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Marvel's Superman (rewrite) part 5

continued from here part 4

Brooklyn Bridge.

The U-foes had attempted to rob the Baxter Building and after a fight with the Fantastic four and a few Avengers had nearly escaped when She-Hulk cut them off.

After a fierce battle she found herself being forced to the ground by Vector's telekinetic force.

X-Ray was looking down on her with an evil glare, "How long you think she'd hold up without the gamma power?"

Vapor chuckled, "Why don't we........"

She was cut off by a massive gust of wind that sent her flying off over the Atlantic. Ironclad turned to see where it came from but was met with a fist moving almost too fast to be seen that hurled him off the bridge. She-Hulk took advantage of the distraction by breaking free of the telekinetic hold. She then leaped into the air and punched Vector hard in the face rendering him unconscious.

X-ray attempted to blast her but Superman appeared between them. Seeing Superman unaffected by the blast caused him to attempt retreat but he found himself snagged in a web. Spider-Man then yanked him to the ground and quickly made a makeshift cocoon around him, "Reed Richards made this just for you, don't bother trying to get out."

Superman then landed in front of She-Hulk, "I could have handled this on my own."

Superman nodded, "I'm sure you could but I was free at the moment."

As she looked him over Spider-Man chimed in, "I'm here too."

She-Hulk didn't look back, "Oh, thanks bug."

Spider-man sighed and put X-ray over his shoulder, "I think its the cape, you think I could pull it off?"

X-ray grunted, "Just shut up and take me to jail already."

Before Superman could take off She-Hulk grabbed his arm, "Any chance you'd let me thank you for saving me a couple minutes there?"

He smiled a bit, "What do you have in mind?"


Lexcorp tower.

As Lex sat behind his desk Bolivar Trask was led in. He seemed confused as he sat down, "The lab has installed all the new equipment, but I have to ask. Why all the Mastermold specific observation? It's not like anyone's going to be able to walk out the door with him."

Lex gave a phony smile, "Nothing to worry about Dr. Trask. I'm simply protecting my investment. Speaking of which, what is this Metal-0 model?'

Lex turned the computer monitor so Trask could see it, "Where is that from?"

"Mastermold assembled it this morning before the lab opened for the day."

Trask had a concerned look that he immediately tried to mask, "Mastermold is capable of detecting and correcting current flaws, perhaps it was attempting an upgrade on the Sentinel units."

Lex shrugged, "Perhaps, tho I'm not fond of the head. The resemblance to Ultron might be a P.R. issue."

Trask stood, "I'll see what I can do about the look. Thank you for the meeting, sir."

Lex nodded, "My pleasure."

As the door closed behind Trask, Lex took someone off hold, "Have you discovered what that Sentinel was doing in Argentina?"

A man spoke," We aren't sure but it seems to have self destructed. Whatever Trask is up to is still a mystery."

"I don't believe Trask is up to anything. He still thinks this is all about mutants. It will be difficult to convince the pentagon of their potential military advantage if they continue to wander off on us."

The man was confused, "If it wasn't Tras, then who?"

"I have a possible suspect."

Lex then turned on a view screen monitoring the Mastermold unit, "What are you up to?"


Near the moon

A silver man on top a matching board slows to a stop looking upon the Earth with emotionless eyes. He then flies over to enter the atmosphere.

(To be continued)