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Unconquerable Avengers

My team. :D

List items

  • Filling in for Captain America, we have Black Panther, the big brain (and the big bank) behind the team, along with being a street-level badass.

  • Filling in for the place of Hulk, we have Shulkie, who plays the part of the team's main brick, in addition to being a full-time party girl and part-time brain. Give her a chance to show her intellect.

  • Filling in for Iron Man, we get James Rhodes, dressed in his classic silver-and-black dakka-bot. Yay!

  • Filling in for the place of Hank Pym, Wasp is our classic player, the longest-running Avenger on the team. She does the cool shrinkin' and blastin' and also pink hair FOR NO REASON. :D

  • Filling in for the place of Wolverine, we have... well, Wolverine. :D Kickin' ass and smoking cigars and brooding and being short.

  • Another longer-runner, Carol Danvers is our classic flying brick blaster, and adds girl power in spades. Also she gets her old outfit back! >:(

  • Filling the place of Spider-Man is Flash Thompson, AKA Agent Venom. Hey, he had to go somewhere after his title ended right?

  • Sassy kitty! Doesn't bring a ton to the table individually but that's why she'll get a big role -- give her a chance to shake her stuff and prove that she can kick ass even among "greater" Avengers.

  • The team speedster, with cool hair, and adds a little more mutant flavor.

  • Adds some street-level cunning and another flier, and gives Carol a super-girlfriend which she will so obviously need.

  • The real muscle behind the team, Namor will only show up every once in a while because he's so damn powerful. Have him on and off the team, doing things in Atlantis before showing up as soon as he's needed.