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My CV RPG Character Accounts

CVnU Characters:

Vel'aaruvelaaru_of_illeaIllianChaotic Good0. The Fool
Isabelle DeLanceygloomyizzyHumanChaotic Neutral1. The Magician
AvarysoccultrixDemon MutantNeutral Evil2. The High Priestess
Ziah Darksongziah_darksongLorian MutantLawful Evil3. The Empress
Dirge Havocstormdirge_havocstormDynianChaotic Evil4. The Emperor
Nymphixia NevermorenymphixiaDemigoddessChaotic Neutral5. The Hierophant
Kate/Kim Kleisenharlequin_twinsClown TwinsChaotic Neutral6. The Lovers
Sgt. Nina Klausnina_klausHumanLawful Neutral7. The Chariot
Lindsay AlexandersweetsnowbellHuman MutantLawful Good8. Justice
Veraza T'zereverazaDrowLawful Neutral9. The Hermit
Leenacircumstance_impUnseelie FeyChaotic Neutral10. Wheel of Fortune
Trentbasically_a_dinosaurDinosaurChaotic Good11. Strength
Sarah Dreznersarah_maniaHumanNeutral / CE12. The Hanged Man
Anne Bishoptwisted_anathemaHumanNeutral Evil13. Death
Sue Ji Leesnapping_dragonflyHuman CyborgNeutral14. Temperance
Zera Thyiazera_the_exileVorian VampireChaotic Evil15. The Devil
Cassian Godwinnecassian_godwinneImmortal HumanNeutral Good16. The Tower
Silhouettesilhouette_Xul'arNeutral17. The Star
MaxiwynnelilmaxieGranseelie FeyChaotic Neutral18. The Moon
Belle Nightingalebelle_nightingaleHumanNeutral Good19. The Sun
Zyla Zyllarviolent_zylaBio-EngineeredNeutral20. Judgment
Bombshelllady_bombshellAnomalyChaotic Evil21. The Universe

Alt U Characters:

Tamsin EĆ³gandeaths_daughterPict (human)NeutralAge of Hyboria

Bust Chart:

[ I dunno man, I had one, so I decided to include it. ]

Anathema = AA
Izzy = A
Leena (imp) = A
Kim / Kate = A
Sarah = A
Silhouette = B
Sue = B
Tamsin = B
Veraza = B
Belle = B
Nina = B
Vel'aaru = B
Leena (elf) = C
Maxie = C
Ziah = C
Zera = C
Nyx = D
Zyla = D
Avarys = DD
Snowbell = DD
Bombshell = DD