my top 10 super villains

heres a list of my personal favorite bad ass bad guys

List items

  • hes basically bitch smacked the universe, for 90% of marvel heros thanos is the stuff nightmares are made of

  • possibly the most arrogant person on this list by sheer force of will and intelligence hes become one of the most dangerous people in the world

  • quite possibly the most twisted villain in dc with a body count at least near a thousand.

  • when hes not jobbing hes one of the biggest threats in the universe

  • hank pym's greatest creation/worst mistake

  • whats not to like about an unstoppable murder machine

  • every kid whose every been asked why they cant be like their sibling understands juggernaught's motivation

  • pretty much pure evil

  • the deffinition an arch enemy

  • iron man's true arch nemisis, he better be in iron man 3