Pirates in Comics

So. Like.

The world has proven, at this point, that pirates can be AWESOME. They aren't all bumbling Captain Hooks. They aren't even all smooth-talking scoundrels like Jack Sparrow.

They. Can. Be. Awesome.

Case in point!

Cervantes De Leon
Cervantes De Leon

So, I ask you. Why are there no pirates in comics? We've got more ninjas than we can count. We've got cowboys. We've got zombies and vampires and werewolves, we've even got a bunch of clowns running around!

So where the hell are my pirates?

Sure, we have Taskmaster and his VAGUELY pirateish outfit. Deathstroke decided to be a pirate for a second and a half if I recall correctly. But where's our sword-and-pistol, fiery-eyed, sea-serpent-slaying scourge of the seas to patrol the streets as well as the water? Give him some awesome powers that revolve around deception (maybe blinking or using illusory copies), maybe a blackpowder pistol that shoots fireballs or lightning bolts, and a cutlass that eats souls! Give him a flippin' AIRSHIP!

I think, at this point, we deserve a hero or villain who has a decent appreciation for rum.