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My Mass Effect Peeps

My favorite characters in Mass Effect (in order). Any team I make is going to be comprised of these characters if I have any say in the matter.

Note: Insert Dr. Mordin Solus in the position of #3. Sadly he is not in the ComicVine database but he is one of my very favorite ME characters.

List items

  • My all-time favorite. Must be in every team I make. Her voice, unf, so adorable, she's so cool and cute and badass. <3

  • I normally don't go for the "bitchy" type but Jack just oozes charm. She's vulgar and tough, but sensitive and playful as well, and damn if she isn't a badass!

  • Always gonna be my favorite krogan, there's just no comparing anyone to the awesomely boisterous Urdnot Wrex.

  • She's cute and powerful, not to mention highly intelligent which is a turn-on.

  • Seriously, this guy is just a flat-out badass.

  • "Don't you call that a goddamn grudge."

  • While he isn't my favey-fave krogan he still has some spectacular lines.

  • Gotta admit he's sweet. A highly-spiritual alien assassin with memory-abilities just sounds cool right off the bat, and his personality is very endearing.