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Marvel's Superman (rewrite)

(This is a hopefully improved version of an old fic)

Many years ago on a world called Krypton.

A man named Jor-El stands before the ruling counsel as a prisoner rails at them before his sentence is passed. His name is Zod, "The devourer of worlds is coming you fool. To deny it is to condemn our people to death."

He turns to Jor-El who'd once been his friend, "You know its true, you've seen all the data. You've argued this point."

Jor-El glared, "What I believe isn't the issue."

The head of the counsel spoke, " Dru-Zod, former general of the Kryptonian Defense Force, you are sentenced to exile to the Phantom region of the Negative Zone."

Zod gave a hateful glare to Jor-El and the Counsel, "The blood of Krypton is on your hands."

He then disappeared in a wave of energy. A counselor then looked to Jor-El, "Don't let your belief in fables lead you down his path."

Jor-El fought the urge to argue.


One month later.

Jor-El was in his lab working on a small ship he hoped would be capable of breaking through the powerful gravitational pull of Krypton. As he worked an alert went off on a holographic screen to inform him that his wife had gone into labor. He put down his tools and walked toward the lift platform.

He quickly arrived at the room where Lara was giving birth. The nurse looked back, "He was a quick one."

She then turned as Lara spoke, "I'd like to introduce you to Kal-El."

Jor-El held his son with a bright smile but Lara could see a bit of sadness in his eyes.


Several days later

People stood in the streets looking to the sky as a silver man stood on a board floating above them. Jor-El stood before a holographic image of the Counsel shouting, "The Herald is here, you can't still be in denial."

The head of the Counsel gave Jor-El a condescending look, "Are you still going on about that Kree's fable?"

Jor-El shut off the screen without reply and turned to Lara, "Its time."

She held Kal-El close, "He's just a baby. We can't send him alone."

He put a hand on her shoulder, "We have to. If he stays he will die and we don't have time to build a bigger ship."

He then pulled up a holographic star map and moved it to the planet he'd chosen, "This world is habitable, it has more water than I've ever seen and it orbits a yellow star."

She gave Jor-El a wary look, "That's just an old explorer's tale Jor-El."

Jor-El nodded, "As is the silver man floating above Kandor and his master that follows."

"If the stories are even partly true he will be able to protect himself here even if he is alone. Its our best hope."

She sighed and followed her husband down to the launch pad. He then placed a communication device and a crystalline data storage unit in the ship as Lara wrapped Kal-El tightly in a red blanket and place several items of clothing with him. She kissed her son for the last time, "I love you."

Jor-El looked down on his son for the last time, "Safe journey, my son."

He then sealed the ship and started the ignition sequence. He held Lara as the ship launched. On the other side of the planet Galactus, the devourer of worlds approached.

The small ship was at the edge of the star system when the planet shattered as Galactus finished his meal. The ship engaged a hyperdrive and shot off into the universe unknowingly dragging along chunks of its home world that had been irradiated by Krypton's final attempt to save itself.


Several days later, S.W.O.R.D. orbiting research facility.

The station is caught in a storm of meteor the seemingly appeared from nowhere. In the chaos those aboard failed to notice as a monitor detected a small ship with a life form on board.

As the sun set Jonathan and Martha Kent were driving home to their farm just outside Hope, Kansas when they noticed something crash down in their field. Jonathan stopped and hopped out. Martha sighed, "Can't you check it out in the morning?"

Jonathan gave her a wary look, "It'll just take me a minute."

She shrugged as he walked off. A few minutes later as she sat trying to find a song on the radio she heard Jonathan yell, "Martha, you're gonna want to see this."

She sighed again and got out. She walked over and was shocked to see Jonathan holding a baby. He looked over, "He was inside that thing."

She then looked on the ship, stunned. He handed her the baby and looked back inside and found Jor-El's communication device. Jonathan's head was bathed in light then a voice came from the device. "If you have found this, you have my son. He is the last of his kind, please see that he is cared for."

Jonathan looked at Martha, "What does he mean?"

She looked confused, "What are you talking about? All I heard is gibberish."

He showed her the device which then bather her in light before repeating the message.

She looked down on the baby, "What are we going to do?"


12 years later, Kent farm.

A boy named Clark Kent sits playing with an old Captain America doll that Jonathan had picked up from a yard sale for him. He dropped the shield behind a heavy desk and leaned down to try to retrieve it. It was just out of reach so Clark tried to move the desk a little so he could fit his arm behind it.

Jonathan was sitting on the porch reading the paper as his old desk shot out of the large bay window of the family room as if it were a cannon ball.

Jonathan looked through the hole that had been a window and saw Clark with a terrified look on his face. "D..Dad, I think I might be a mutant."

Martha came running from the barn as she heard the crash and was surprised by the smashed desk in the front yard.

Jonathan looked to Clark, "I think we need to talk."

(To be continued. I know I have a bad track record but I have more chapters all ready to go if people like this.)