When will DC begin to use more Milestone and Wildstorm characters

DC has fused with the Milestone and Wildstorm universes, yet in the New 52, there has been no sign of Icon, Rocket, the Shadow Cabinet, the Blood Syndicate, Gen 13 (except an unpowered Fairchild), the High, Mr. Majestic, the Authority, or numerous other characters. These characters can add so much to the richness and diversity of the DC universe. The preponderance of the DC universe is comprised of heroes that refuse to kill in any situation- that is not the case for Wildstorm and Milestone. Fans will be able to see a remarkable contrast and clash between the three factions due to the differences in their M.O.'s. We see a little of that with Stormwatch, but not much due to their clandestine nature. This, I believe is the next step in DC's evolution. I implore them to take it.

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