the substitutes

this is a list of characters that have been given powers similar if not exactly the same as more famous heros some have made it their own others have become sidekicks or relegated to obscurity remembered only by fanboys and some are blatant ripoffs or parodies

List items

  • originally a fill in iron man jim rhodes has become a great character in his own right

  • similar to war machine in that he was kind of a substitute for thor tho they were actually one and the same for a while

  • another prime example of a character starting as a b rate version who really stepped up

  • to me this guy will always be the poor man's captain america he's not a bad character he just never really appealed to me

  • ok this guy is a total rip off in fact he was only created because the guys who created captain america were mad about being left out when the character reemerged in the 50s

  • top cows version of wolverine

  • cause even superman can't be everywhere at once

  • ok lets be honest he's captain marvel, he was created because a uk based company lost the rights to distribute captain marvel comics but its ok cause some really great stories came from this guy

  • ok he's a ripoff of a sidekick but him growing up to be an evil bastard made up for it

  • you all knew he'd show up eventually

  • the ever popular sub category of the substitutes the female version tho she is one of the few to really stay out of the shadow of her male counter part

  • a double dipper a sub of a sub

  • a replacement superman

  • took over for batman after bane crippled him

  • one of marvel's many superman knock offs but its ok cause he's still awsome

  • one of 4 replacements for supes after Kal caught a bad case of doomsday stomp

  • another of the 4 replacements tho he took a bit more of a punisher route

  • first a replacement then a bad ass evil version of superman

  • ok so technically he was actually supposed to be the question but he still ended up being one of my personal favorite characters