Top 10 Most Sympathetic Characters

Sympathetic for me. Don't come in saying "well X happened to Y," these are just characters I personally feel "awwww"s for.

List items

  • Wants to be a hero. THINKS he is the hero. And everything he touches is ruined.

  • Gave up everything for love, including her mind. Never had that love returned.

  • He just wanted to have friends. :'(

  • Lost the love of his life, his only anchor to humanity. Went through hell and back to save her, only for her to turn to ash in his arms.

  • Will do anything to bring back the love of his life.

  • Completely broken from her personal trauma. Comes off as a monster but is completely fueled by pain.

  • Loss of his entire family drove him over the edge.

  • Faced a living hell in her childhood and teen years. Can barely even acknowledge herself as a human being.

  • His character is defined by personal loss at every turn.

  • Abused to the point of an inferiority complex. Will do anything he can to feel relevant.