resident bad ass

every team or group of super powered people has to have at least 1 character whoes primary function is to kick people's asses 

List items

  • might as well start with him cause despite the over expossure he's pretty much marvel's definitive bad ass

  • he might not be the first person you'd think for this list but he was marvel's first ill tempered ass kicker

  • when your nick name is the dog of war you have no choice but to be a bad ass and being the spawn of darkseid doesnt hurt either

  • another must for the list hulk lives and breaths to stomp on people

  • even the first family of marvel has to have a guy whose good at breaking faces

  • the suicide squads muscle and the guy that broke the bat

  • despite the lack of fame he's my favorite bad ass

  • not all bad asses are dudes

  • big things come in small packages

  • another must on the list