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Splicers Redeux: The Prophet

This is the first chapter in a reboot for an original fic universe.


A reporter named Jane Thomas stands outside a clinic with a long line of expectant mothers behind her. She smiles as her camera man lets her know she's on air, "It has been a week since Nexus pharmaceuticals rolled out a process that allows parents to, in their words, customize their legacy."

She walks over to a woman named Casandra, "Could you tell our viewers what made you decide to come here today?"

Casandra looks a bit nervously toward the camera, "Well, my family has a long history with cancer and my doctor says that if I did the process my son would be immune to cancer. I know there are some people against this , but how do you say no to that?"

The reporter gave an approving nod, "Well, you can't argue with that."

The reporter then walked on, "In the seven days since the process became available to the general public over 4 million moms to be have undergone the treatment. In less than nine months our first generation of gene spliced children will be here and I for one will be happy to greet them."


2026 Nexus Labs, Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Emil Rossini glares at the T.V. as anchor woman Jane Thomas speaks, "As more of these stories of these so called 'Splicer' children developing strange abilities emerge, don't we have to ask ourselves what these parents were thinking when they did this to their children?"

Rossini rolls his eyes as he turns off the set. He then looks to an assistant entering the room, "They have the boy and his mother here. Whenever you're ready, sir."

Rossini rises, "I'll be out in a minute."


A woman named Casandra sits worried next to her son gripping his head and mumbling to himself. As Rossini came up she stood, "Thank you for seeing us. I know you must be a busy man."

Rossini gives her a smile, "Its my pleasure, Ma'am. Our company is responsible for this, the least we can do is help when we can. Now what is the situation with..."

His assistant whispers, "Charlie."

"Yes, what is the situation with Charlie?"

She shrugs, "I wish I could tell you. He was fine until around two weeks ago. We were at the park and he seemed to become very uncomfortable and after a while he started talking about what was going to happen in the future. The scary part is, everything he said was right."

Rossini's eyes widened a bit, "Would you mind if we examined your son?"

She sighed, "Whatever you can do doctor."


Three days later

Rossini listens as a lab tech reads a report, "Its full blown precognition. But he claims he doesn't see just one thing, he sees multiple outcomes and says the one that seems most likely. Thus far he's been spot on. Apparently the kid is a bit of a math genius so he's worked out a statistical formula in his head for his predictions."

Rossini walks into the room, "Well Charlie, it seems you have an impressive gift."

Charlie looks up, "Your goal has an 85% possibility of success."

He gives the boy a curious look as he continues, "15 million children born under the process in three years, the numbers got smaller as the fad aspect faded but still high. In America alone that makes roughly 25 million potentials, if half that number develop abilities a world wide panic is all but guaranteed. The government will look to you for a solution."

Rossini smiled, "I will do what I can to prevent...., you already know I'm going to lie, don't you?"

Charlie nodded, "I have a 27% chance of escaping in the next three days, you'll try to kill me today."

Rossini chuckled as he left the room, "Have a lovely day, Charlie."


Rossini sat at his home when the phone rang. He answered, "The boy escaped, didn't he?"


2036, Nexus Headquarters, Manhattan

Dr. Emil Rossini watches a monitor as Jane Thomas leads a discussion, "Have you been keeping up with this guy, this so called, 'Mad Prophet'. Seems he's outed a fraudulent psychic that had been conning the FBI for over a year, drawing a consultant fee for false information. You know, I've never been all that supportive of these 'Splicer' people, but if they can be of use to us I don't see why we can't take advantage of those abilities."

Rossini sighs as an executive sits across from him, "He finally slipped up, we can have him dealt with by the end of the day."

He looks to the man as if he were a pitiful child, "Charlie has always been a clever boy. He went and made himself famous. If we touch him now it will bring too much attention."

"So what do we do?"

Rossini shrugged, "We continue our work, let him have his spotlight. In a week the news will have gotten over this and he'll fade into the background again."


Washington, D.C.

Charles Daily stands before a room full of military officials, "War is coming, you'll need an army like the world has never seen to fight it."

He points to a man named General Frank Monroe, "You're son is needed, there is a blue skinned man in a prison as well. I'll make you a list."