Splicers: The Corps Chapter 19

continued from here Chapter 18

Emerson and Hollis sat handcuffed in the back of a van as they were transported to Nexus lab in New Jersey that had been unknown to them or any outside of the people who worked closely with Rossini. The secrecy allowed the place to work well for gathering intel from unwilling informants.

The two sat quietly as their captors cracked jokes. Emerson whispered, "Is it time?"

He shook his head, "Wait till the van stops."

Not far behind Ellis, Kirby and Rob follow in a nondescript pick up truck, Kirby was too heavy to sit in the cab so he was forced to lay down in the back. Ellis drives as Rob checks his weapon. As they go down the turn pike Ellis looks to Rob, "You realize this is a stupid idea?"

"Works in the movies."

Ellis starts to chuckle but halts as an uncomfortable look comes over his face, "Something very bad is waiting for us."

"Is that just a reasonable assumption or is the precog mojo working?"

Ellis glared at Rob, "Take a wild guess."

Nexus Lab, Trenton New Jersey

The van rolls to a stop and the door slid open and Hollis looked to Emerson, "Here we go."

Agent Johnson looked in just as Emerson's foot smashed into his face sending him crashing to the ground. The two then tossed their cuffs off to the side as Emerson drove an elbow into the throat of her nearest captor as Hollis kicked another in the face as he hoped out of the van. Emerson gave him a nod, "I got this, finish the job."

Agent Johnson pulled himself up as Rossini came through on the comm, "Have you arrived?"

"The prisoners are loose, apparently they intended to get captured."

Rossini sighed, "Lucky for you, I'm always prepared. Go to the south entrance, find a control console and enter the code 457b."

"Are you sure?"

"The control collar works perfectly, stay out of his way and you should be fine."

Back at the van on of the captors snuck up behind Emerson with a gun but was caught in the face with a tire iron thrown from the back of a pick up truck. She looked back to the unconscious man, "Nice shot blue boy."

Kirby hopped out, "You're one short."

She looked around and noticed Agent Johnson was missing.

Hollis managed to break into the lab and found himself amid several large tubes filled with liquid containing odd looking creatures and severely deformed people he then noted a tube that unlike the rest wasn't connected to the floor and was drained and open, "That's a bit ominous."

Outside Agent Johnson crept up behind Kirby and attempted to phase his fist into his head to knock him out. Kirby felt his hand hit the back of his head and he turned to see a surprised Agent Johnson, "Sorry buddy, almost nothing makes it through that hide."

Johnson steps back, "Well, I guess Rossini is just gonna have to hope he leaves enough of you for study."

Emerson then flew through the air past Kirby and slammed into the ground. He then turned to see a man standing nearly eight feet tall holding Ellis and Rob by the throats. Rob chokes out an order, "Help."

Kirby shrugs and charges toward the man slamming his fist hard in his face when he arrived. The man looked unfazed but turned his eyes to Kirby and dropped the others, Kirby's eyes went wide, "Ahh hell."

The big man then punched Kirby sending him flying through a guard shack.

(To be continued)