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Comics I Should Write

Sometimes I just really need to get hired.

These are those times.

List items

  • Put me on a Harley Quinn title, DC. Make it happen.

  • Man, I'd whip this book into shape so hard if I was put behind the wheel. Guy would be out, Rankorr would die, I'd introduce some cool new Reds, give some development to the lesser-known ones, and boost the real stars (Atrocitus, Bleez, Dex-Starr) back to their former glory.

  • Whatever, wherever, however. But I'd prefer a solo "Detective Nigma" or "Riddle Me This" title to work with.

  • I'd whip up an awesome new team, one that wouldn't just center on Kyle but actually be an ensemble cast like it should be. Thoughts for a team: Bleez for Red, Miri Riam for Purple, Arkillo for Yellow, Iroque for Indigo, Saint Walker for Blue, Glomulus for Orange (hee!), then either Kyle, Baz, Arisia, or Soranik for a Green.

  • She needs a bitchin' solo where she is a private detective/investigator. Have her using her computer skills and centuries of experience, language skills, durability, and martial skill. All the while keep it a fun and flavorful character book filled with binge-drinking and one-night stands.

  • I'd do the past issues justice and keep it a strong title. I can feel it.

  • Specifically, Power Girl and Atlee. Fighting criiiiime.

  • This also works if I can't do a Harley solo.