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Been awhile since I was last here… Got more comics to read!

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Basically stuff I've read and own that is on my wish list

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  • A handy dandy guide on getting up to date with everyone's favourite wall crawler. You guys know I love him (haha sarcasm). But don't get me wroung i'm a fan of the franchise, i just not big on spider-man himself. Anywho tis is a must for any Spider-man fan or beginner alike. I'm not rating this either since it's not a comic-book.

  • I love this series it's absolutely amazing. Everything about it is. The art, the story, the characters. I highly recommend this who wants to read something different. I consider it a classic in manga. ~Rating 5/5~ for sure :) Plus my favourite character didn't die!

  • this might be a little useless to some people. But it has some great infromation on characters. It even reveals Magneto's real name! And also has a collection of tps to read in order to catch up. So it's worth picking up for those reasons. it's not a comic so i'm not rating it.

  • A great handbook. A must for any x-men fan or beginner alike. I'm not rating this either since it's not a comic-book.

  • ok well first off i have to say i'm a huge fan of Chris Claremont. secondly there are certain things he wrote that didn't exactly reach my expectation (ask for more info). Third this is something that was alright. ~ Rating 4.5~ since the story is a little slow and kind of hard where this is in terms of continuity. But over all was really good.

  • I don't know a lot about Cloak and Dagger. But after reading this i got better ideas on them. I love the artwork and it's written very well. ~ Rating 5/5.~

  • Believe it or not having been not a fan of Wolverine in the 616 universe I really enjoyed it was certainly different. If anyone wants to know what Wolverine's life would be like if he wasn't part of X-men or Weapon X read this! It's too bad it never picked up after issue one. ~Rating 4/5~ GONNA RE PURCHASE THIS>

  • Believe it or not I really liked this. It might because it felt similar to X-men evolution (which i also happened to like!) I also had a lot of good laughs with this one. HEHE Havok is a pimp! :3 I recommend this who wants something completely different from the mainstream universe after all this is an alternate reality. It's too bad it never picked up after issue one.~Rating 4/5~

  • Belive it or not i'm not really into Wolverine. Generally speaking i don't like him as a character but i do like his clones (ie: X-23 and Little Wolvie) and occasionally i don't mind reading about him from time to time. I also think he's slightly overrated. But after reading this it makes me want to jump start in reading wolverine related comics soon. This must for any x-men fan or beginner alike (who wants to know more about Wolverine.) I'm not rating this either since it's not a comic-book.

  • I liked this but to be honest I think it could have been alot better ~ Rating 3.5~ The artwork is gorgeous though.

  • Great mini series, I highly recomend this. ~ Rating 5/5~.

    PS: please proceed with caution this series contains Mature content.

  • Very good series, once again it felt like Zim, Dexter and a Tim Burton flick. ~Rating 5/5~

  • A very good series, it defindly feels like Supernatural and makes wana watch the show. The only downside is that the interior art isn't great :(. ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • Very interesting prequel to the new Star Trek movie. ~Rating 4/5~ The downside it seemed a little long.

  • A really good mini series. I had a blast reading it! ~Rating 5/5~

  • Ah another supernatural prequel finished... Anywho just like Supernatural: origins this one quite well done, the art's has even improved! ~Rating 5/5~ The only downside to this comic series is the bonus comic.

  • Despite the gorgeous artwork, I found the story alittle rushed. I also found Rogue wasn't true enough to her origonal comic counter part. ~Rating 3/5~

  • this was awsome i'm really looking forward to reading the sequal and the spinoffs ~Rating 5/5~

  • I added X-men The end, so i might as well add this. Great series and movie adaptation I highly recommend both. I have tpb that collects all the issues. ~Rating 5/5~

  • ~ Rating 3/5~ I don't really like the interior art and theres a cliffhanger ending. Plus Gambit isn't well done... Also the whole the whole incest relationship between Oli and Megan didn’t appeal to me at all! Despite the low ratings I really enjoyed this series though!

  • Very well done ~Rating 5/5~

  • Belive it or not this was my first spiderman comic, yes i plan read more spiderman comics... (And no i'm not a noob to spider- man i used to watch the 90's & 60's spider-man all the time when it on tv. I actrully still do from time to time.. I also have quite the knowlege the Spider-verse)....I really am becoming fond of Gwen Stacy.. ~Rating 4/5~ Art in the second half was weak... Other than that I liked it alot over all.

  • this was very good, best part i have to say is when Emma Frost died ^^ ~Rating 4/5~. I didn't like the second story very much. Other than that I liked it alot over all.

