What if Batman was Bruce Wayne?

"Joygirl, don't be silly. Obviously Batman is Bruce Wayne. You're grasping at straws now."

No I'm not. This is like, deep philosophical stuff.

"...Okay. Care to elaborate?"

I'm getting to that.

"Please do."

Okay, maybe I will.

*ahem* AS YOU KNOW, Batman is Bruce Wayne.

Sort of.

It's been said multiple times (and is obviously true) that it is Bruce Wayne, not Batman, who is the mask. Within the Dark Knight's psyche, no part of him is truly a wealthy billionaire playboy. He is, 100%, a shadowy avenger of the streets, a self-made demon whose sole purpose is to protect the innocent and strike terror into the hearts of the wicked. Which, as we can all agree, is pretty awesome.

So, my question is this -- what if the roles were reversed? What if, instead of Batman wearing the mask of Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne wore the cape and cowl and fought crime as the Batman? Would he be a better or worse crimefighter? His intellect would be the same, but would he have the same motivation, the same training? How would his moral code work? Would he kill, lacking the bloodthirst of the Bat that requires him to rein himself in?

I'd love your thoughts on this.