Injustice: GAU is a Total Sausagefest

Seriously. I'm not much of an activist, but out of the twenty-four confirmed characters, a whopping SIX of them are girls. We get Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Raven, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Killer Frost. Seriously? While we are getting both Captain Marvel AND Black Adam, we can't get any more girls up in this? I generally like playing as female characters and my options are incredibly slim here.

I mean, seriously - Ares has a part in this. What about Cheetah or Circe? They would be awesome and they're much better WW villains than boring-ass Ares. What about Starfire? We already have Cyborg and Raven, why not an awesomely designed, flight-and-energy-attacks-based tamaranean princess? What about Mera?

Now, I'll admit, tossing in Killer Frost instead of someone like Mr. Freeze or Captain Cold was nice of them (anyone know if Jennifer Hale is portraying her? That would make my day). But c'mon guys. An 18-6 ratio is really not acceptable. And the DLC's all seem to be men so far too.

Again, I'm not much of an activist. And this is less of a "zomg women's rights" thing, and more of a "c'mon guys, female characters" kind of thing. I'd just really like a little variety.