party consisting of Arisia Rrab, Tomar-Re, and himself. Their goal is to investigate Atrocitus's motivations and actions, and get to know the new Corps. Killed by Bleez

  • One of the Green Lanterns sent with Guy Gardner, as she is somewhat familiar with Bleez and the Red Corps.

  • Another of the Lanterns sent with Guy Gardner, meant to be the voice of reason.

  • Where Razer, Laira, and Skallox first go to seek the Weaponer.

  • The monarch of Tamaran.

  • Where Atrocitus is first transported in his search for Malvolio.

  • The guardian of The Orrery. Killed by Atrocitus.