  • if your gona tell me why haven't I read this yet well i did it's been awhile actrully... This was actrully my first Gambit comic. so ya anywho this was a good story i just felt it was alittle rushed and i was disapointed to find that the ending felt like it gave a cliffhanger feel to plus i was looking forward to here more of Remy's backstory with Storm :( ~Rating 3/5~

  • This was very good. The whole time while i was reading it felt like a cross between Zim, Dexter, and some Tim Burton flick. ~Rating 5/5~

  • this was really good it's to bad the series never continued after issue # 5. ~Rating 4/5~

  • Finally atlong last I know her origins! It was a very good read. ~Rating 4/5~

  • Very intressting. If you love Storm this is a must. Or if you're even new to her this is a great place to start. ~Rating 5/5~

  • I read this a couple of months back and had a blast. I personaly not crazy about the art style but it's enjoyable. It's a nice little read so if anyone likes Black Cat and/or Wolverine then pick this up! ~Rating 5/5~

  • I really liked these... Complaint; Why is Gambit's eyes the wroung color? ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • I like Ash, but... There was not alot of plot in this series, it was guts and blood then ask questions later. i gave it a ~Rating 1.5/5~

  • So someone who I know in real life said I should add this on this list... Anywho, I have had this for quite awhile, i really enjoyed this other than Rogue and .... Gambit? dying. It was written by one of my favourite authors Chris Claremont, I recommend it.. But bare mind alot of people die... And that's just a friendly reminder. ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • Another amazing read! If your a fan of the movies this is a must! My only complaint is that we need more of it. ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • Very good read. I'm quite fond of the artwork. ~Rating 5/5~

  • A very good read indeed! ~Rating 5/5~

  • A very good read, beautiful art too. ~Rating 5/5~

  • Kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end. ~Rating 5/5~

  • An awesome read! Beautiful writing and art. Definitely captures the feel of the movie. Makes me personally want to re-watch the movie! ~Rating 5/5~

  • A beautifully written and drawn classic! If you’re a Zelda fan this is a must! I absolutely adore this manga so much. Makes me want to play the games more of this franchise. I am definitely going to be re-reading this! ~Rating 5/5~

  • Another great read. Wish there was more Dean in here though. ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • This was pretty entertaining as well. ~Rating 5/5~

  • This was definitely an awesome read! If your a fan of the show I highly recommend this! ~Rating 5/5~

  • This was quite the enjoyable read. The art was pretty nice. Though just like Genext United I really don’t enjoy the incest relationship between Oli and Megan. ~Rating 4/5~

  • I’m not sure what is but this comic series reminds a lot of Jhonen Vasquez’s work. That being said I really enjoyed it! ~Rating 5/5~

  • A very cute story of two of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe. ~Rating 5/5~

  • I don’t understand the hate for this lovely novella. I absolutely loved everything about it; the art, the story, etc. my only complaint is that I wish it was a little longer. Especially since I didn’t want to put down the book. It reminded me a bit of Tim Burton’s work. All in all though I had a blast reading it! Since this is not a comic book I’m not going to rate it. However I strongly recommend this if you want something different from the norm.

  • A very good but messed up manga. I surprisingly very much enjoyed this. My only complaint is the ending seemed a little rushed and felt cliffhangery. Besides that though it was well executed written and drawn beautifully ~Rating 4.5/5~

  • I really really enjoyed this series. It felt a bit slow going in but in the end it’s worth it! I’m currently in the process of reading the second series for this! ~Rating 4.5/5

  • Definitely a very good series! Kept me on the edge of my see the whole time! I also had a hard time from not putting it down! ~Rating 5/5

  • Oh my goodness, what a trip that was! Having not read a lot of Batman stuff man this was a treat! I loved everything about it! The art, writing and everything else. I highly recommend this! ~Rating 5/5

  • I have had this for a very long time now. So I don’t know why it took me forever to get around to reading it. However now that I finally did; I’m certainly glad I did! It was a wonderful read and makes me want to rewatch The Lord of The Rings movies which I absolutely adore them!

    Furthermore every part of this comic was amazing! ~Rating 5/5

  • OH.. MY.. GOD! This manga series was absolutely amazing! Another masterpiece from Clamp! I really really really really loved this! Everything from the art, the characters and story blew me away! Did I mention how beautiful the artwork is? ~Rating 5/5

  • A very cute and nicely put together short but sweet graphic novel.

    ~Rating 5/5

  • What a wonderful treat this was! Everything about this gn was amazing! Way to go Mr. Crilley!

    ~Rating 5/5

  • Really enjoyed this, even though I didn’t know it’s a poster book before I bought it! Again not rating this because it’s not a comic book.