my top 10 arch enemies

these are the guys who do their level best to push the heros the encounter over the edge 

List items

  • He's the definitive arch nemesis his obsession with beating super man has put the lives of virtually everyone Lex and super man have ever met in danger.

  • He is the guy batman has the hardest time not killing, His entire mission in life is basically just to screw with batman

  • no one has ever got to spiderman like Norman. even when he was virtually in control of the whole country there were still signs of his spidey obsession

  • He and Wolverine have had some of the most brutal fights in the history of marvel, sure wolverine has many enemies none of them seem to inspire the hate that he holds for Victor

  • sure the guy is a threat to almost everyone but you need only see his costume to know who he really wants to kill