DC Mayhem Organization Map

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What Are We About?

Well, DC Mayhem is yet another re-imagining group. Our goal is to retell our stories of the DC Universe, simple enough right? There are so many other groups... why make a new one?

Mostly, because I felt like it. DC Mayhem has strict rules, but doesn't fit into a firm category -- it isn't Genesis or Legacy or Re-imagined, because it doesn't truly fit those things. We take whatever we like from any continuity, and piece it together into a new universe that is suspiciously similar to the old one, but with whatever changes we've decided we want. It's Mayhem. A main difference, however, is my habit of stressing that stories stay interconnected -- this makes it seem more like a continuity, rather than a pile of stories. We play and build off of one another.

Who's Involved?

Right now, not a lot of people, and I like it that way. There is a trial period to enter DC Mayhem as an official writer, and we have a few... pledges, paying their dues right now. Official members are currently:

@Joygirl -- Mistress Mayhem

@dngn4774 -- Lieutenant

@Delphic -- Corporal

@ImpurestCheese -- Private

Where Can I Find The Stories?

Within our library, the Chronicles of DC Mayhem.

Who's Being Used?

Check out our DC Mayhem Character List to find out!

Continuity, Huh? Let's See It.

Turns out, we actually do have a DC Mayhem Continuity Timeline. As writers post stories, they fit events into a set timeline -- this keeps everything nice and tight, a rock solid continuity of events.

Okay, That Looks Fine... But Do You Have A Theme Song?