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I got this comic as part of an "Every Star Trek Comic Ever" Digital Bundle, which means I didn't appreciate it when the writer used his "Personal Log" in this issue to insult the previous Star Trek series (presumably the Gold Key one). Thanks Mike W. Barr, I was going to read that! Now I know it's not good! Just kidding, I had already read one issue, I knew it wasn't good.Anyway, the issue itself was okay, with some glaring exceptions. Most of the problems with this issue have to do with it's sl...

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Maxi Coats, Again 0

In this issue:Blue Monday: Archie wavers between apathy and mania, depending on whether he thinks school is open or not.The Listener: Principal Weatherbee uses Archie's innate and overwhelming curiosity and indecision to psychologically torture him.The Rising Bread: Archie asks his father for money to go on date. Archie's father insists on going on said date with him to see how expensive it really is, immediately begins regretting that decision.MAXImum Security: Archie and Jughead tease Veronica...

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Bongo, Bongo, Bongo (I Don't Want to Go to the Congo) 0

Tintin in the Congo isn't particularly notable. After all, it's only the second worst Tintin story.  I know you're probably wondering why Tintin chose to travel to the Congo, after his last adventure in the Soviet Union. Well, that's because Congo made up 98% of Belgium's entire colonial holdings at the time. In fact, when Tintin teaches a geography class to some Congolese children in the book, he says he's going to tell them about "your country: Belgium!"One obvious problem with the book is the...

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Reading this comic is the road to Socialism 8

As a long time American fan of Tintin, there have always been certain stories that were difficult to find. One of these was "Tintin in the Congo" but none were as difficult to find as Tintin's first adventure, the incomparable "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets." I say incomparable, because no other Tintin story can compare to how awful it is. Supposedly, Hergé would later say that he didn't consider this comic "real work" and that it was "just a game." If the game was to make readers vomit with...

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