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The official home-base of the Chronicles of Brood Star Wars fan-fiction written by yours truly, Ravyn Wolfe/Joygirl.

This story begins after the events of The Force Unleashed, but before The Force Unleashed 2.

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter One -- Dagobah

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Two -- Yoda

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Three -- Padawan

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Four -- Vapaad

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Five -- Conflict

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Six -- Sojourn


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List items

  • The protagonist of the story, struggling with her seeming addiction to conflict and the turmoil of the Light and Dark Sides of the Force within her.

  • Briefly mentioned on a few occasions, as it was he who defeated and then spared Maris.

  • Where Maris lands after exiling herself from Felucia.

  • Maris Brood's mentor. Despite Qui-Gon Jinn's concerns about the wisdom of his decision, he makes the choice to train Maris Brood in the arts of Vapaad and help her to find focus with the Force.

  • Appears briefly as a Force Ghost.

  • Maris's deceased master. Mentioned on a few occasions.