There are two types of people, those who like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bad people.

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Side characters who are more interesting than the main character

This list isn't claiming that the main characters in these items are bad just that their supporting cast can sometimes out shine them.

List items

  • I like Naruto but Lee has an infinitely more interesting story. He doesn't have the advantages of Naruto with his 9 tails energy or the powerful blood line like Sauske. He works his ass off and is pretty damned entertaining.

  • I could watch a whole show about this dude.

  • Sorry Bat fans, no disrespect, I've just always been more interested in the First Robin.

  • Sorry Luke and Vader, Han is just cooler.

  • He's a rat bastard but he was the best character on Firefly and the main reason I miss the show.

  • I like Ollie on Arrow but Diggle gets the best dialogue on the show.

  • This is just a necessity for this list. Admit it, he's got way more to do with you watching DBZ than Goku ever did.

  • This is more from the show Gotham. As much as I love Jim Gordon in the comics the dude on the show is one note but Bullock makes it watchable.