Justice Society of America

My team. :D

List items

  • Team's leader, not totally running on Starheart but at a very high power level.

  • Keeps trying to be the leader, and constantly butting heads with Alan. Is, however, among the team's most powerful members and gets to prove it regularly because he's awesome.

  • Baseline kryptonian badass. Keep her attitude and sassy sense of humor intact, and keep that window open and ready for business!

  • Give him a chance to show that he may be old but he's still a badass Flash. Maybe give him something special, like an extra ability that makes him a bit different.

  • Needs to strut his stuff outside of DC's magical sandbox while still having some magic to play with. Rivalry with Etrigan will obviously pop up and be fun as well.

  • It's high time Ravager got to prove herself on a non-kid team!

  • Along with Mid-Nite, one half of the team's Batman. Give him some kind of amps beside just his skill, maybe a venom-like substance that helps him contend with the big guys, along with his boxing chops.

  • The doctah! Stays mostly at the base but comes up with tons of gizmos and cool stuff and is always helping with evidence.

  • Mostly as Jason Blood, lurking at the base. But when he's needed he makes the sacrifice, and the Demon emerges.

  • Another power-house, but play up her inexperience. Super-girlfriends with Atlee too!

  • Super-girlfriends with Stargirl and Power Girl, but only spends a little time on the team, spending a lot of time at the base with Doctor Mid-Nite helping him with stuff and learning.