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The Legion of Doom

My team. :D

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  • The team's "leader" and the founder of the group. However, a certain bald someone may not approve....

  • The team's bank and what will inevitably be their undoing (if Joker doesn't raze the place first). Resentful of Vandal Savage, yet all of his ploys to oust him end up somehow disrupted.

  • The clown prince himself! Barely even a part of the team, Joker's doing his own thing and he has his own agenda. Everyone on the team fears him -- yet can't help but feel that they'll end up needing him.

  • The underestimated genius, Dr. Sivana creates the majority of the team's gadgets and gizmos while being trodden upon by the other geniuses, Luthor in particular.

  • Circe has better things to do with her time! Yet... this team amuses her, and the pitiful amazon has yet to fall to her on her own. So, perhaps, for now....

  • Sinestro is not pleased with the fact that he isn't in a position of ultimate authority, but does get some enjoyment out of watching the lesser mortals squabble for leadership. He's biding his time.

  • Zoom keeps to himself, but he seemingly has conviction and believes in teamwork.

  • Black Manta is on the team out of absolute hunger for power. He wants the League dead and he wants to be the man who did it -- even if he had to do it with help.

  • Bizarro hate Caveman-man. He do nothing for him, including not smush Superman and Stupid-League.

  • Barbara Minerva followed Zoom onto the team, but upon seeing Circe was already a part of it, she started bringing her A-Game. Only one person is allowed to kill Wonder Woman, and that person doesn't wear purple.

  • Slade Wilson has a history with a few members of the current League, and he knows how to bring them down. Use their weaknesses against them and their allies. He has a surprisingly good relationship with Vandal and Lex but the rest of the team can't help but wonder if the Terminator will be the man who brings the team down from the inside.

  • The bloodthirsty joy of the slaughter is the only reason Killer Frost showed up. She doesn't want fame or glory, but she wants to see the chunks fly -- and maybe keep a few as souvenirs.

  • Doomsday is kept in the basement of the Legion of Doom, locked up in Dr. Sivana's latest invention. His purpose is to be a weapon -- yet his hatred for the Legion itself is building to incalculable levels. At this point, he's a loose cannon -- and Vandal's starting to suspect that this may be the case.