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Remarkable X-Men!

My team. :D

List items

  • The leader of the team. We really get to see him use his intellect for tactics and combat as he spends a lot of time in-field with the team.

  • Side-arc with Beast where she is trying to recover her mutant powers, after it is discovered that there is still a mark on her genetic code.

  • Kind of plays the "older mentor guy" type but is still sexy and everything, occasionally spends time away from the team doing special ops stuff so that his power doesn't outshine the rest of the crew.

  • Youngest/most inexperienced, she is the "baby" of the team. Has a close bond with Jubilee and also a student relationship with Nightcrawler.

  • Another old-school member who is struggling with his own resurrection and faith, while simultaneously mentoring Pixie.

  • Brings some sass and awesome outfits, along with psychic power the team needs. Explore her relationships with Gambit and Jubilee.

  • The team's beefbrick. Shows a bit of a rivalry with Jubilee because of her vampire abilities, and also shows some affection towards Rachel. Surprisingly shows friendship with Hank.