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The Slaughter League

Men of honor, but not men of morals, these four have found each other in one great struggle, forming a single unstoppable team... as the Slaughter League, Atros, Adam, Etrigan, and Lobo, will match their might against the greatest foes of every world. They've set aside their differences and work together to the best of their ability -- and the universe will tremble for it.

Together, these four ruthless men are The Slaughter League!

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  • An eons-old blood mage, creator of the Red Lantern Corps, sole survivor of Sector 666 -- Atros, better known as Atrocitus.

  • A champion of the ancient Egyptian deities, leader of Kahndaq, a man of godlike power -- Teth-Adam, better known as Black Adam.

  • The last survivor of Czarnia, a ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter, terror to heroes and villains alike -- the maniac called Lobo.

  • And an immortal knight and expert demonologist, one who just happens to be bound with one of Hell's foulest convicts -- Jason Blood, also known as Etrigan the Demon.